In the First Half of Neo-Tokyo RP: Unit 13...

It is said that only the winners write the history books, but I profess that this is not altogether true. There are bards, skalds, a plethora of musical and artistic types, those kinds of people who leave their marks on the world by mirroring contemporary events. They remind us in our modern eras of the thought patterns, desires, hopes, dreams and more shared by those of the previous times.

Indeed, though we all share the basic desires and needs, the events of the past can only be retraced, truly, by the words and images left behind by those who died before us.

So it is that I, your intrepid interpretor, translator, soothseer, and envisioned Narrator, shall attempt to piece together the twisted story of Unit 13 and the many calamities they caused…and the even greater calamities they stopped with their sacrifice, the sheer sweat of their brow and the futile fight against terror and chaotic destruction.

They were not the first Unit 13, but they were OUR Unit 13, and that makes them important in their own right. The original Unit 13, known today as "The Old Guard," brought forth various genetic projects that combined their individual ideal of a perfect hero, mixing and combining from the fields of magic, psionics, genetic manipulation and eugenics, martial arts, training, chi manipulation and more. From these genetic projects came the heroes of today, the Unit 13 as outlined in NeoTokyo: Unit 13…but unlike the previous group of heroes, these had the chance to make the choice whether or not to become heroes (with all the carnage, wonder, miracles and horrors associated with such) or simply live out their lives however they wish with their various gifts.

Eventually though, every single one of them chose the life of a Hero. Whereas some of their progenitors may have desired to lay down their un/holy weapons and simply turn their skills to a life of peace and harmony, this generation almost unanimously chose to stand, individually and as a group, against the tyranny that threatened the existence of the planet.

Choice, and the freedom to choose…exactly what the original Unit 13 wanted.

Gathering together under auspicious occasions (and almost never at the same time), the team was assembled and they began to face their own series of vigorous tests and missions:

-Investigating the so-called "Manson Mansion," they discovered that an evil of eldritch power was slowly gathering its' resources there. They defeated the malignant factory that the house represented (a supernatural engine that was creating dead soldiers), and eventually took on the evil itself, a foe from the Old Guards' very own past: Kaiju, thought some 500 years dead now. Though they defeated his work (the Mansion's Heart Boss), they failed to defeat Kaiju as they fell, one by one, to his Absolute Perfection (a force-field of pure interdimensional destruction). After he performed his Heavens' Gate finishing move, they awakened later on from apparent doom to Odin helping to heal them. Even though their charge, Professor Lesko Moriarty, had died during the mission (an unforseeable thing, one that happened so fast the party couldn't even stop it), they were informed that they had succeeded in the mission by investigating the mansion responsible for the deaths of so many nearby people as well as having stopped Kaiju from ressurecting his weapon of necromantic power. It was here that the Order of the Black Sword was touched upon, and the apparent target of the B.H.G.'s enmity since they sought to undermine the current government in an attempt to somehow take over Neo-Tokyo and, with it, the world. It is also revealed that Kaiju is the strongest member, if not the ipso-facto second in command, but not leader, of the group.

-Investigating possible sabotage of the incredibly important Magna Rail (a tube that connected Neo-Tokyo to the rest of the earth, the only known way off of or up to the floating island), leading them to their first cross-Guild venture with the Sewer Urchins (the so-called "Maintenance Guild") to a secret segment of the Neo-Tokyo Underground that led to an equally secret maintenance corridor, finally emptying out into the Rail itself. The only problem was that the doors behind them shut automatically, and supposedly the floating magnetic disc was on the bottom…but only now did the trap spring, as the disc was actually above them and was now coming down on top of them. The team did their best to scramble to the bottom, the disc coming down fast on them, getting down there via their own methods (if this isn't in the memorable moments board, it will be soon!). Eventually they made it to the bottom, safe-ish for now, but with no way to still get out of the way of the disc threatening to come all the way down and touch the ground, crushing them.

Utilizing a lot of thermite, dynamite and whatever else they had on hand that could explode, they forced an entrance through the shut doors of the Magna-Rail, not destroying the tube but definitely destroying the doors. Rushing, they exited the Rail right as the disc touched down, impacting with incredible force and destroying the landing site. Collecting themselves, the team rushed onto the disc before it could rise, intent on taking on whoever the person in the dischouse (where the controls for the disc were, right in the middle of this miles-long disc) was. They then met another member of the Order of the Black Sword, an obviously insane woman named Harley Girl who, at first, presented yet another unbeatable challenge…only to be tamed by Miss Lay who, correctly, intuited that she could be distracted and made a possible (if temporary) friend of until the disc reached Neo-Tokyo again and she could be apprehended. By the time the disc DID reach the top, indeed Kraze, the B.H.G.'s assembled forces, and the Military-Police's finest riot and tank units awaited them..but a timely save from yet another member of the Order, Raphael, appeared and rescued Harley Girl at the last second, reminding the psycho that her allegiances were with the Order's. The mission was declared a success since the Rail itself was left relatively unharmed (except the landing site and the blasted doors at the bottom, but those could be fixed), and the damages done ot the magnetic disc could be also easily fixed. It is here that, finally, the first hints of the artifact known as "The Black Sword," "Blackfire," and the ideas of artifacts and pan-dimensional hierarchy is touched upon. Also, the true nature of the B.H.G. is revealed: to act as the Emperor's underhand, an organization that is very public in how they take missions and mercenaries but secretly carry out missions in the name of Neo-Tokyo and the Imperial Bloodline that rules it. The first of several histories are presented (that is, the first "true history" as compared to the history that is generally accepted by the populace), and it is suggested that Father O'Doyle has a secret.

