Lord Synestrian Hoperaper AKA "Sly"


Physical Appearance

Tall, Muscular human-looking creature who appears to be covered in red tattoos from his hairless head to the bottoms of his feet. These tattoos seem unsettling, leaving impressions of dark things in your subconscious similar to Rorschach tests. Synestrian's eyes are a deep red that appears to be nearly black except when he loses his temper, at which point they flash bright and seem to smolder with an all encompassing hatred. His face is now covered in a dark metal mask (See forums) held in place with writhing chains that seem to move with a vicious life of their own.
His teeth, visible on those few occasions he smiles, are serrated and shark-like.


Dresses in loose-legged leather pants, a loose sleeveless leather shirt, and over that he wears a sleeveless leather trench coat. Covering his arms, legs and torso under the clothing are his chains, wrapped and intertwined to act as armor without slowing him down. The chains wrapped around his arms are set to loosen and drop into hands in the case of combat. The chains he wears visibly when he is not expecting trouble are blunt and smooth, looking more like decoration than the deadly weapons they are in his skilled, supernatural hands.

Due to current conditions, Lord Synestrian hides his identity with the hood of his trench when moving among the human masses. when he must associate with any infernals he allows his chains to cover him, casting aside all clothing to appear as nothing more than a grunt, basic chain devil.


Original Superior- Baron Rizer (R.I.P.)
Original B.H.G. Boss- Harkonnen Kraze (R.I.P.)
Current B.H.G. Superior- Bahamut
Will Kill- Harley Girl
Will Kill- Masaharu
Will Feed Testicles- Alphonse Red
Communications Officer- Undine Strata
It's Complicated- Delila Matsumoto


"Born" different than other devils, he has always striven to follow the laws as he felt, not twisting them to his needs. After long and harrowing decisions deep in his "soul" he found a code of honor and conduct that he follows to the exclusion of all others.
Lawful Neutral

Religion/Favor Points

His "Worship" of Wee Jas is not so much a fawning, blind loyalty so much as it is a devotional to the goddess of the two universal truths of his life, Law and Death.
Favor Points: 159


Close Combat Specialist
Member of Unit 13
President and Military Overlord of The Nine Hells

Current Classes

Kyton 8/Soul Flayer 10/Exotic Weapons Master 2/Huckster 4/Reaper 1

Favored Weapons/Abilities/Spells
Soul Bound Chains, Dancing Chains

Favored Combination

Finishing Moves
Soul Stripper. Music: Sonne by Rammstein

Background Story

"Born" in the city of Jangling Hiter, he found out early that he was different than the others of his heritage. He was not as corrupt or evil, and his adherence to the laws were stronger. Being different in the Hells is not looked kindly upon.

After countless decades of moving from position to position, he found his niche as an enforcer. His eyes watched, his mind cataloged, and his chains punished. Taking up employment under the current ruler of the city, he worked above others of his ilk, as well as greater devils, much to their dismay. But he never felt true to his calling. The laws here were subject to change at a whim, and the loopholes were gaping. Then, a few years back, a random portal sprang up. Deciding this was his chance to find a place where he would fit in, and not be forced to dilute his morals, he took the chance and walked through the portal as it closed.

Finding himself on the top-most layer of the Hells, he began looking for a way to escape this place, or at the very least find the mortal who's soul he was created in mirror of. While in meditation in a deep cave, he met and entered the employ of Rizer. After years of loyal and exemplary service, Rizer tricked Synestrian into accepting an assignment on the prime. After his arrival, he discovered that he was cut off from Rizer, no longer in his employ, and given completely over to Unit 13, Odin in particular.
At first he was… disappointed with the lies he was told. Once he discovered the reason behind the falsehood, he resigned himself to his new life, and devoted himself to living it as he always had, with honor and loyalty.

After recent events, Sly finds himself in a new situation. He has faced the death of one he has come to trust and feel loyal to, leaving him searching for how to handle these strange feelings of loss and anger.
The seeming return to life of one of his trusted allies has bolstered his desire to strengthen and better himself, as has his new-found relationship with a fellow Unit 13 member.

Having completed a quest for Rizer and the Torturers Guild, he finds himself in a new position as a spokesman for the BHG within the Hellfire Club and the owner of a small bit of land, and a fief in Hell.

A recent dedication to Wee Jas has set him as her reaper, and her first official order was to wipe the scourge of the Griefers from existence.

After destroying the last vestiges of the Griefer menace, Sly was forced to witness the death of an ally, Oni Kitsune, to summon the beast, Karma, to conquer the world. Her control over the beast was broken by the sacrifice of Sebastian, though he ravaged the world and violently recombined Neo-Tokyo to Japan.

Reizer sacrificed himself to seperate the hells from the prime plane to protect it, his dying words were to name Synestrian his first born and heir apparent. Voted president by the Four Kings of Hell, Sly fought the few detractors he had, showing he deserved the title, to everyone but himself.

Working during the day, hidden from the search parties in plain sight, he worked… forging his Vengence Mask. During the night, he searched the Neo-Tokyo Underground for the Hellfire Club, and had to seek aid in a location he was loathe to do, from Riff Raff himself. The politics and demands on his position keeping his personal feelings at bay for the requisite dealings. Using his access to the funds from the Hells, he has backed projects to further the agenda of the Hells, and to hinder the workings of Karma.

Until he can find the Crown of Hades, he does not feel he deserves his title, but he will serve as his honor requires.

Str 42
Dex 25
Con 24
Int 22
Wis 19
Cha 22
Init +21
HP 624
EP 184
AC 33 (touch 16/flat footed 27, Attack of Opp 36)

Main Attack Trip +56 Grapple Check +33 Chains +52/52/52/52/52/52/52/47/42/37/32 2D6 +35 Dmg 19-20 X2 crit Saw Chain (replaces one chain) 2D8 +35 19-20 X3 Crit
Special Attacks: Chain Maelstrom +52/52/52/52/52/52 2D8 +35 Dmg 19-20 X4 Crit 10 energy Soul Collector (one hit) 4D8 +35 DMG +8 soul (Wis) Dmg 19-20 X4 Crit 10 energy
Special Defenses: all resistance 20, DR 20/silver, chaos, Regen 5, SR 50
Special Abilities: Unnerving Gaze DC 35, Dancing Chains (3), Heightened Smell 2, Soul Sight, Special Movement Swinging, Aura of Authority, Aura of Fear, Know Alignment at Will, Soul Read (Mastery), Ghost Touch, Soul Touch, Soul Canister, Soul Stare, The Harrowing
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