Homebrew Jorbs

Here you can find information on things that are completely homebrew, and pertain to Neo-Tokyo the RP only. Completely made by the GM and/or players.

On this page, you can find Jobs. If you want to find Homebrew Skills, Feats, and Abilities, go to the SFA page.

Jobs - comes in various flavors, including the soon-to-be-unlocked Uber Classes!
Skills - skills used by certain classes, but COULD be unlocked for your character! Or just badassed home-made skills.
Feats - homemade feats and homemade abilities, located on the same page.

Ultimate note on gnosis and abilities:

No matter where on this page, unless it says "This can affect creatures with gnosis higher than you," for the most part the attack or ability will NOT in fact work the way you think it will against targets with higher gnosis than you. Please keep this in mind.

Normal Classes


Prestige Classes

Witch Gunslinger
Soul Flayer
Irish Scrapper

Uber Classes

Battle Valkyrie
Dark Bard
White Knight of Bahamut
Reaper of Wee Jas
Titanic Elder

Still Being Written Up

Divine Fist (Prestige Class)
Divine Steel (Uber Class)
Librarium of Boccob (Prestige Class)
Combat Courier (Uber Class)
Owner (Uber Class)


Hit Dice: d8 Starting Skill points: (6+Int Mod)x4 Skill points: 6+Int Modifier

Class Skills: all DnD Rogue skills, all BESM Adventurer Skills

Class basic abilities: Light Armor Proficiency, Medium Armor Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Melee Weapon Proficiency, Martial Weapon Proficiency

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +0 +2 +2 +2 Touki+1, Summon Shadow +1, Sleep, Elasticity+2, Adaption+1, unarmed defense+1, unarmed combat+1, Combat Martial Arts, Shadow Weapon Level 1, Shadow World
2 +1 +3 +3 +3 Shadowform, Shadowwalk, Darkness, Shadowsight
3 +2 +3 +3 +3 Summon Shadow+1, Massive Damage (unarmed)
4 +3 +4 +4 +4 Extra Attacks (Shadow), Shadow Twist
5 +4 +4 +4 +4 Sense Shadow, Sense Reality+1, Light, Touki+1
6 +5 +5 +5 +5 Mirrored World, Advanced Martial Arts, unarmed combat+2, unarmed defense+2
7 +6/+1 +5 +5 +5 Summon Shadow+1, Shadow Zone
8 +7/+2 +6 +6 +6 Extra Attack (Enemy Shadow)
9 +8/+3 +6 +6 +6 Special Attack, unarmed combat+8
10 +9/+4 +7 +7 +7 Summon Shadow+1, unarmed defense+8
11 +10/+5 +7 +7 +7 Shadow Merge, Shadow Weapon Level 2
12 +11/+6/+1 +8 +8 +8 Special Attack, Extra Attack (Shadow)
13 +12/+7/+2 +8 +8 +8 +1 existing spellcasting school
14 +13/+8/+3 +9 +9 +9 Summon Shadow+1, Touki+1
15 +14/+9/+4 +9 +9 +9 Shadow Dominance, Sense Reality+1
16 +15/+10/+5 +10 +10 +10 Special Attack, Touki+1
17 +16/+11/+6/+1 +10 +10 +10 Shadow Weapon Level 3
18 +17/+12/+7/+2 +11 +11 +11 +1 existing spellcasting school, Shadow Snap
19 +18/+13/+8/+3 +12 +12 +12 Summon Shadow+2, Special Attack
20 +20/+15/+10/+5 +13 +13 +13 Shadow Weapon Level 4, +1 existing spellcasting school, Summon Shadow+3, Touki+1, Sense Reality+1
  • Touki - Upon entering into the job, a Shadowmancer is able to incorporate their shadow's basic presence on top of their own aura, acting as a shield as well as an enhancer. Must be activated through synchronization, lasts throughout the entirety of combat, and immediately disengages itself at end of combat unless directed otherwise by GM. While Touki is activated, player has the ability of +1d6 unarmed melee attack bonus, and +1 AC. The user gains these abilities if they do not actually have them, and they do not stack with existing already learned abilities. Note that "Touki" takes up one summoned shadow from use. A fully evolved Touki takes up 5 Shadows from the field of battle, leaving a level 20 Shadowmancer with 5 Shadows left to fight with. As one gains more Touki levels, a Shadowmancer is able to "pump" it up the moment they engage it with up to 4 more shadows, increasing it's abilities by +1d6 unarmed melee attack bonus and +1 AC for each shadow pumped into it.
  • Summon Shadow - this is the absolute most basic move for a Shadowmancer, and the basis for their entire job (so to speak). Summons an entity from the Shadow World to act at the behest of the Shadowmancer. May require individual contracts, but certain jobs/individuals can gain entire portions of the Shadow World itself to act in the prime material plane. Shadows can be used for a variety of things, including attacking, defense, Touki, and other abilities. Summoning Shadow takes no energy, BUT should the Shadow be banished or defeated, it can be called back for 4 energy points during combat (otherwise, they have a cooldown of one hour). Controlling shadows is counted as a free action (send out 3 shadows to attack, absorb one shadow as a Touki, hold 1 shadow back to watch your back, while you rush in and attack), not as an interrupt, and can only be done during your turn.

Things you can do with a summoned shadow:

Attacks twice in a full round with its fists for 1d6 (this CAN be upgraded at level 15 to natural weapons: tail, claws, fists, whatever the shadow is)

Blocks a shot or full round attack (shadows have about 10 hp, and leave the Prime Material Plane upon being hit)

Act as a second pair of eyes (if a shadow is set to "watch your back," no one can sneak up on you or flank you)

Float about and manipulate objects (acts as a telekinesis or spectral servant spell). They can only move around up to 10 pounds though, and for a limited duration of 2 minutes before they blink out.

  • Sleep - the Shadowmancer gains the spell-like ability to cast Sleep 1/game day
  • Shadowform - the Shadowmancer gains the ability to take Alternate Form: Shadow at will. Costs 1 shadow. During Shadowform, their stats do not change but they do gain these special abilities immediately:

Special Movements: Walk through Shadows (allows one to walk into shadows as if a Shadow Twist, or enter the Shadow World) and Walk through Objects


Special Defense: Breathing, Pressure, Intense Cold, Intense Heat, Vacuum of Space

Special Restriction: Cannot Attack (immediately dispels Shadowform)

Special Ability: Can cast non-combat magic

Special Weakness: Light (as if the spell or spell-like ability) or Dark (as if the spell or spell-like ability) - immediately dispels Shadowform

