Mapped Locations of Neo Tokyo (with corresponding NPC's)

North Tokyo
East Tokyo
Middle Tokyo
West Tokyo
South Tokyo
Neo-Tokyo Underground
Mall of Starbucks
Deep Six
Spunkship Terra Errata
Bounty Hunter's Guild
Known Alternate Dimensions

North Tokyo

  • Of note, North Tokyo is all farmsteads, farming communities, farming towns, and trading posts. Tons of land here that seems to grow at the behest of the Emperor, though Neo Tokyo is of short landmass. This should be worthy of note.
  • Town of Lu Bu
  • The Red House
  • Imperial Pavilion (Blazing Sun Gazebo)
  • Miller's Post (largest trading post ever)
  • Mt. Fujiyama

Oyamatsumi's Lake
Ninja Camp
Wildness Training Grounds (feral Tordekians? STAY THE FUCK AWAY!)

  • Katsunori Bank and Trust

East Tokyo

  • Bounty Hunter's Guild (a world unto itself!)
  • Chao's Shop
  • John Wayne's noodle shop (Yakuza hangout and main location for Aregami clan)

John Wayne himself is the humongous, well-connected chef that runs the shop and its' underground endangered species kitchen.

Jeremy Irons is Wayne's second in command, a manly gay chef who opens in the mornings and secretly (not so much secretly as everyone knows but says nothing 'cuz Irons is pretty scary in his own way) is in love with John Wayne. New notes: Irons recently became bi after being screwed by Alita with a strap-on at a Tordekian rave.

  • Dream City (another world unto itself)

Note: Dream City, in East Tokyo, certainly the largest and oldest of such establishments has recently been good and thoroughly fucked. Between the Battle Nun placing a Seed of Tordek (lol beertree) in it's soil so shortly after the initial fucking, and the Undine Team having destroyed the place in a brisk move by the late Harkonnen Kraze, the afterburners having destroyed most of topside Dream City and its' hive as well…yeah, I think you guys will like the resolution that's gonna happen.

  • Entertainer's Guild
  • Pornomancer's Guild
  • Neo-Tokyo docks and warehouses (Warehouse District)
  • Red Light District
  • Assassin's Guild
  • Dragon Circus
  • Black Market (yeap, another world unto itself)
  • Open Market (located in old Dream City location)

The Quarto Security Guard - a Yakuza security guard who presides over the door leading into the Black Market. Has a quarto-twin he's constantly reminding that he's the main body of. Note: Recently, Quarto was revealed to be a secret spy and informant of the Order of the Black Sword. Supposedly his family was faked, his meeting and eventual friendship with Matsu was purposefully setup so he could relay information about the young man back to the Order.

Mark Hoshigeru - female guard with a facial tattoo of a black dragon, not unlike the Unit 13 pin. Tough and takes her job seriously, and is incredibly capable combat-wise, but is still a nice person once you get to know her.

FUN STORY UPDATE: Much like the rest of the Aragami, Mark is currently holed up and waiting for the outcome of the upcoming Deep Six the Deep Six Mission. Until Loki has been returned to prominence, all the Aragami can do is allow the Asaryu and the "Order of the Way of the Path" to simply tromp around the Open Market as if Loki don't run this.

Youses - a mad, black dorf smith with enchantment capabilities bar none. Hides a humongous, lopsided afro underneath his viking helm (which is why he wears it to the side, y'know?). Joseph Youses is his name. Supposedly, an ex-lover of Harkonnen Kraze.

UPDATE: Youses is back to his good ol' psychotic, rambling, "DIS EEZ A CHIK-UN" mess. Enjoy him now that he's back, guys! I meant to say: BIDI BIDI BOM BOM TAM-PI-CO BIDI BIDI BOM BOM CHI-CO!

Carribean Blue - a tech genius, well-connected, with absolutely awesome gear. Expensive. Online rival of Oni Kitsune. Currently moved out of the Black Market to become an open marketeer, currently worth 1 Billion in gold and growing.

