NPC Profiles

So many to talk to, so many to interact with!

With an uncounted, immeasurable amount of NPC's (somewhere between 50 and 100!), it's a shock the GM hasn't caught a case of schizophrenia yet!

Click through here for somewhat in-depth profiles of the various NPC's one can encounter in Neo-Tokyo, complete with script portion and voice (to be added later)!

NPC's of Note

Harkonnen Kraze
Emperor Kazunari Umezawa
John Wayne
Jeremy Irons
Chao/Lon Pan
Mademoiselle/Golden Gates
Jimmy Only
Loki/Gen Matsumoto
Odin/Dorian Matsumoto/Dorian the Dark Wizard of Black Fire
Quentin Gunna ("I'm Gonna Kick Yer Fuckin' Ass!")/Josuke Ishimito
Old Blind Tenzen
Jack O'Doyle/Jack the Ripper/Father O'Doyle
Youses - Crazy dorf blacksmith of the black market.
Porkfat Turkeyslope
Now What - Head of Now What Construction. retard STR.x4.
What Now - mentally impaired debutant/stripper at the Tenshi Club.
Say What - of Say What Broadcasting/ Radio personality.
And Then - The nefarious manager of the juke joint burger to go.
Who Dat - president of Who Dat Personnel.
Shizune Hattori
Alice Witmane
Undine Strata
Martha Hellfire
Colonel Riff-Raff
Fujiko Ishimoto/Isabella/Izzy/The Executioner (formerly of the Umezawa family)
Kazuto Nigiri/Sleazy "Greasy" Martinelli
Major Sandra Heidern/Big Mama/Brown Sugar
Tyrone Heidern - Born chosen of Trodek, exceptionally smart but prone to flights of AWESOME!
Professor Moriarty Lesko (dies during mission)
You (Demon Segway)
Alexander Wallace/Hajime Tanaka (Ms. Lay's brother, Squirt's dad)
Maester Caliban Yoshida/"Grampaw Yoshida"
Dr. Haramasu Katsunori/Oyaji Katsunori
Kaligula/Kali Yuli/Kali
Ballard Stern
Harley Girl/Suki Asamiya/ (daughter of the Emperor)
Andrew Willard
Rafael, the Teknomancer
Colonel Riff-Raff
Guillermo Riz
Alfonse Red
Hachiko Masaharu
Pimp Kiwi Force 5
Midget Bill Gates
Hellfire Michael Jackson
Rockwell (the heavy gunner in Unit 13's nefarious "Team A")
Jimmy the Knife (the knife-wielding psychic in Unit 13's nefarious "Team A")
Saeto Fujiyama
Yoko Fujiyama
Gunny (Gunnery Sgt. Hurns)
Fredrick "Jonesy" Richardson - head of BHG's engineering and mechanics team, head of the BHG's garage
Jonas Hammerstein
Yuri Nostradamus
Akihito Kageryu
Kaiju/Staff of Ages/Sebastian
Zarboz the Ultimate
Baoz (the Machine)
Casper (the Lost)
Melchior/Ninja (the Brick)
Balthasar/Kitty (the Shadé Chatte)
High Priest Senpo
Dennis "Lou" Smith - extremely racist war veteran from America who runs the best goddamned diner in all of Japland.
Jousuke Tanaka/Joey Wallace
Kaori Tanaka/Kirin/Kelly Wallace
Yuri Yevgeny
Uncle Larry/Jiji/Oyaji/Oyamatsumi
Clarissa/Tokito Kuronosuke - owner of Clarrisa's Clarinets, and head of her own band.
Sashé - gay black miracle worker at Lee Chang's. The accent is over the last e in his name, and it's pronounced "Sashay."
Lee Chang - Japanese owner of one of the best beauty salons and nail artwork and design in Middle Tokyo. VERY exclusive.
Tordek, Harbinger of Awesome
Boccob, Master of Magic
Bahamut, the Golden
Tiamat, the Darkness
Keagro, the Unliving
Wee Jas, the Death
Dysen (from Faerie World)
Allegra (secretary from Faerie World)
Alternate Dimension ex-Witch Gunslinger Future Ms. Lay O'Doyle (from Faerie World)
The Memomaster (from Faerie World)
Black Guy Version of Matsu O'Doyle (from Faerie World)
Caribbean Blue
Lizeé - owner and store clerk for Cosplay World
Veritas Excelsior/Chicken Sound "Bolololololol!" - 4-armed pickle creature who is the owner of Veritas Jewelry, and is infatuated with Matsu.
Jack Henderson - owner, vocalist and guitarist of Henderson's Music Shop
Jamie Smith - guitarist of Henderson's
Ohaji Kyubo - pianist, keyboardist and vocalist of Henderson's
Martin Shommelier - bassist of Henderson's
Allen Black - drummer and vocalist of Henderson's
Hazama Yamamoto - partner of Shame's, his old teacher, a notable lech and a drunkard. An incredibly powerful telepath who also has a place on the Council that leads the Psychic Guild. Places a "Shush" on Dabu with secret orders.
Warren Foley - Catholic Father of Shame. Ex-assassin and top operative for the I.R.A currently hiding in Florida, Miami with his family under the witness' protection program.
Mary O'Conner - Protestant Mother of Shame. An assassin with a wooden spoon, or anything close by for that matter.
Denial Foley - Shame's little sister who is currently enrolled in the University of Miami.
Onigiri the Cyberpimp
Grand High Massa
A Pimp Named Slickback
General Nocal the Beast Pimp
Lassie Inez
Balor Kogawa, formerly the Hellpimp (Keagro stole that from him, rather forcibly)