Special Ability: Can use/attack with your Shadow Weapon

  • Shadowwalk - allows a Shadowmancer of the Prime Material Mode to walk through shadows as if they themselves were a Shadow. Works up to 20 ft. During Shadow Dominance, this increases to 80 ft. Costs 1 shadow.
  • Darkness - allows the Shadowmancer to use the spell-like ability Darkness 3/day. During Shadow Dominance, this becomes True Darkness and can be used 5/day.
  • Shadowsight - allows one to see through Shadows and low-light vision.
  • Sense Shadow - allows the Shadowmancer to sense other creatures' and inanimate object shadows up to 20 ft. During Shadow Dominance, this increases to a whopping 1000 ft.
  • Shadow Twist - teleportation-like ability for the Shadowmancer to simply "snap" from one shadow (usually their own) to another. If the shadow chosen is blocked, the Shadowmancer will appear 1 inch above the object/person in question. This is considered a free action.
  • Sense Reality - this counts as an affinity towards a particular dimension/reality. This must make sense during storyline, and the Shadowmancer must have either a contract or some kind of exposure to that dimension/reality first before they can learn how to sense it. Allows certain abilities (such as Shadow Twist) to work.
  • Light - allows the Shadowmancer to use the spell-like ability Light 3/day. During Shadow Dominance, this becomes True Light and can be used 5/day.
  • Mirrored World - at this time, the Shadowmancer gains the affinity (but not the Sense ability) for the nearby dimension of Mirror World. They can walk through any mirrors (barring GM decision) directly into the Mirror World, move about without any penalties, and exit out another mirror back into the Prime Material Plane…or elsewhere. This counts as a special movement, and is subject to combat rules concerning movement.
  • Shadow World - at this time, the Shadowmancer gains the affinity (but not the Sense ability) for the nearby dimension of Shadow World. This does nothing but allows the Shadowmancer to summon forth a shadow. First step to Shadow Dominance school, and necessary for Shadow Walk and Shadow Twist.
  • Shadow Zone - a minor version of Shadow Dominance, this allows the Shadowmancer to increase the abilities of one chosen ability or skill that is usually increased during Shadow Dominance, than increase it to that point now.
  • Shadow Merge - if a Shadowmancer uses a full round action to summon forth Light and Dark in the same 30 ft area, they can then use Shadow Merge at the start of their next turn (not during attacks of opportunity). Shadow Merge is a powerful attack that allows the Shadowmancer to physically grab the two orbs, combine them into a orb of pure shadow energy then launch a beam of Shadow energy, doing 10d20+Energy Points Sacrificed damage to all in it's thick path. This ability absorbs all energy of the user, and cannot be used if user is at 50% energy, and must have at least 10 energy points to spend.

User MUST declare that they are going to use a Shadow Merge before summoning Light and Dark, user must pass a 30DC Concentration check, and should an interrupt, stun, or paralyze be successful against the Shadowmancer, then the attempt is foiled and you still lose the energy points sacrificed. This attack is an ability and completely ignores AC - enemies and friends hit by this attack can make a Reflex save to halve the damage (DC 15).

Beam attack - 10 feet wide, up to a range of 100 feet.

There is a small secret here: if True Darkness and True Light are used instead of Shadow and Light, than a much stronger beam can be developed, doing damage of Energy Points Sacrificed x2.

Cone attack - up to a range of 200 feet.

  • Extra Attack (Enemy Shadow) - This represents the Shadowmancers affinity with the shadows of other creatures and inanimate objects. Doing this, they can send an attack through the targets' shadow (each time it becomes 5DC harder), counting as either a flanking, backstab, or juggling attack. Should one also have Extra Attack (Shadow), one can "teleport" one's attack through one's own shadow and through a target's shadow. This counts as a full-round action though.
  • Extra Attack (Shadow) - This represents the Shadowmancers affinity with their shadow. Doing this, they are able to utilize it as an extra attack should the target be within range of the shadow, even if it overlaps an enemy's shadow. It's very important for a Shadowmancer to know which direction their shadow is facing should this ability be used - one's shadows' attack cannot go beyond in range from that shadow, only vertically.
  • Shadow Dominance - the ultimate upgrade in a Shadowmancer's arsenal, this improves the capabilities of their abilities by a massive amount. This represents their affinity for whole dimensions, and the ability to Twist farther, move through shadows further, and to basically sense anywhere on the planet. A chosen dimension must be declared for Shadow Dominance to work.

Requirements: at least one Sense Reality must be devoted to the same world that Shadow Dominance has been declared. One must have Shadow World, Shadow Walk, Sense Shadow, Shadow Zone, and Shadow Merge in order to learn Shadow Dominance. Must have at least one Touki activated during declaration, and must survive a Synchronization with that dimension or be caught in between said dimensions.

  • Shadow Weapon - this is an option of the Touki, allowing for an improved offensive capability by turning one of the "arms" of the Touki into a weapon all it's own. As the Shadow Weapon increases in strength, it's abilities and even shape/size can change depending on which level it is. The Shadow Weapon counts as a Natural Weapons (as far as prereqs for the feat), and as such the feat works with them.

Level 1 - +1d6 piercing, slash or blunt damage. Special dispensation can be made for small firearms/lazers/energy guns. Crit x3

Level 2 - +2d6 piercing, slash or blunt damage. Special dispensation can be made for small firearms/lazers/energy guns. Must be a "higher form" weapon of Level 1. Crit x4

Level 3 - +3d8 piercing, slash or blunt damage. Can also be magical, laser, energy, or projectile damage. Form can change to something else here (or be two weapons, one from each arm). Can contain two differing (or even opposing) types of damage: [piercing, slash, blunt] and [magical, laser, energy, projectile]. Crit 18-20 x3

Level 4 - +4d12 piercing, slash, blunt, magical, laser, energy, and/or projectile damage. Can be of up to 4 of those types of damage. Crit 18-20 x4

  • Shadow Snap - the ability to halt a single target's movements for a limited amount of time by injecting a needle of your own shadow energy into their shadow. Costs 25 energy points to halt a target's movements for 1 round. Cannot be used as a counter or interrupt. Doesn't affect shadow-based creatures. Can only be used once per combat, and it takes up one action. Outside of combat there are no limits.
  • Shadowmancer Notes, Magic, and Other Nonesuch - This is an incredibly powerful job with incredibly high chances of do-or-die situations. By just seeking out to become a Shadowmancer, you are placing yourself in the position to be devoured by your own Shadow, or to devour your Shadow and thus change your character completely. Depending on the status of the Shadowmancer themselves, they will find themselves having chosen a certain set of schools even though they themselves do not learn spells. Depending on their status as well (Human, Shadow, or Synched) will determine when they are strongest and weakest - during the weak times, they MUST find sleep, or begin to suffer negative effects such as ability decreases, Forget, Clumsy, or worse until they DO get to sleep.