Update: Blue will have a stall in the Open Market, as a sign of support and goodwill for the newly opened Open Market. He won't actually, y'know, BE there but he'll certainly have a stall where people can leave messages and/or commissions with his workers there.

Bushwig and Fezzik - Intradimensional Extra Specials. Bushwig is a tiny talking cockroach who sounds like the freakin' Rain Man. Fezzik is a tall, emaciated-looking creature who apparently breathes sand out with every breathe he expels, and has skeletal/emaciated hands. No one can see past his black cowl, and he is dressed in bandages and robes so no one can guess his body type. Speaks excruciatingly slow, but is easier to deal with then the spastic Bushwig. Both are incredibly informative of offworld practices and extradimensional trade routes and important personages/groups. Note: Fezzik throws the oh-so-very-best tea parties, ever! At random during a Saturday, GM rolls event dice to determine "quality" of guest, and also if a PC gets invited or not. One must check in with Fezzik at least once a week on actual business - this is for customers only.

Note: Bushwig is still operating a stall for Bushwig and Fezzik's Intradimensional Extra Specials, and might be able to offer a different brand of services then Fezzik currently does for Unit 13.

Jimmy Only - a pretty Japanese female who sells guns in the Open Market.

Andrew Willard - yeah, you know him. He sells weird, off-world fruits at a stall in the black market on top of being the world's foremost Nanto Seiken master.

Yes he still wears the martian mascot outfit when he does so.

Note: the black market exploded…AGAIN. Well, imploded? Space-folded. Either way, most of the inhabitants got out (confirmed last session, remember?) BUT, now they are without a black market to conduct business in. We'll see what happens later…anyway, most of these characters were out of the Market at the time it space-bottled. Youses is now off-world and may or may not be available to you guys as an NPC after he returned for Kraze's body. Mark certainly got out, and Blue lives in Middle Tokyo now. Willard and Only are on Team A with you guys, and I ain't sayin' what happened to Bushwig and Fezzik. :D You'll simply have to find 'em again!

The fate of the Black Market has yet to be seen, but it will at least be somewhat satisfyin', y'know?

  • Shinjuku Eki (lousiest, but busiest, train station ever)
  • Akasaka, Kabuki-Cho, Ginza
  • Father O'Doyle's Christian Church (Church of the Trinity) and Emperor Kazunari Orphanarium
  • The Tenshi Club (Female Strippers)
  • The Ichigo Club (Male Strippers)
  • Katsunori Bank and Trust
  • Juke Joint Soda and Burgers
  • Grand Slums
  • Chang's Emporium
  • Clarissa's Clarinets

Middle Tokyo

  • Chez Miserables (Mademoiselle, the head chef/owner/sorceress, is also Kraze's sister-in-law and Chao's first wife.)
  • Katsunori Bank and Trust
  • Denny's
  • Le Paul's Boutique
  • Coco's (lower-middle Tokyo)
  • House of Empire, House of Commons
  • People who work in Middle Tokyo tend to live on the outskirts towards east or west depending on financial status and how much they can afford.
  • Public auction (1M to become a member, or you must find a sponsor and acquire only 1/2 of final auction winnings)
  • Center of political power, ruling seat of power for Imperial Bloodline
  • At the direct center of all of Neo-Tokyo, in the exact center of Middle Tokyo lays the Magna Rail.
  • Warehouses and storage.
  • Slightly to East's borders is the condo where Sandy, Chao, and Alita live.
  • Omotesando cafe
  • Meiji Shrine
  • Towards the Western border, behind Meiji Shrine, lays Ms. Lay's house
  • Shinjuku
  • Ni-Chome (gay bar strip)
  • Gyoen Gardens
  • Olympic Pool and training grounds
  • Yoyogi Park (NYC Park comparable)
  • The Country Club (1M application fee per year)
  • The Fireside Lounge (1M application fee per year)

Note: Most in the Lounge are also members of the Club. It's a way to network for the rich-but-not-too-rich.