Elsa the Shock
Hanako Mitsume
DJ Sax
Baron Rizer Hoperaper
Baroness Shaziel Hoperaper-Bonecorrupter
Mikki Mirobito
Professor Asuma Moribito
Joker (Mantis)
Spade (Gator)/ Saisyu "Zeke" Takagi - Heavy
King (Dolphin)
Queen (Bunny)/Chizuru Date - com/tech
Bicycle (Lion)/ Yashiro "Leon" Saika - mobility, defense, offense, demolitions
Jack (Bear)
Deuce (Rhino)/ Reiji Matsudaira - Heavy
Goro Tachibana
Keagro Magefang - VP Katsunari Bank and Trust, son of Tiamat, Master Necromancer AKA the Necropimp, High God of Necromancy
TIMM-MAY! - Avatar and servant of Keagro, greater pit fiend and flesh golem.
Baron Constantine Babybender
Baroness Artemis Babybender-Soulrend
Baron Raziel Hellfire
Baroness Atriel Hellfire-Mindflayer
MAGI/Professor Moribito
K-10: Professor Moribito
Irene Mohaseen
Ken Tajima
Luna Nagasaki
Lisa Nagasaki
Gervais St. Germain-High priest of Kaegro
Kojiro Sasaki
Binky Jones/ Ryuji Tessai
Smalltime (Bouncer and Doorman at Binky's)
Vinny Komugi (of Vinny's Combat Limousine and Tow)
Aloicious Dempsey
The Old Men/The Opera House (the board of directors at Tektronics Industries)
Professor Juno/The Japanese (friend of Professor Moriarty Lesko)
Chang Pan, little cousin to Chao himself
Ashiel, one of two Goddesses who gave up their life energies to create Delila (also, Rizer's ex)
Flaco Hernandez
Paco Hernandez
La Heina
It's Serge
Jaime the Pool Boy
Jaimie the Cabana Boy
Jared the Helper Boy
Taker R.L. Brownstone
Taker Naoko Mizuhara
Gekko, the Dark Bard of Tordek
Sgt. Denise Hardrock (a.k.a. Supercop, Robocoppette, Chippy, Rock Hard, Da Nasty)
Hikaru Sasami (Kojiro Sasaki's nephew, currently second in command of the N.R.A.)
Gertrude Do'An
Geraldine Do'An
Dru An
Blacksmith Shinjuro Takeda
Agent #349
Jezebel Atreides
Mistress Canton
Master Bok Sae Yung
Dae Wen Yung
Mistress Lin To Yung
Ringmaster Tavor/Jyushiro Shinsen/HARUMPH!
Faye Rin
Obae the Kayut
Maester Kaos, Cheshiark of the High Council
Ballast Tormir, Overpowered Pandimensional Hero
Crazy Abdul Azeez, the Angry Rastafarian Cab Company Driver
Captain Beatrice O'hara (38-24-38, has a cutless with a rapier on one delicious hip, a rapier on the other, wears her gaudy pirate hat were like the other captains do, and has a parrot with a cybernetic eye)
Head Archivist Harold Shamshon Shmiley (10 feet nothin', huge, his house is walled with scrolls, even his bed is made of neat piles and rows of scrolls)
Guardsman Archamedies Tallabon (the brains with the top hat, tall and slim)
Guardsman Allen Havershermier (the silent gunman, used for blending in and popping people close-range but can excel at sniper shots too, quickdraw artist with a speed check 10 with a freakin' blunderbuss)
Guardsman Elliewood Taverwhacker (roly-poly fat guy with a love of the club, can apparently sing a mean operatic)
Asuka/Marjorine - little black girl, youngest magical schoolgirl guild member at the age of nine
Raizo the Trickster - darkly green-tinted hair, his sloe-eyes grey-colored, Raizo is an enigmatic figurehead amongst the Tokyo Top 4. Of the four, he is the only one who uses two guns (Fighting Four), and his mentor is a well-known one known as "No." Raizo is the only one to survive his training, and has done so consistently for roughly 500 years.
Tobi the Terrible/Legendary Thomas - Despite his beautiful bone structure and gorgeous green eyes, he takes to making himself look as manly as possible. Has a mohawk that ends in a medium-sized braid, the sides of his dark hair shaved, and has a couple of scars to boot. Prefers close-range battle, and can be downright deadly with his double hand-axes, Forever Edge. His mentor is named "D'Base," and is a red ford f250 supercab extended in vehicle form. 523 years old.
Suzaku - Long red hair, lavender eyes and a wild streak, Suzaku is the wielder of the bo staff known as Double Fists, and his mentor is known as Double Entendre, a black panther spirit that is noted for being fukken hueg in animal form but is a black ford shelby mustang gt 500 in vehicle form. Also rather beautiful himself, though manlier than the other Tokyo Top 4. 457 years old.
President Shishuro Hayame - President of the Magical School Girls and Boys Guild, weilds the legendary blade known as "Excalibur," has no spirit weapon but his wand weapon is immensely powerful. No one has seen his mentor and lived to tell the tale. Blonde with short, choppy hair and incredibly beautiful for a young man. 513 years old.
Azusa Gyoza - head chef of the disgusting restraunt Junkers, located underneath Starbucks World.