Human: Abjuration, Enchantment, Transmutation
Strongest: Light/Day

Shadow: Divination, Illusion, Necromancy
Strongest: Darkness/Night

Perfect Synchronization: Conjuration, Evocation, Illusion, Abjuration
Strongest: Shadow/Either day or night


Hit Dice: d6 Starting Skills: (4+Int Modifier)x4 Skills: 4+Int Modifier

Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gamble, Handle Animal (Ho), Hide, Intimidate, Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Pimp Lore), Knowledge (Streetwise), Perform, Pickpocket, Profession (Pimp), Read Lips, Ride, Sleight of Hand, Survival, Use Rope, Innuendo

Note: Pimps gain 6 points energy per level, instead of the usual 2 points

Class basic abilities: Rings, Gold Experience, Light Armor Proficiency, Ranged Weapon Proficiency (small sidearms), Simple Weapon Proficiency, Pimp Gear Proficiency, Exotic Weapons Proficiency (Pimp Cane)

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +0 +1 +0 +0 Pimp Hand, Flunkie+1, Organizational Ties+1 (F.O.P.'s), Personal Gear+1 (Pimp Cane, Pimp Wardrobe), Combat Martial Arts (Intro to Pimp Fu), unarmed combat+1, unarmed defense+1
2 +1 +2 +1 +1 Art of Distraction+1, Aura of Command+1, Brawl
3 +2 +2 +2 +1 Pimp Fu+1, unarmed combat+1, unarmed defense+1
4 +3 +3 +2 +2 Personal Gear+1 (Pimp Ride), Hide+5 (Pimp Compartment)
5 +3 +4 +2 +2 Energy Bonus+1, Mind Control (Ho's), Improvised Weapons Proficiency
6 +4 +5 +3 +3 Pimp Fu+1, unarmed combat+1, unarmed defense+1, Improved Trip
7 +5 +5 +5 +3 Run, Bluff+5, Knockout Punch
8 +6/+1 +6 +5 +3 Vehicle Dodge, Ride+5, Hodar
9 +7/+2 +6 +6 +4 Pimp Fu+1, unarmed combat+1, unarmed defense+1, Force Stop (fleeing ho)
10 +8/+3 +7 +6 +4 Energy Bonus+1, Wealth, Immunity (Precious Metals)
11 +9/+4 +7 +6 +5 Advanced Combat Martial Arts, Steady Hand
12 +10/+5 +8 +6 +5 Pimp Fu+1, unarmed combat+1, unarmed defense+1
13 +11/+6/+1 +8 +7 +6 Improved Knockout Punch, Prestidigitation+1, Luck+1
14 +12/+7/+2 +9 +8 +7 Improved Feint, Improved Initiative
15 +13/+8/+3 +10 +8 +7 Pimp Fu+1, unarmed combat+1, unarmed defense+1, Energy Bonus+1
16 +14/+9/+4 +10 +9 +8 Improved Pimp Hand
17 +15/+10/+5 +11 +10 +8 Luck+1
18 +16/+11/+6/+1 +12 +10 +9 Pimp Fu+1, unarmed combat+1, unarmed defense+1
19 +17/+12/+7/+2 +12 +11 +10 Massive Damage (Pimp Hand)
20 +18/+13/+8/+3 +13 +12 +10 Pimp Fu+1, unarmed combat+1, unarmed defense+1, Energy Bonus+1
  • Rings - Pimps are not DnD restricted to only 2 rings, but 10 rings (4 per hand + thumb ring per hand) or 4 rings (1 knuckle ring + 1 thumbring per hand)
  • Gold Experience - depending on amount of bling, the pimp can shield or outright deflect light-based attacks or effects, but also has a small bonus for magic resistance. The amounts are determined by the GM, just ask first.
  • Pimp Gear Proficiency - allows for the Pimp to wield Pimp-only gear. This is extended to, but doesn't end, at: bling, feathered hats, zoot suits and pimp outfits, pimp canes, ropes, and
  • Ranged Weapon Proficiency - small sidearms, the more blinged-out and chromed-up, the better.
  • Pimp Hand - Stunning slap (enemy must pass a DC10 check or be stunned 1 round), upon successful hit check is made with a +3DC each time. Can be upgraded with baby powder or The Shaft. Does no damage unless baby powder is added.
  • Improved Pimp Hand - Stunning slap that affects multiple targets. Pimp Hand now hits any and all approved targets in a 30 foot range up to the Pimp's Dexterity modifier so long as the Pimp is not flat-footed or has lost their Dexterity modifier.
  • Massive Damage (Pimp Hand) - allows Pimp Hand to do even more damage so long as baby powder has been applied.
  • Flunkie+1 - this represents the Pimp's very first ho, their "number one employee."
  • Pimp Cane/Pimp Wardrobe - pimp gear is a very specialized set of weapons and armors, and none insomuch as the Pimp Cane and the pimp's Wardrobe. Within the Wardrobe itself is various types of bling, feathered hats, bolas, and more, each with their own effects and abilities. The Pimp Cane is also a weapon useable only by Pimps, can only rarely be handmade but must otherwise be bought at Pimpin' World, always with blank slots. The Pimp Cane is counted as a magitek weapon, and as such is bought with completely empty slots: it's up to the Pimp to find someone to add the various effects.
  • Intro to Pimp Fu/Pimp Fu - Intro to Pimp Fu does nothing but enable a Pimp to go down the road of martial arts study known as Pimp Fu. With each level of Pimp Fu added, a Pimp learns a new improvised pimp weapon usable only by practitioners of this mystical martial art: Belt, Boots, Wallet Chain, Pocket Watch, Frying Pan, Wire Hangar, Kitchen Utensils, Chair Leg/Table Leg, Garbage Can Lid, Brick, and the two ultimate arts known only by the highest levels of Pimp Fu. If a practitioner of Pimp Fu uses a weapon from the approved list of "pimp weapon items," than they can add their Charisma modifier on top of the normal modifiers to attack rolls.

Extra notes concerning Pimp Fu:

Rope - 1d4 + Strength Modifier + Use Rope skill, "Improved Trip" so long as they are using rope.

Whatever's Closest - 1d6 + Charisma Modifier + Strength Modifier, can be thrown regardless of weight up to 40 feet with no negative penalty.)

  • Immunity (Precious Metals) - At 10th level, a Pimp has worn so much bling that they have gained an immunity to most precious metals. This ranges from cold steel and diamonds to onyx and quartz. GM discretion is advised.
  • Pimp Ride - a pimp needs have a ride. Here's where they can get it, sometimes at a discounted price. In a Pimp ride, a Pimp can find an immediate compartment to hide from anything but the highest-level of search, it can be decked out with all sorts of hidden abilities and options, and (above all) it's gotta be always clean and shiny so the ho's can see their reflections.
  • Pimp Compartment - all pimps have the extra-dimensional ability to find the best places to hide. This usually works in cars, but certain situations might be favorable to a Pimp finding a compartment.
  • Mind Control (Ho's) - all pimps have the ability to contact their ho's when they least expect it. Pimp's gain a +10 competence check when dealing directly with their ho's.
  • Hodar - a spiritual and mental connection has formed between the pimp and the ho, and the Pimp can always, ALWAYS take a moment, concentrate and find out where his ho's are.
  • Force Stop (fleeing ho) - Against a ho who's running away from her Pimp, the Pimp gains Force Stop until the ho has been caught.
  • Prestidigitation - alongside the aforementioned bling, a Pimp can also use "razzle dazzle" to pull off effects and abilities. Counts as a "dynamic sorcerer" in energy usage and such. The "+1" determines the caster level of the spell.


