The History of Unit 13

The Old Guard (Unit 13)

Back before Unit 13 and the Bounty Hunters' Guild were in their infancy, there was a group of heroes who would stride forth to save the world time and time again. As they grew older, they grew apart but maintained ties and stayed together in order to take on each new, stronger threat as they would appear. They declared themselves Unit 13, and eventually one of their number, Harkonnen Kraze, would take over leadership of the B.H.G. and, later on, help assemble the current Unit 13.

The Ascended Extras Team (Unit 13.5)

At one point in time, the Old Guard realized that there was simply too many threats to handle. During this time they created a prototype to the current Unit 13, this one dubbed "Unit 13.5," which is important since it's the first time they actively attempted to gather noted talents and individuals to form into a Unit 13 team.

Unit 13 (current group)

The current Unit 13 has been slowly raised and created by the Old Guard, all so that while they might be a current Unit 13 (thus of tremendous help to the Old Guard), they can be free in the choices that they make.

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