-Monsters and Bosses Faced Thus Far

Mansion's Heart Boss
Dream City Centurions
Yakuza Punks
Yakuza Strikers
Yakuza Bullyboys
Union Whippersnappers
Union Strikers
Union Forker Powersuit
Orochi Trash Talkers
Orochi Bullyboys
Orochi Martial Artists
Orochi Tabooed Fighters
Lemure Devils
Rot Monster
Rust Monster
The Retards (all of them) Note: Delivery Boy Run for John Wayne (Matsu/Alita)
Mr. Johnson (the construct who took over floor 13 of the BHG)
Colonel Riff-Raff
Some Random Kid in the Mall (Monster Hunter battle)
Bearsharktopus: Type II
MilPol Black Ops Helicopters
MilPol Sheriff Division (Papillon's)
Imperial Guards
Imperial Samurai
Mr. Bubbles (Marut, the Inevitable of Death)
The Pit Boss (two of 'em!) in Dream City
Dream City Centurions
Hachiko Masaharu
Japanese-American Consulate Guards
Asaryu Griefer

Note, these are actually "Chameleon" class Griefers.

Deep Six Griefer unit "Snoipahs"
Deep Six Griefer unit "Bigs"
Deep Six Griefer unit "Front Liners"
Deep Six Griefer unit "Sumo"
Deep Six Griefer unit "Roiders"
Deep Six Griefer unit "Chameleons"
Deep Six Griefer unit "Pikachus"
Roving Catcall Pirates

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