Hit Dice: d10 Starting Skills: (6+Int Modifier)x4 Skills: 6+Int Modifier Starting Golds: 3d4 x 10

Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Knowledge (Nature), Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Geo Lore), Profession, Spellcraft, Heal, Handle Animal, Climb, Swim, Survival, Balance

Class basic abilities: Light Armor Proficiency, Small Shield/Buckler Proficiency, Simple Weapons proficiency

Note: Geomancer is written under "Dynamic Sorcery" rules, and follows the same kind of laws when it comes to energy. With each Spell Level unlocked, acts as if "Dynamic Sorcery" level is gained when it comes to energy gain, usage, and other nonsuch.

Geomancer Domains available: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Plant

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +1 +2 +1 +2 1st level spells, Summon Familiar, Unarmed Attack+2, Unarmed Defense+2, Channel Geo, Great Fortitude, Tremorsense
2 +2 +2 +1 +2 Massive Damage(Unarmed or simple weapons), Geo Attack, Geo Defense, Minor Terrakinetics
3 +3 +3 +2 +3 Improved Initiative, Energy Bonus+1, Combat Geo Channeling
4 +4 +3 +3 +3 2nd level spells, Iron Will, Special Attack+1, Geo Shield
5 +5 +4 +3 +4 Massive Damage+1, Geo Armor, Geo Heal, Energy Bonus+1, Leeching Fields
6 +6 +4 +4 +4 3rd level spells, Superstrength+1, Judge Opponent, Treacherous Terrain
7 +7 +5 +4 +5 Energy Bonus+1, Lightning Reflexes, Brawl, Terrakinetics
8 +8 +5 +4 +5 4th level spells, Massive Damage+1, Blind Fight, Special Attack+1, Salt the Wounds
9 +9 +6 +4 +6 Energy Bonus+1, Improved Brawl, Here Eat This
10 +10/+5 +6 +4 +6 5th level spells, Unarmed Attack+2, Unarmed Defense+2, Geomancer's Mantle
11 +11/+6/+1 +7 +4 +7 Massive Damage+1, 1 free feat, Geo's Embrace
12 +12/+7/+2 +8 +4 +8 6th level spells, Special Attack+1, Channel Geo Greater, Greater Terrakinetics
13 +13/+8/+3 +8 +4 +8 Superstrength+1, Greater Geo Attack, Greater Geo Defense, Terraport
14 +14/+9/+4 +9 +4 +9 7th level spells, Massive Damage+1, Tectonic Tremble
15 +15/+10/+5 +9 +5 +9 Mass Geo Heal, Mass Geomancer's Mantle
16 +16/+11/+6/+1 +10 +5 +10 8th level spells, Special Attack+1, Tempest
17 +17/+12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +10 Massive Damage+1, Master Terrakinetics
18 +18/+13/+8/+3 +11 +6 +11 9th level spells, Arctic Blizzard
19 +19/+14/+9/+4 +12 +6 +12 Rebirth
20 +20/+15/+10/+5 +12 +6 +12 Massive Damage+1, Special Attack+1, Meteor Strike
  • Channel Geo - The essential and most fundamental ability of Geomancy that allows the geomancer to tap into the power of Geo.
  • Geo Attack/Geo Defense - allows Geomancers to add up to +5 of Geomancy lore to special attacks and saving throws.
  • Greater Geo Attack/Greater Geo Defense - allows up to +10 to special attacks and saving throws.
  • Geo Armor - +5 natural armor bonus to AC and grants a sandstone hue to the Geomancers' image.
  • Geo Heal - channeling Geo allows Geomancer to heal himself or one other target for up to (2d20+Con Modifier+Spellcraft) hit points.
  • Mass Geo Heal - heals all party members present for (4d20+Spellcraft) hit points.
  • Tremorsense - 10 points. Player has a full awareness of living things in their immediate area. Augment: +10 points. Can gauge target direction.
  • Terrakinetics, Minor - 10 points. Player has limited control over the earth and plant life. Augment: +20 point. Can increase size of earth pieces used by 5 lbs (up to 105 lbs. max). 20 Str plant max.
  • Combat Geo Channeling - one time concentration check to synch with Geo forces (DC15, can be modified) to allow rapid geomancy use in combat situations.
  • Geo Shield - 15 points. Player can create a wall of earth and plants to create cover, barriers, etc. Augment: +10 point/10' additional wall section (150 hardness, 500 hp) per wall section.
  • Strength of My Enemy - drains 1d12 str from one touched opponent. Can be used once per combat, lasts for 1d4 rounds. Augment: actually pay 25 energy points to drain 1d12 con instead, lasts until end of combat. Stacks with Leeching Fields.
  • Leeching Fields - 100 energy points, otherwise is the same as "strength of my enemy" but allows for str/con change out (declare which while casting) and affects all targets up to 50 feet around the Geomancer. Lasts for 1d6 rounds. Augment: 1/2 current energy point total. Drains Str and Con together, and you'll keep the increase until end of combat.
  • Treacherous Terrain - 60 points. Causes local plant life to animate and attack an enemy, doing xd10 damage to an opponent where Geomancer's level is the x. Augment: +30 points per enemy 1d6/level + Str/Con/Wis. Also snares enemy.
  • Terrakinetics - 70 points. Player gains adept control with Geomancy, and can control a greatly increased amount of earth and plant life. Augment: +30 points. Up to 10000 lbs max. 40 Str plant max.
  • Salt the Wounds - 100 points. A sudden hail of sharp salt crystals rain down on an enemy(ies) 1d6/Geomancer's level (10d6 max). Pieces that pierce an enemy cause 1d6 rounds aggravated damage (1d6) for 1d10 rounds. Augment: +50 points. Raises damage dice class by one (to d8).
  • Here Eat This - 15 points. Player can channel Geo to gather healing and medicinal herbs to heal wounds, diseases, and purify food and water.
  • Geomancer's Mantle - 20 points. 4 stone discs erupt from the earth and orbit around the Geomancer at will, deflecting attacks as if AC+15. Augment: 10 points. Spikes grow on the floating discs dealing 3d6 to melee attack. Also, you can utilize them outside of combat for certain effects (GM's approval, naturally).
  • Geo's Embrace - 15 points. The Geomancer is able to coat his body and equipment in mercury, making him invisible as if under the spell. Augment: 45 points. The Geomancer can attack while invisible.
  • Terrakinetics, Greater - 200 points. Advanced control with geomancy and greatly increases the amount controlled. Augment: +100 points. Up to 5000 lbs max. 60 Str Plant Max.
  • Terraport - 1/2 current energy points. Geomancer melds into the earth to appear in a different location up to three miles away. Augment: 1/2 hit points to terraport as a counter or special movement. It also increases the distance traveled to anywhere within Neo-Tokyo.
  • Tectonic Tremble - 100 energy points. Geomancer can cause earthquakes, instigate tsunamis, and generally cause a whole bunch of fuckuppetry. Does no damage in combat, but all within 1 mile range of Geomancer must make a reflex save of DC20 or are thrown prone to the ground. Variable effects (1d6 magnitude) may or may not cause damage to surrounding buildings. Augment: +200 energy points to set the magnitude at will up to the Geomancer's level.
  • Mass Geomancer's Mantle - 25 points per person granted. Grants Geomancer's Mantle for up to 1d6 allies.
  • Tempest - 50 points/10 point per dice. Geomancer can call forth the power of a raging storm of wind and lightning. 8d8 electric damage, 1d6 stun for 1d6 rounds.
  • Master Terrakinetics - Your entire store of energy points. Geomancer has mastered the intricate nuances of Terrakinetics. Augment: 1/2 current hit points to increase up to 10,000 lbs max. 80 Str plant max.
  • Arctic Blizzard - 100 energy points. Upon successful Geo Synch, Geomancer can call down a blizzard to crush and snowblind enemies for 10d6 ice damage. Augment: +25 energy points per extra hit die.
  • Rebirth - 200 energy points, 100 experience points per hit point granted back to the corpse. Upon successful synch roll (get within 5 numbers of GM's 1d20 roll) Geomancer can channel Geo to give life to a fallen comrade, or self, on death bed (-1 to -10). Augment: 100 experience points points per +1 on roll. MUST be augmented BEFORE the roll.