-Investigating the actions of the Dockside Workers Union and the possible sabotage of the docks themselves via the Union. During this time they came to know and hate a particular supervisor by the name of Turkeyfat Porkslope, a loathsome man who treated his underlings like ragged slaves. Thanks to their intervention (ahem, read: "forced torture and domination"), the underling was released from his bondage and the saboteurs were dealt with (a forklift-type powersuit, two whip-bearing union fighters and two gun-toting union fighters), but in the melee the Powersuit was somehow (*quick glance at Miss Lay*) increased in size and mass. Alongside a nicely-timed grenade or two (*quick glance at Alita*), the docks were destroyed. It's alright though: they were repaired quickly by the Now What Construction Company. Of course immediately after facing down these troops (thus quelling the Union's attempted coup against the Aregami Yakuza Clan, who legally owned these docks - it was revealed during the intervention that the Union was actually owned and run by the Orochi, and up-and-coming Clan who coveted the Aregami's position as head Clan), they had to then face the powerful berzerker who was assigned by the Order of the Black Sword to help the Orochi in their coup: Ballerd Stern. All attempts to fight the incredibly powerful threat was thwarted as he used sheer muscle power to make their lives a misery until a fateful thing: he not only went maximum berzerk, but also zerked so hard that he ended up punching himself completly out…but not before destroying the docks and the front of a warehouse that served as the entrance to the Black Market. During this time, attempts by both the players and an equally fateful save from a mysterious ninja (who would later be proven to be Yoko Fujiyama, now Yoko O'Doyle) and another mysterious figure assured that they would survive the encounter, though not without a few of them passing out from either taking a hit from the oversized fists of Stern or falling debris (there was plenty of wall chunks and segment of dock flying). The team was exonerated of the destruction of the docks and warehouse, and the mission was a success: not only did they stop the coup, but had also gone the distance to discover the true backers of the coup (that the Dockside Workers Union was a tool of the Orochi, but also that they were being aided by the Order of the Black Sword). It is here that, once again, it is put forth the true mission of the B.H.G. and how that makes them the immediate enemies of the Order. Even more so, it is finally revealed that the Order doesn't want to take over the world…but destroy it, and alongside it the hundreds of thousands of dimensions that are connected to this one, all ripe for the taking. The Order needs the Sword not to simply slice the world to ribbons, but rather to help Kaiju reclaim his split power, to once again transform him to his original form: the Kali-Yula. Only the Order believes that they can control the Kali-Yula this time, and use his power to recreate this world to their tastes…to that end, the team is ordered to take a break (though optional missions were also available) and to do as much research as they could on the history of Unit 13 and their past battles, especially against Kali-Yula who is now known as Kaiju.

-Also, the team were hired to track down an old woman's cat, a mission that would force them to work alongside the Sewer Urchins yet again. They succeeded in tracking down the cat, only to discover that it had grown into a demigod due to the worship of the Lemures that were infesting the area. These low-level demons proved to be no match for the combined might of Unit 13 (even half-staffed), and they quickly came across the cat…though attempts to catch it were foiled as it proved to be incredibly fast (one of the first speed check 11 creatures in the game). Eventually though, they learned that attacking its' throne (its' place of power) actually defeated it…the first time. After they beat it, the damn thing transmogrified into its' god form, a hydra-like cat creature able to use its' heads to fire of beams of pure "FUCK YOUR COOOUCH!" Running out of ammo and endurance, the team eventually defeated the Megacat with a final Cone of Cold bulletspell (which resulted in the gigantic spike of ice ripping out of its' back) and Oni Kitsune's sonic barrage, causing a chain reaction. It was during this arc that Alita acquired the Magnetic Rail Cannon for her powersuit, Herbert, and the entire team came away with a stash of fatty lootz. Despite putting a major smackdown on the Megacat, the old woman's cat survived and was returned to her, the entire team gained the usual 50 Megabucks as hazard pay alongside mishun compreet, and Odin claimed the remains of the Megacat, thus begetting the beneficial "Megacat Project."

During this time, they also underwent personal and solo missions, for both profit and to help further the goals of the shadowy Bounty Hunters' Guild. Some of these missions were:

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