Kazeryu, Nostradamus, and Hammerstein building (The K.N.H. Building)

At the middle/west border, and only a block away from the Magic Guild, which pisses off the guild even more.

  • Lou's Diner
  • Lee Chang's Nail and Beauty Salon
  • Zombiemart

Near the south/middle border, where the beastmen and civilized/acceptable undead also live and work and "play."

  • Bobby Lee's Bistro
  • The Marina at Park Lake

Gervais St. Germain's boat is here.

  • Hotel Merryweather
  • Masanori Graveyard and Cemetery
  • Henderson's Music Store
  • Veritas Jewelry
  • Spencer's Clothing
  • The Secret Elven Community (hidden in the western side of Middle Tokyo)

Tau Retsu - famous Elfish Restraunt
Lowenstein, Lowenstein, and Hammerstein Media's office is here. Their Elven Branch, at least. Dru An works here.
Elvish Library and Archives

The Catacombs Under the Archives
The Spellfist Main Temple

  • Nature Restoration Association H.Q.
  • Young Magician's Circle Association H.Q.
  • Head Temple of Boccob

West Tokyo

  • Roppongi
  • Military Police
  • MilPol Enlistment Center
  • Mall of Starbucks (Starbucks World)
  • U.S. MilPol Training Academy (formerly the U.S. Military Base H.Q.)
  • Affluent homes and mansions (only the richest the further west you get)
  • Shibuya
  • Hachiko Statue
  • U.S. Embassy
  • Shinjuku Ebi (second most busiest train junction)
  • Foreigner play spot and night life
  • Katsunori Bank and Trust
  • Denny's
  • Cosplay World
  • Binky's Jazz and Blues/ Binky's Club
  • J&J's Garage (owned by Professor "The Japanese" Juno)
  • Flaco's Tacos
  • Gekkokamen Paint Jobs and Worse

South Tokyo

  • Dominated by heavy jungle and massive portals. There are 5 known portals in the jungle, two are possibly split-dimensional, the rest areconfirmed multi-directional. Due to the lack of personnel, MilPol is willing to let Neo Monster HQ and the Hunter's Guild to patrol the jungles, capturing and training their monstrous partners.
  • Hunter's Guild
  • Illo Volcano
  • Onimaru Jungle (random monsters)
  • Hermit of Onimaru (Yoshida)
  • Neo Monster Colliseum, H.Q., Dorms, Cafeteria, eateries and shops, the Colliseum itself, Hospital, Police (Monster Police are all MilPol Academy trained, but answer the H.Q.), Registry Chambers and Digitization Centers. Also known for their R&D into monsters themselves.
  • Training Grounds
  • Katsunori Bank and Trust
  • Denny's

Mall of Starbucks

  • Pimpin' World (Fraternity of Pimps - F.O.P.s)
  • Neo-Monster Arena/Kiosks (spread out throughout the mall)
  • Orange Julius (three of them)
  • Cosplay Boutique
  • Radio Shack
  • Katsunori Bank and Trust
  • Denny's

Neo-Tokyo Underground

  • Yakuza Hold-Outs and Bolt Holes
  • Underground Magic System (like the topside Magic Guild, but way more cutthroat and incredibly illegal)
  • Skyscrapers and high rise tops
  • Forgotten places
  • Pinched-off pieces of other worlds, other places, even other times from the past
  • Magic Guild Underground (the "official" guild of the underground magic system)
  • Sewers
  • Terrorarium
  • Terror Train
  • Magna Rail entry ports
  • Magna Rail maintenance guard stations
  • Undertown (the moving citadel)
  • Random portals to other dimensions (with no Gate Stations)
  • The Arena
  • Katsunori Bank and Trust
  • Denny's
  • Hell
  • Hades
  • Tartarus


  • Space Station Maximum FUCK! (Undine-only supreme communication satellite, armed with microguns, war laser, a telekinetic "sticky/grab" ray, and "tricky teleportation" capabilities due to the fact that she has to switch the war laser to teleport onry instead of KILLITGODOMMOTFRONK!), nicknamed by Undine to be "The Satellite of Love."