Note: Style points can be used in lieu of experience points. See style points to experience points table in order to determine how much each style point is worth.

  • Meteor Strike - Give up your entire energy pool, 1/2 your hit point total, and strips Geomancer of any and all buffs you currently have on. After successfully casting Meteor Strike, you will need up to 1d6 rounds to recover. Geomancer utilizes all of his training with Geo to call down a meteor to slam into the target for 20d20 + GM stated damage. Can only be done once per battle, takes one round to do and must be stated at the beginning of the round. Augment: Give up your next round. Customize the form of the meteor, increase the amount of damage granted by GM (stated damage x Geomancer's level), and augments Meteor Strike so it can be done multiple times per battle.
  • Special Attacks available (all - 1d6+1/level up to a max of +10). Please note that with each new Special Attack+1 on the list, you can choose the next one on this list:

1) Stone Fists of Discipline - Geomancer can create and launch stone fists with martial arts attack. 10 points.

2) Shock Wave of Lances - Geomancer jumps into the air and barrels back down to impact creating a blast radius that sprays shards of earth and knocks back enemies. 4d6 + 2d8 feet of knockback. 20 points.

3) Diamond Smash - Geomancer summons a crystal shield and bull rushes an enemy. 6d6+10, 1d6 rounds of dazzle. The crystal shield stats are: +3 armor, Deflect, Reflect, can Dazzle as a standard action round (effect lasts 1d6 rounds), lasts for either 1d20 rounds or if it blocks up to 100 hp of damage, whichevers greater. 30 points.

4) Magma Kata - Geomancer channels prime force of magma to trail his hands and feet. Adds 3d6 fire/earth damage that lingers for 1d6 rounds. 40 points.

5) Geo Barrage - Geomancer opens a fissure in the earth underneath an enemy, and if they fail their Reflex save (DC20) the target falls in and is pummeled by the power of Geo. 10d10 Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Plant, Water, and Electricity damage. GM determines which ones continue on for however many rounds. 50 points.

  • Suggested Spell List to the Geomancer (by level)

Level 1
Orb of…
Acid - 1d10/level (max 5d10)
Cold - 1d10/level (max 5d10)
Electricity - 1d10/level (max 5d10)
Fire - 1d10/level (max 5d10)

Hail of Stone - 4d8+2

Level 2
Blast of Force - 1d6/per 2 levels (max 5d6)
Ice Lance - 6d6, Stun 1d4 (1d4 rounds)
Stone Bones - +3 Natural AC bonus
Bands of Steel - Immobilizes target 1 round/level (max 20 rounds). Target must pass a Will save (DC15) to halve the amount of rounds, rounded down.

Level 3
Acid Breath - 1d6/level, Cone attack
Hail Stones - 5d6 Cold damage
Rust Ray - 2d6+1 Sundering damage/ per 2 levels
Strong Grasp - +10 to Grapple Modifier for 1d6 rounds
Deeper Darkness - infravision

Level 4
Wings of Air - grants Flight or enhances current Flight spell.
Metal Melt - melts metal without fire. Metal items must pass a DC30 check or be melted immediately.
Flame Whips - 6d6 flaming melee damage (3d6 per whip) on one target up to 50 feet.
Wall of Sand - Creates a wall of sand that can block on it's own (up to 50 feet vertical, 100 feet horizontal) or upgrade a current shield/wall for 250 more points.

Level 5
Fire Burst (Area) - 1d10 fire damage/level
Fire Shield - 3d6 damage to attackers, protects against Cold attacks.
Ball Lightning - 1d8/level electric damage.
Earth Reaver - 7d6 Area earth attack.
Vitriolic Sphere - 6d6+2 more rounds of damage

Level 6
Acid Storm - 1d8/level (15d8 max)
Fire Spiders - conjures a swarm (up to 2d20) of fire spiders to attack target(s).
Freezing Fog - slows and obscures an area.
Extract Water Elemental - pull water from victim that forms into an elemental completely under the caster's control. Hardening - 1 point/2 levels.

Level 7
Energy Immunity
Ironguard - immune to metal
Emerald Flame Fist - 3d6 (+1 fire/level up to a max of +20) touch attack
Glass Strike - turns subject into glass if target cannot pass a Will Save (DC20).
Ice Claw - stony grasp

Level 8
Field of Icy Razors - Area Affect

Level 9
Summon Elemental Monolith - Summon Monster IX
Rock to Lava

Witch Gunslinger (Prestige Class)

Hit Dice: d8 Skill Points: 4 + Favored Ability

Class Skills: all Rogue skills

Requirements: cast Arcane spells of at least level 2, Dodge, Combat Casting, Z-Run 1, Wall Run 1, Concentration 5, must acquire the entire set of at least beginner level Quad Guns, and a Umbra Witch battlesuit.

Special Requirements note: I bet you thought this job was only por la femmes? Not at all! On the other hand, one would THINK this is for chicks only, so until a dude steps up and says "I WANT TO LOOK PRETTY WITH STILETTO-HEEL GUNS!" we're just gonna leave this here as a ellipses…

Note: All Witch Gunslinger levels stack with Dynamic Sorcerer in terms of spellcasting.

