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Origin: Yuki Tenma

Matsu "Yuki Tenma" is a young man who was raised in an Orphanarium, connected to a christian church that is somewhat popular in the poorest part of East Tokyo. As he grew up, he was raised to be a good boy, and later to be a good young man. He was well-connected and well-known because of this, and grew up skirting the edge of crime every now and then.

He was a handyman, and something of an electrician as well, though his biggest pocket change always came from running guns for the local Yakuza gang who, as they grew in power, also kept him in good graces by never having him do anything too bad…namely out of fear of Father O'Doyle, who ran the Trinity Church and the Orphanarium. In such a way did Yuki enter his 23rd year of life…and came across a small issue.

Now, it's true that orphans can stay at an Orphanarium until they're 25 (usually working there at age 16 or 18), then they're expected to leave and become a truly contributing member of society as a full-fledged Citizen. On the other hand, at his 23rd birthday, Father O'Doyle flat out told Yuki that the best thing to do would be to apply for citizenship before his time was up. With this in mind, Yuki began his search for a Guild to join that offered citizenship as one of the sign-up benefits…only to find that all were closed for the week due to the crowning of a new Emperor.

All save one.

Arriving at the Bounty Hunter's Guild, he immediately became wary and outright paranoid as the secretary there, Martha, called the head boss itself, Harkonnen Kraze (who was a huge, bald black guy that day), that Matsu "Yuki Tenma," O'Doyle's boy, "the one you had your eye on" had shown up. He had never given her his name, so he found it strange that they wouldn't let him go after finding out who he was.

In the end though, he capitulated and went to the meeting room where all newbies (daytime) were assembling for meeting assignments…and, if they survived, to become full-fledged members of the Guild.

Origin: Miss Lay

At 29 years of age, with over 11 years of experience in the magical field, Miss Lay is a force to be reckoned with. Beautiful, talented, and knowledgeable she also holds a position of great power and trust within one of the most powerful groups within the field of magical research: Kageryu, Hammerstein, and Nostradamus.

As Assistant Director of Research and Development, she belonged to a particularly special branch of field research, an offshoot of the original one she started with. THIS department was composed of exactly three people: her secretary, Alice Whitman, herself, and finally the Head Director of Research and Development…the nefarious Odin, a magician of extreme, and strange, caliber.

Before this, she had, for years, worked happily as an entry-level researcher, then a field agent, before claiming her promotion six years before today. During that time, she was stalwart in her methods, and reliable as all get-out…including her views concerning the safety of those working for her or with her. Such as it was that, one day, a magical mishap occurred during one particular experiment, and though she lost her left eye and suffered burnscars along most of her body, by taking that blast she was able to save the rest of her team.

This did not go unrewarded, for the K.N.H. group are quick with such things. Unbeknownst to her they had immediately healed the burnscars on her body, but she awoke just in time to tell them to leave the one on her face…and to let her keep the loss of her left eye. This was not out of fealty towards K.N.H., but rather her reminder to herself, always, of this memory.

In doing so, she had also enamored herself to not only the Research and Development department, but also to the top brass of K.N.H. Thus did she find herself catapulted onto the fast track of management, ergo her current status today.

Today, though, a new project was handed to her, by none other than the super-sexed and super-powerful Odin himself.

First, a magical eyepatch whose powers were unknown to the group, and might be off-world at that.

Secondly, a gnarled, twisted-up staff whose powers were also unknown to the group, but was generally considered to be malicious in nature ("Or not, I dunno, just take it and tell us in yer reports what it does!"_…and must be researched and tested.

Thirdly, she would be re-assigned temporarily to the Bounty Hunter's Guild. This was to foster good relations between the two groups, thus allowing them a yearly qouta of field researchers working with the safety of Bounty Hunter's Guild backup while out on the field, and also to allow Miss Lay the perfect venue to explore the powers of the eyepatch and the staff together.

"Just go there, find out what ya gotta, and don't forget those daily reports! Also, we'll match any payment they give you, copper for copper! Good enough? No?! How about a hot tub encounter with ol' Odin then, eh? EH? No? Good, then get out and let me get back to my golf!"

So it was that Miss Lay found herself taking a train, then a bus, then finally…within Dream City. "A shortcut!" or so Alice had told her, and indeed Dream City was a massive brick in the heart of East Tokyo…and it lay directly between the terminal and the Bounty Hunter's Guild itself.

Wandering about, she was stopped by a woman (Shinjiko Asahura) dressed as a geisha who claimed to be a friend of Alice's, and who led her out. Lay simply could not see why so many whispers and rumors concerning Dream City existed…the place wasn't a bad place!

So she found herself in front of Martha, who looked an awful lot like Alice. Martha explained that though Miss Lay was an accepted member of the K.N.H., and thus an ambassador of sorts, she would still have to go through the same process as all others. So it was that Lay took off for the meeting room where all prospective members of the B.H.G. first gathered at…

Origin: Alita

Origin: Squirt

Origin: Northboy

Origin: Dug the Croatian-Serbian

Dug was Croatia's best Monster Hunter, having defeated many opponents with his gremlin monster, Spike. So it was that he had defeated everyone all over the globe, Hunters all alike, and won the grand prize at the greatest tournament in all of Europe: a free ticket to Neo-Tokyo! Riding the Magna-Rail, he found himself a strange in a strange land, especially since he had to leave behind all his kept monsters (except for one, having chosen his best mon, Spike, to come with).

