So what IS this all about?!

The answer is simple.

Neo-Tokyo the RP: Unit 13 is a semi-homebrew, major mish-mosh mammajamma monster of a pen-and-paper roleplay, set in the fictional world of Neo-Tokyo in the year 2XXX (recently revealed to be the year 7010 AD), though there might be a few chronological issues there…

The origins of Neo-Tokyo starts with JDW's stories of the same name, though a few of the locations are changed the basic premise are almost always the same. A cataclysm has occurred, resulting in the release of ki energy within the bodies of the inhabitants of Tokyo, supernatural events suddenly got ramped up in terms of intensity, psychic abilities erupted, and magic became prevalent. In the resulting chaos, the Imperial Family (whose bloodline, believed to be that of the goddess Amaterasu, suddenly flared up and every-last-one-of-'em became demigods, the Emperor himself the most powerful figure on the planet) were caught in Tokyo during their annual vacation, thus catching the majority of this issue as the very foundation of Tokyo was ripped from the earth itself and became an island floating a good coupla miles above the earth's surface.

Chronologically speaking, the stories go in this order:

  • Shin Densetsu/Path of the Blade: Sayaka X
  • Shin Densetsu/Path of the Blade: Musashi X
  • Bad Dog
  • Neo-Tokyo: Unit 13
  • Neo-Tokyo: Unit 13$squared$ (if we do a sequel, this is it!)
  • Conqueror Soul Kenji

Suffice it to say, the overviews for everything save for Unit 13 the Sequel and Conqueror Soul Kenji are written out, and someday I'll get around to typing these out (especially Bad Dog, it's only, like, three episodes long and a possible movie angle).

Anyway, one day I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to play the GM for a game. When this happened, I immediately got the idea to set it in Neo-Tokyo itself, and this has, thus far, proven to be a great idea. We quickly snagged our usual group (the Old Timers), snagged the one guy we didn't get a chance to from our usual group (the New Guy), and then also snapped up another group of friends o' mine (the New Faces) recently whom I knew were good roleplayers…and would add to the story with their characters, rather than make me kill them with rocks and boulders from the sky though they're all standing in a clear field.

If you understand that joke, you're as big a nerd as we are.

This wiki exists for us, and for others who might wish to play this game…since it HAS been a highly enjoyable experience, complete with over-the-top moments of awesome in a world governed by only two laws of reality: The Rule of Cool, and the Rule of Badassed. Because of this, there is only one limitation, and that is how the GM presents it.

Perhaps this is merely an ego-inflation tool (point - this IS a tool of ego-inflation), or perhaps you'll find something here that you'll find enjoyable or useful. We certainly do hope so!

Now, the only problem that I have with all this is that…I so very, very badly want to play it as a PC character, not the goddamned GM! D:<

Anyway, g'wan and read up. There's plenty here for ya!

- JDW His Ever Luvin' Goddamned Self

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