Class basic abilities: Light Armor Proficiency, Ranged Weapon Proficiency (Witchguns), Melee Weapons Proficiency, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Martial Weapons Proficiency

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 All Fighter's Base +1 +2 +3 Imbue Bullet, Hairstyle Level 0, Instant Casting, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Witchguns), Alt Form+0, unarmed attack+1, unarmed defense+1, Combat Martial Arts, Touki, Demon Contract+1
2 +1 +3 +2 Accuracy, Mobility, Judge OP
3 +2 +3 +1 Steady Hand, Superstrength, unarmed attack+1, unarmed defense+1
4 +3 +4 +0 Energy Bonus, Ritual Shift+1
5 +4 +5 +0 Alt Form+1, Features, Bullet Dance
6 +5 +6 +0 Backlash+1, Alt Form+1
7 +5 +6 +1 Backlash+1, Ritual Shift+1
8 +5 +6 +2 Backlash+1
9 +5 +6 +3 Backlash+1, unarmed attack+1, unarmed defense+1
10 +6 +7 +5 Demon Contract+1, Regen+1, Refresh+1, Backlash Negation, Imbue Self, Hairstyle! Level 1, Witch Time, Quad Shot
11 +7 +8 +7 Demon Contract+1
12 +7 +8 +10 Demon Contract+1, Hairstyle! Level 2
13 +8 +9 +10 Demon Contract+1, unarmed attack+1, unarmed defense+1
14 +9 +10 +10 Demon Contract+1
15 +10 +10 +10 Demon Contract+1, Ritual Shift+1
16 +10 +10 +11 Demon Contract+1, Hairstyle! Level 3
17 +10 +10 +12 Demon Contract+1
18 +10 +11 +12 Demon Contract+1
19 +10 +12 +12 Demon Contract+1, unarmed attack+1, unarmed defense+1
20 +12 +12 +12 Demon Contract+1, Hairstyle! Final Flash, Ritual Shift+1

Imbue Bullets per day (by level)

Levels 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
1 0
2 1 0
3 1 1 0
4 2 1 0
5 3 1 1 0
6 4 2 2 1 0
7 4 2 2 2 0
8 4 3 3 2 1 0
9 4 2 2 1 0 0
10 5 5 5 5 5 4 3 2 1 0 0
11 6 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 0 0
12 7 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 0 0
13 8 7 6 5 6 5 6 8 7 5 0
14 9 8 7 6 7 5 7 X 9 X 0
15 X 9 8 7 8 6 8 X X X 0 0
16 X X 9 8 7 9 X X X 5 0 0
17 X X X 9 X 8 X X X X 2 1 0
18 X X X X 9 X 8 X X X X 2 1 0
19 X X X X X X 9 X X X X 2 2 0
20 X X X X X X X X X X X 3 2 1

x = no limit to amount of bullets you can imbue, save how much energy/materials you have

  • Backlash

Backlash 1 - total hp drop by 10%, -1 to all attributes
Backlash 2 - total hp drop by 20%, -1 to Wis and Int
Backlash 3 - total hp drop by 20%, can't cast the same spell more than once during a session
Backlash 4 - Clumsy (a natural 20 becomes a natural 1 once per session), Forget (upon casting a spell, roll -again- and pray you don't get a certain number. If you do, you won't be able to cast the spell again until level 10)

  • Hairstyle! Level 0 (can only be done if wearing a Umbra Witch Battlesuit)

Level 0 - Unicorn (Spear and Toss) 4d10

Defects - uses energy 1, static 2, slow 1, short range, limited shots 2, internal

Abilities - penetrating armor, affects incorporeal, accurate, flexible, unique ability (knockback OR prone)

(Special note: ten minutes between battles to recharge)

  • Hairstyle by level

Hairstyle! Level 0 - Unicorn
Hairstyle! Level 1 - Locked
Hairstyle! Level 2 - Locked
Hairstyle! Level 3 - Locked
Hairstyle! Final Flash - Locked

  • Imbue Bullet - allows the ability to place a spell within a bullet. When fired at something (even something alive), it has a certain effect depending on the spell placed on the bullet. These magic bullets almost always improve the level/effect/strength of the spells placed upon them. To place the spells on the bullets, it still costs the amount of energy or materials the original spell cost.
  • Imbue Self - same as Imbue Bullet, but allows the Witch Gunslinger to cast it upon themselves as if they were the bullet. Same spell cost and strength as Imbue Bullet. Spell effects last 1d4 rounds.
  • Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Quad Guns) - gained upon getting the Quad Guns while wearing the suit. Also allows a person without ranged attack abilities to use normal guns at a -2 penalty instead of the usual -4 or -8.
  • Alt Forms - as a Witch Gunslinger grows in power, they learn how to use their Touki and Hairstyle! familiars as part of their combat repertoire. With each new level of Alt Forms, they gain the ability to incorporate their familiars abilities in melee combat (hand to hand or combined hand/gun combat).
  • Ritual Shift - Through a conflux of extreme training and dedication to the magical and martial arts, a Witch-Gunslinger learns the fabulously powerful ability known as "Ritual Shift," an ability that exceeds the simplistic Alt Forms. This allows the Witch Gunslinger to enter into a timed alternate form that grants extreme abilities, powers, and strengths. There are four Ritual Shifts altogether, with each one based on these styles:
  1. Basic - the starting Ritual Shift form. Usually lasts 1 minute.
  2. Specialized Long Range - the next one, usually a flying one. Long Range and sensory/analytical capabilities are emphasized here. Usually lasts 30 minutes.
  3. Specialized Defensive - the third form, usually large and/or simply that fast. Defensive capabilities are emphasized, and the combat capability becomes further specialized with either weapons, hand-to-hand, or magic. Usually lasts for 1 day.
  4. Upgraded Basic - incorporates the abilities of the previous three and upgrades them tremendously. The form can be any of the previous three, but most (for nostalgia sake) choose the very first. Lasts until the user decides to dispel it.

The Witch-Gunslinger can enter Ritual Shift during very specific times. At 10% HP, at 25% energy points, during a synch roll when a perfect synch has been achieved, when two or more Witch-Gunslingers pool their energy together one of them can then undergo Ritual Shift.

Further note that one cannot perform a Desperation Attack, Desperation Action, or some other "at 10% HP" ability at the same time as Ritual Shift. If you achieve the requirements for Desperation or perfect synch, you can either accept THAT result or replace it with Ritual Shift.