Wandering over to a holomap, he spied a crying child. The child, sobbing, made little sense except to say that he couldn't find his mother. In an attempt to calm down and entertain the child, Dug released Spike to do a little dance (all he did was give Dug that look of "I want to kill you") when suddenly alarms went off.

Dug, a foreigner, had released a monster in a public area without a license to do so! (the ticket is merely a free ride INTO Neo-Tokyo…it had nothing to do with the various licenses or citizenship needed)

Grabbing the kid (G.M.'s note - WHY DID HE GRAB THE KID?! WHY DID HE TAKE THE KID WITH HIM?! OMFG I'M LAUGHING AGAIN GODOMMOT FRONK!), he took off, running fast and away from the gathering Military Police hot on his trail.

Dodging left and right, he eventually left the Magna Rail and tourist introduction areas to the warehousing area of Middle Tokyo, MilPol never leaving his tail. Eventually he ended up down an alleyway and into a warehouse that SEEMED empty…only to find himself at the end of a ton of gun barrels.

He had wandered smack-dab into the middle of a nest of Rebel/Resist guerilla fighters moments before they were launching a raid on the government!

Luckily, one of them was a mother herself and was able to extract the surprised, crying child from the Croatian and got him to leave. As soon as he did they launched their raid, distracting the guards from his own escape.

Hailing an Angry Rastafarian Cab Company taxi, he found himself in South Tokyo, smack dab in front of the fabled, nefarious, and largest Neo Monster Hunter compound in the whole world! Getting lost at first, he made his way to Registrations only to find himself in front of a lippy, bored secretary.

Wanting to be a gentleman, he found himself getting short with the woman's answers and suddenly found himself accepting a challenge: go ahead and try to grab her! Reach right through the empty air between himself and her desk, and if he could grab her she would let him in! Until then, his foreign ass could fuck off for all she cared.

He woke up several hours later, finding himself in the Infirmary ward, the sheet pulled up to his neck and the last memory he knew of reaching across towards her…

Seated next to him was a bored, German doctor, lit cigarette in hand.

"Oh, you are okay? Good. From the neck on down, I had to make do with what I had, but I am certain you'll be happy with the results…namely in that you still have skin. Why did you try to grab that secretary again?"

WIth that Dug the Croatian-Serbian began his adventures in Neo-Tokyo, eventually finding his way to the Bounty Hunter's Guild…for while he HAD (finally) his Monster Hunter License, he still would need a Citizenship License in order to stay in Neo-Tokyo for further than a week…

What he hadn't a clue about was that someone had already wanted him to stay longer for a week.

Much longer…

Ch. 1 The Bounty Hunter's Guild (First Two Missions level 1)

Ch. 2 The Bounty Hunter's Guild (Last Two Missions level 1)

Origin: Oni Kitsune

Ch. 3 Sandbox (Optional Missions, storyline segments, and information gathering)

- Party in Hell

Origin: Dabu

Origin: Mikki

Origin: Ace

Origin: Sly

Origin: Delila

Ch. 4 The Red House, Dream City, Hachiko Masaharu, and Rebel/Resist

Miss Lay goes to the last known location of Saeto Fujiyama, her beloved, which happens to be the Red House, the desolate headquarters of the fearsome and mysterious (i.e. - no one knows what the fuck goes on in there save through whispers) Torturers and Executioners Guild. After falling for a anti-magical trap during an attempted scry, she wakes up in the heart of the Red House…with Dream City Centurions wandering about doing guard patrols!

She makes her way about the Red House dodging patrols, her magic completely suppressed, her powers apparently gone, and her helpers (Shade and Kitty) unable to cross through the mirrors and shadows of this place. Eventually she makes her way through the interdimensional fuckuppetry of the place (going up the sliding-down poles

Rebel/Resist is rising, giving way to doubts and confusion concerning Harkonnen Kraze's mental capabilities…since they are only supposed to show up the day she starts to go crazy and needs to be neutralized before she becomes a threat to the whole world. During this time

Ch. 5 Masaharu's Victory, Masaharu's Defeat, The Return of Undine, The Wedding

Masaharu Hachiko has succeeded in killing Harkonnen Kraze, and with the Black Sword nonetheless (the only thing strong enough to do so), but her attempted attack on the B.H.G. during a mourning session turns back against her. Yoshida, influencing probabilities and Chaos, as well as the nature of the B.H.G. building itself helps expel all parties to different locations. During the mourning situation, Undine is revealed to have survived, and is placed back into

__Ch. 6 Deep Six and Things To Come

Throw the gang at the Deep Six Mission.

Yet to be revealed:

Ch. 7

Ch. 8

Ch. 9

Ch. 10

Ch. 11

Ch. 12

Ch. 13

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