Miss Lay


Miyoko Tanaka AKA Ms. Lay(now married)



Physical Appearance

Even though she is Japanese, Ms. Lay's appearance is closer to that of a westerner. She is quite busty, a fact that has plagued her from a young age. Her height, 5'9'', puts her quite a bit taller than the average Japanese woman. Her naturally blonde hair was a consequence of her magical aura, which manifested at age 4. Her tendency towards western food has given her a very un-Japanese (AKA curvy) figure, but one that she is not unhappy with. An accident at her job has left her with an unmistakable burn scar, one that spans the left side of her face, from the cheekbone along the nose, curving back around to her hairline. This accident left her without an eye on that side, so she wears an eye-patch. The eye-patch was a gift from the K.N.H. Group, and provides her with her missing sight. It is also quite fashionable, being jet black with a red dragon magically etched into it.
Ms. Lay is also not human any more. Wearing the Witch-gunslinger suit has changed her DNA to that of an Umbra Witch, more human than the average human….lol. She now has fuller access to the recesses of her mind, and will soon gain control of her internals.


Being of the business type, she had a strong tendency towards business suits for every occasion, however her recent foray into the less than business-like world of the BHG has allowed her to expand her wardrobe, especially for combat.
The Umbra-Witch Catsuit is similar to that worn by Bayonetta, however it seems to have taken a mind of it's own. It now has a zipper in the front, leading all the way down….well you get the idea.


Mother- Kaori Tanaka/Kirin/Kelly Wallace
Father- Jousuke Tanaka/Joey Wallace
Grandfather- Barnaby Jones
Brother- Alexander Wallace/Hajime Tanaka (Ms. Lay's brother, Squirt's dad)
Cousin- Squirt w/Rover
Mentor/Adopted Father- Odin/Dorian Matsumoto/Dorian the Dark Wizard of Black Fire
Adopted Brother-Loki
Adopted Uncle/Doctor- Akihito Kageryu
Adopted Uncle/Coach- Hammerstein
Adopted uncle/???- Nostradamus
BHG Boss- Harkonnen Kraze (deceased) Bahumat("Kraze")
Husband- Saeto Taneka
Wife/Shadow/Reflection-Shade Taneka
Secretary- Alice Witmane
Secretary- Ken
Secretary- Luna
Secretary- Lisa
Secretary- Irene Mohasem
BHG Secretary- Martha Hellfire-Whitmane
Cat- Balthasar/Kitty Taneka
Teacher- Mr. Hajiwara
God- Boccob
Priests- High Priest Senpo
Friendly Rival- Andrew Willard
Will Kill- Colonel Riff-Raff
Brother in law- Matsu O'Doyle/Yuki Tenma
Sister in Law- Yoko O'Doyle
Communications Officer- Undine Strata
Tutor of Necromancy- Kegro
Lizee - owner and store clerk for Cosplay World


Having been married to her job for 12 years, she was/still is devoted to it's works, being good or less so. She does refuse to do notably evil things, however in the pursuit of knowledge, she must be neutral.
Chaotic Neutral

Religion/Favor Points

She worships Boccob, the God of Magic. The Uncaring Lord of all Magic, and a Dick. Even though he might not care, she understands that magic in itself is uncaring, so she continues to worship him. She did recently have proof of the fact that he sometimes can care, when he revealed himself to her, and not only provided her with The Book Of All Magic, but made Kegro back down from his efforts to convert her. While there, he made a deal with Kegro, which allowed her access to the forbidden Book of Necromancy written by Kegro himself.
She recently also gained access to Boccob's tower.
Her Favor Points are currently at 627.


A Mirror/Shadow Hybrid that she contracted with.
A gift from Odin. An asshole cat when it can talk, but quite cute and cuddly when it's time runs out.


Chairwoman of BHG
Leader of Research with Unit 13
Member of Unit 13
Owner of the YMCA

Current Classes

Dynamic Sorcerer Lvl 8
Witch Gunslinger Lvl 10
Shadowmancer Lvl 8
Spell-Fist Lvl 2

Favored Weapons/Abilities/Spells

Witch guns, Mirror Walk, Scorching ray

Favored Combination

Heroism+Enlarge Person+Flame shield.
Cone of Frost Bullet + Burning Hands Bullet=Awesome

Finishing Moves

1- Rainbow Devastation
Background-Rainbow Unicorn Attack
Song- Erasure-Always
2- Into the Shadows
Background-Classic Gothic Architecture Cemetery
Song- Coheed and Cambria- Gravediggers and Gunslingers
3- Shad'e Chatt'es Snack
Background- Private study/library with very comfortable Red leather Lazyboy
Song- Judas Priest-Judas rising
4- Heart Attack
Background- Nothing

Background Story

Post Karma

The Y.M.C.A. goes up without a hitch, and though the threat of annihilation exists, the Umbra Witches prove to be helpful to both the Y.M.C.A. and Lay herself.
Ms. Lay, with Octavius Septimus, learns how to refine her abilities as both a Sorcerer, and a Witch Gunslinger.
Secretly, Ms. Lay reports everything to "Kraze" + publically both the Y.M.C.A. and the K.N.H. are partnered with the B.H.G. The magic Guild, however, in a fit of pique, swear fealty to Karma.
Ms. Lay trained with Gurtrude, and took a small tour of the neighboring dimensions, traveling with her Husband(her personal "secretary"), Shade and Kitty. During this time, Direct Comment does warn her that her next contract is on it's way.

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