  • Touki - Upon gaining their first contract, a Witch Gunslinger is able to incorporate that creatures' basic presence on top of their own aura, acting as a shield as well as an enhancer. Must be activated through synchronization, lasts throughout the entirety of combat, and immediately disengages itself at end of combat unless directed otherwise by GM. While Touki is activated, player has the ability of combat arts, advanced combat arts, the ability to use Quad Guns, +1d6 unarmed melee attack bonus, and +1 AC (stacks with Battlesuit). The user gains these abilities if they do not actually have them, and they do not stack with existing already learned abilities.
  • Bullet Dance - by sacrificing energy points, a Witch Gunslinger can go into a mode of mobilized attack that is effective enough to affect an entire cadre of enemies, doing 1d6+10 damage to every enemy in sight and allows the player to move up to 30 feet in any feasible direction during the duration of the Dance. Costs 3 energy point per enemy shot this way, it MUST hit every enemy within range (or until out of energy points), player must pass a Concentration check (DC15), and at the end of the Bullet Dance player can do a stylish, explosive pose to do an additional 10 points to all enemies hit. At end of Bullet Dance player must wait 1d4 rounds of cooldown before they can reload and use Quad Guns again.
  • Quad Shot - counts as a single action round. Allows the player to imbue four different bullets with four different (or same, whatever) spells, load their Quad Guns, and fire them all within a single round if they wish. Must pass a Concentration check of DC 15, takes twice the total amount of energy/materials as the four spells chosen. The spells fired as thus cannot be counterspelled.
  • Witch Time - after passing a check of Concentration 20, and with Touki activated, the Witch Gunslinger can enter into a hyperexcited state of existence known as "Witch Time." Time seems to stop completely for the Witch Gunslinger, improving their attack roll by +10, and allows them to attack again immediately afterwards (thus negating the whole "you can only take two actions per round" thing). The first action is free, every action after that costs 25 energy points. Witch Gunslingers can only use normal attacks with Quad Guns, unarmed attacks, and magic during Witch Time. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity, this cannot be countered nor interrupted. The only way to match this technique is to activate one's own Witch Time (which can be done upon declaration), or another ability that speeds one up (beyond normal Haste). Time-controlling, reversing, altering, or reality-warping abilities can slow down or negate Witch Time activation.

Hellblader (Prestige Class)

Hit Dice: d6 Skills: 2+Int Modifier

Class Skills: all Monk skills

Requirements: Dodge, Evasion, Mobility, Wall-Run 2, Z-Run 1, Tumble 5, Acrobatics 5, Dex 18, acquire a pair of basic Hellblades

Class basic abilities: Light Armor Proficiency, Medium Armor Proficiency, Buckler Shield Proficiency, Melee Weapons Proficiency, Martial Weapons Proficiency, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Hellblades)

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +1 +1 +2 +0 Kick+1, Trick+1, Free Rider, Damn Healthy!
2 +1/+1 +1 +3 +0 Kick+1, Trick+1, Combined Attack, Energy Bonus
3 +2/+1 +2 +4 +0 Kick+1, Trick+1, Pure Evasion
4 +3/+2/+1 +2 +5 +0 Kick+1, Sudden Movement
5 +3/+2/+1 +3 +5 +1 Kick+1, Sudden Followup, Damn Healthy!
6 +3/+2/+2 +4 +5 +2 +2 character points, Trick+1, Energy Bonus
7 +4/+2/+2 +4 +6 +3 Combined Finishing Move, Trick+1
8 +5/+3/+3 +4 +7 +4 Insight, Flunkie +1 (a tuner that cannot enter combat unless to repair your Hellblades), Personal Gear (Minor Regalia), Damn Healthy!
9 +6/+5/+4 +5 +8 +4 Do the Impossible
10 +8/+7/+6 +6 +12 +5 Road, Personal Gear (Regalia), Energy Bonus
  • Free Rider - while wearing Air Treks, a Hellblader can move as far as they want to before striking (up to twice movement speed).
  • Sudden Movement - move as an interrupt. +5 difficulty for every time after the 1st.
  • Sudden Followup - allows for 1 attack Sudden Movement at lowest base attack bonus.
  • Pure Evasion - Allows a Hellblader to double the Dex modifier on their Reflex saves while wearing Air Treks.
  • Insight - Allows "combat sight," upon Wis 15 DC check to see what others might not during battle.
  • Trick - Special Attack or Movement. Only done while Hellblades are on.
  • Kick - can add a kick to normal attack combo string. Always connects at Base Attack of+0, adds effect and damage dice roll of the Hellblades themselves.
  • Do the Impossible - So long as you have the Hellblades on, height means nothing, gravity means nothing. All rogue skills gain +10 (even if you aren't a rogue), all movements are Take 20, and (with GM approval) you can move on anything composed of air as if it was solid ground.
  • Tuner Flunkie - at Hellblader level 8, the player gains a non-combative Flunkie that "tunes" and repairs their Hellblades. Can create minor regalia and add/swap effects to your Hellblades. With each time they tune up the minor regalia, they add to the "synchronization" between the regalia, themselves, and the Hellblader. Eventually this minor regalia will become a full-on Regalia upon entering level 10 (storyline event).
  • Regalia - Air Trek mod that allows for a certain, insanely effective maneuver or effect. Only the most powerful of Hellbladers can acquire these. Needs to be perfectly synchronized with a tuner to make them.
  • Road - you gain a round of your creation (subject GM's approval), thus affecting the environment as you move and allowing you to "kick off" or perform a movement where normal, or even "extreme" movement, would normally not be allowable. Must make/own a regalia. Example: literally starting off and moving across empty space simply by kicking off of a few beads of sweat, a breath of wind (your own breath at that), or someone's gaze (the energy generated by one's eyes).

Soul Flayer (Prestige Class)

Hit Dice: d10 Skill Points: 6+ Int Modifier

Skills: Climb (Str), Craft (Souls) (Int), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (Planes), Listen (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), and Spot (Wis).

Prerequisites: Extra Dimensional origin (or ability to become an Extra Dimensional/Outsider)
Base Attack: +8
Special: Ability to see souls (whether it's via spell or not)
Must survive training in the art of soul torture or cleansing

Note: Chain Devils and executioners/torturers feel a great affinity for this class, and can be presented with the chance to gain it anywhere from levels 10-20, each time the percentile dice rate growing (from only a 10% chance to 100% of absolutely opening it up). This class is open to all, but unless they are of Chain Devil or executioner/torturer origin, they'll find themselves at odds with the Guild and the mission to open it up made even harder.

Upon accepting this path, the target in question will receive a surge of power and a set of commands that if they do wish to continue on this path, they must complete the mission absolutely or be killed and judged for their failure.

GM shall tell you about "Rizer's Quest" immediately afterwards.

Please note that unless you are of Chain Devil or executioner/torturer origin, you'll face opposition from the Guild on top of the demons/devils in your path.