Currently, as of last session, blown to bits and shreds

  • Imperial Angry Marines sidestation

Also blown to bits and shreds, along with the Satellite of Love.

  • Katsunori Bank and Trust
  • Denny's floating around the Satellite of Love. Undine transforms it into a barrier shield of sorts with her Telekinetic Ray.
  • Elysium Fields
  • Various other satellites

Deep Six

  • 20 levels known, about 150 rooms or so

The freight elevator, "Grand Nos," leads to the "Welcome Level," or simply "Level 1"

This is considered one of the entertainment levels, filled with shops and shit like that. Best way to get used to the world above is here…and it's also good for MilPol black ops to get used to Deep Six as well.

Because of this, Level One is used as debriefing as well as mission start points. Suffice it to say, this is Sandra's baby…and she's damned proud of it.

3 training Levels

P.T., martial arts, etc.

5 simulator Levels

Mission simulators, training, and only one of them are for entertainment

1 armory level
2 living levels, complete with mess halls, dormitories, and living facilities
1 archives level
1 "staff" level

This level is for staff employees only. Yes, they have their own management hierarchy.

2 garage levels
1 studies level

Quite literally, these are set up as "school cells," each one with a different, increasing grade of difficulty from the other.

Channel Six level

Channel Six is an entire level devoted to television and radio entertainment for Deep Six. You heard me.

Entertainment Level

Unlike the other entertainment levels, this one is quite literally THE Entertainment Level. The offerings usually change, but it actually looks like a bit of Main Street, Disneyland combined with various theaters, shopping centers, a circus AND a carnival, and more.

Yet one more staff level.

Spunkship Terra Errata

  • Thundering Pussyfoot
  • Flying Dutchess
  • The Absolute Resolution
  • Abounding Resolve
  • Denny's
  • Katsunori Bank and Trust
  • Imperial Space Needle

Bounty Hunter's Guild

  • Sits on 4 different dimensions

Terra, Faerie, Shadow, Mirror

  • Fezzik's Cave
  • Undine's Tunnel of Love
  • Professor Moribito's Workshop
  • MAGI Room
  • Elevator System
  • Various Living Spaces

complete replicas of your personal living space, except that the door that connects your bedroom to another room might instead lead into a functional bathroom/cleaning room that fits your species requirements, or said bedroom might sport a new door that leads into the same kind of functional bathing/biological requirement space.

  • Various Office Spaces
  • Various Archives
  • Garage
  • Armory
  • Secret parking space

The shops immediately to the right of the B.H.G. aren't shops at all but a secret parkade that only LOOKS like three shops set side by side, ergo why there's no easy access or alleyway space there.

Furthermore, only the highest of B.H.G. echelon have access to parking directly next to/close to the only elevator that connects the parkade to the rest of the B.H.G. building.

Known Alternate Dimensions

  • Hell
  • Hades
  • Tartarus
  • Elysium
  • Neo-Tokyo Underground
  • Faerie World
  • Under Dream City

The main Dream City, at least, has been wrecked beyond repair.

  • Shadow Zone
  • Mirror World
  • Inside BHG
  • Chao's Shop
  • Inside KNH
  • Kegro's Domain
  • Bahamut's Domain
  • Raphael's Domain
  • Kaiju's Domain
  • Megacat's Domain
  • Oyamatsumi's Domain
  • Boccob's Domain
  • Black Market
  • South Tokyo Jungles
  • Fezzik's Domain

Due to black market bein' destroyed and all…gonna simply have to see for yourselves how this resolves.

UPDATE: Fezzik is now living "Under BHG," alongside Professor Moribito and Undine Strata.

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