Neo-Monster Hunter Minigame!

Neo Monster Huntin' Minigame

Crittersphere, Key, and at least 1 (if not more) Monsters. This is the heart of the Neo Monster System.

To forge a bond with a monster and, through training, hard work, and friendship, mold it into a champion amongst near-sentient creatures. This, too, is the heart of the Neo Monster System.

Any monster and "monster trainer" can join, but only the Monster Trainer class can use them in battle.

You can collect as many monster orbs as you want, but you can only fit 3 per key (unless stated elsewhere).

In battle:
-So long as nothing is blocking line of sight, you can recall a monster and bring it out again…or directly into attack, no matter how far away said monster is as a full turn action.
-Instead of just brining a mon out, you can have them come out attacking.

A mon grows in levels as its' trainer does, but cannot exceed a trainer's highest level (ECL). You can make them stronger through Train a Cute Monster abilities, or stickers, or even the keys themselves.

Critterspheres are what transforms orbs into monsters. Keys are what sets the monsters levels, powers, and together they synch the DNA of monster and trainer.

In NMC, a standard battle is as thus:

3-6 rounds, elimination style. Last Mon Standing wins. Trainers must ALWAYS be aware of their place - "dead" mons regain points upon being placed, as recalled orbs, at a Hospital Chamber…but Trainers stay dead. The orbs LOOK "dead" and darkened until re-invigorated in a chamber, otherwise they remain unable to be transformed out of Orb state. As more than one mon has pointed out though, the feeling of death is the same no matter what…so many mons will train simply to never feel that again. You can't Recall a mon until it's down to at least 10%. A mon can regain HP in Orb State ONLY if the mon has Regeneration ability.

Known keys:

Copper - used by poor people and third world countries, can only wield 1 mon orb.
Basic - Standard entry key, can wield three mon orbs
Silver - doubles sticker values
Gold - allows for double training results
Platinum - allows for highest level mons, and unnatural cross-training
Electrum - allows for unnatural and Interdimensional mons
Master - Ultimate Key, doubles mons powers and levels, releases Mon's ultimate powers.

Known "special" stickers:

Iron - +1 Str, +1 Con, mon can attack while defending
Whisper - +1 Dex, Ghost Step, Flash Step (Sudden Movement)
Crystal - Blink when HP is at 50%
God - Invincible 5/battle (can be used as a defensive measure upon being hit, in which case it can stop the HP drop at 1), can be used as an Interrupt
Blood - HP x2
Vamp - all attacks gain Drain Body ability
Cloud - all attacks gain Drain Mind ability
Earthbringer - 20 Regen/Refresh in full defense mode, doubles HP as "temp HP" during full defense mode (all damage done to it is done to this temp HP instead, and the damage done "goes away" upon going out of full defense mode…including status effects that are inflicted on Mon while in Full Defense Mode - NOT BEFORE).

All critterspheres have basic Mon Encyclopedia, but not all mons are in there…or are scannable. All M.E.'s are updated at any Registry Chamber, and all new monsters scanned are shared in such a manner. There is a rumor, though, that not all scanned mons HAVE been loaded into the Registry Chamber, though no one can even guess as to who did this…

Normal stickers (+1 to a single ability, Regeneration, etc.) are bought by coins and can be also earned at tournaments…also, as parts of bets.

You can usually win 1-20 coins per battle, which can be used for:

Registration Chamber = 5 coins per battle (Tourneys are free to enter)
Hospital Chamber = 1 coin per mon
Stickers (varies by strength) = 1-10 coins per sticker
Mon Items (also varies by0 strength) = 1-10 coins per item

You can use items mid-battle, but they take up an action. You can only use one item at a time per round.

To capture a mon you have to first find one, register the battle by scanning it with a crittersphere, then beat the crap out of it. Once it's down to 10%, you can let the MonTrapper loose, locking the Mon into it until it can be transformed into an Orb at any registration chamber.

A MonTrapper is an easy device to gain (upon winning entry into any Neo Monster Coliseum system, that is), though each one weighs about two pounds…so watch how many you bring with you. They're also quite fragile, so dropping them with a mon is a no-no since it frees the mon…only now it's in an energy form that is more than likely going to kill you before it dissipates. Supposedly, this is how Liches actually first came to be on Neo-Tokyo…and on Earth.

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