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 0 0 2 2 Soul Read (Basic), Know Alignment (1/day), Ghost Touch
2 1 0 3 3 Rending Attack+1, Aura of Authority, Special Attack+1
3 2 1 3 3 Soul Read (Moderate), Soul Stare, Energy Bonus
4 2 1 4 4 Rending Attack+1, The Harrowing
5 3 1 4 4 Soul Read (Advanced), Know Alignment (4/day)
6 4 2 5 5 Soul Touch, Soul Canister, Energy Bonus
7 4 2 5 5 Rending Attack+1, Special Attack +1
8 5 2 6 6 Soul Anchor, Soul Forging
9 6 3 6 6 Know Alignment (at will), Imbue Soul Item, Master of Puppets, Energy Bonus
10 6 3 7 7 Rending Attack+1, Soul Read (Mastery), The Judgment, Energy Bonus
  • Soul Read - At 1st level you receive Basic soul read, the ability to see any major, large stains or pure spots on a willing or incapacitated soul. At Level 3 the character can see the presence of hidden secrets or memories, but not their content. At level 5 the knowledge grows to include the knowledge of what those hidden thoughts are, and at 10th level the power can be used on an unwilling soul with a will save DC of (10+level+Cha modifier).
  • Know Alignment - Character can cast Know Alignment as a spell like ability a number of times as listed on the above table.
  • Ghost Touch - Unarmed attacks and weapons wielded by the character have the Ghost Touch quality as long as they are in his control.
  • Rending Attack - At first level of this class, they character chooses Unarmed Attack Skill or Melee Attack Skill as the basis for their soul targeting abilities. At 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 10th level the character receives a +1 bonus to the appropriate attack combat skill.
  • Aura of Authority - Gains the Leadership ability as a free feat as well as +1 level of the Aura of Command Attribute
  • Soul Stare - As an attack action, the character can lock eyes with an opponent within 30' and force an opposed will check. Both parties add levels in this class as bonuses to the opposed roll. If the character wins, the opponent is stunned for 1d6+Cha modifier (if positive) – Opponents Wis modifier (if positive) minimum 1 round as her soul experiences every evil and/or pure act it has ever performed. If the character fails, they are dazed for 1d6 – Wis modifier (if positive) minimum 1 round.
  • The Harrowing- Upon a successful "Rending" grapple, the Soul Flayer's weapon combines with themselves and spin, vibrate, or twist within the wounds causing 25 damage +1d6 wounding damage a round until magical healing is administered. For half your remaining energy you can continue the attack for 1d4 more rounds causing stackable wounding damage. The instigation of The Harrowing ability counts as a full round action
  • Soul Touch - Soul touch acts as the Ghost Touch ability, except it can be used as a full round action to attack the soul directly, avoiding any non-force armor and even flesh, causing no physical harm to the target. All damage is done directly to the soul (talk to JDW about what this means in game)
  • Soul Canister - The character, with the expenditure of 20 EP can create a canister (appearance based on character's mind set) to house a soul that has been removed from a dead and/or defeated opponent for later processing.
  • Special Attack +1 - The character gets 1 level of special attack for free
  • Soul Anchor - by spending 1 hour each day meditating, the character becomes immune to teleport spells, Magic Jar, Dimensional Hop, and any other effects that cause the character, or his soul, to be moved, changed, dimensionally shifted, etc against his will. If the effect comes from a caster who's caster level is higher than his combined class levels he gains a +5 saving throw, or if the effect does not allow a save, he gains a will save without a bonus or negates the effect.
  • Soul Forging - The saved souls can now be used as the material for forging. This uses the Craft (Souls) skill and appropriate tools (Ghost touch forging gear, or basic forging gear in the hands on a Soul Flayer)
  • Imbue Soul Item - At 9th level the character can, while forging a soul, imbue an ability from the magic arms or armor table into the created item at a cost equal to it's market value (not the crafting value as with casters, this ability comes from within the soul itself) in materials. This ability is based on the secrets and qualities of the soul being forged. (example: the soul of a knife murderer might bestow Keen or Wounding, while the soul of a pious, pure holy man might bestow Holy Blast or Demon Bane. The soul of the Executioner of a city who used the electric chair to exclusion of all others may give Shock or Electric Resistance/10)
  • Master of Puppets - At level 9, the Soul Flayer has gained such mastery and exposure to spiritual energies that they are able to manipulate those energies after attaching a controlling chain directly to that soul. Upon sending out a designated chain made of spiritual energy to strike at a target's soul, if the target does not make a Will save of 30 then they are completely under control of the Soul Flayer as if under a Hypnosis spell. So long as the controller chain is in, the target does not receive any chance to break out unless the Flayer lets them go. Costs half of your current energy pool to use this, and only works on one person at a time. Target must be in line of sight in order to attach the chain, but after the attachment there is no maximum distance.

Augment: Give up all of your energy to control more than one target, up to 1d6.

  • The Judgment - combines the Mastery of Soul Read with the more mental capabilities of Soul Flayer. Once per game day the Soul Flayer can, upon a successful Soul Stare, instead change it from a full-blown Soul Stare into The Judgment. Any and all of their sins will be channeled back onto them, and they will be locked in such a fashion, unable to escape out of reliving those sins as both the sinner and their victims. Forevermore they will be mindlocked, even into death, unable to move or do anything other than suffer.

The only way to get out of it would be at the behest of a God or major deity…and even then, only if they serve that God without fail, lest they face ultimate "second death."

Irish Scrapper (Prestige Class)

Hit Dice: d10 Skill points: 4 + Int Modifier

Prerequisites: unarmed attack and unarmed defense skills, brawl, improved brawl, knockout punch, improved knockout punch,tumble 5 ranks or in a similar skill.

Feats:lightning reflexes, iron will, great fortitude, alertness, and improved initiative.

base attack bonus:+5

Class Skills: All Drunken Master skills

Note: All Irish Scrapper abilities and skills stack with Drunken Master.

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +1 +2 +2 +0 Speed+1, Drink Like A Demon, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bottle), unarmed damage D10, improvised weapons focus+1, Dorf Liver, Damn Healthy!
2 +2 +3 +3 +0 Swagger, Head Like A Stone, improvised weapon focus+1
3 +3 +3 +3 +1 Swaying Waist, improvised weapon focus+1, Damn Healthy!
4 +4 +4 +4 +1 AC bonus +1, improvised weapon focus+1
5 +5 +4 +4 +1 Speed+1, Drunken Rage, unarmed damage D12, improvised weapon focus+1, Energy Bonus
6 +6 +5 +5 +2 Lurch, improvised weapon focus+1
7 +7 +5 +5 +2 Drunken Embrace, improvised weapon focus+1
8 +8 +6 +6 +2 For Medicinal Purposes, improvised weapon focus+1, Energy Bonus
9 +9 +6 +6 +3 AC bonus+2, Corkscrew Rush, unarmed damage D20(+1/e.c.l.-based level+ str mod), improvised weapon focus+1, Damn Healthy!
10 +10 +7 +7 +3 Speed+1, Breath of Flame, Erin go Bragh, improvised weapon focus+1, Energy Bonus, Damn Healthy!
  • Drink Like A Demon - You can handle yer booze like any dorf, which lets ya tank out like no others. Hoochin' up in a fight gives you a -1 to DEX,

INT, WIS fer each drink. Now what it takes away in the brains it gives back to +1 to STR or CON fer each o' them tasty tankards, BUT the DEX neg to AC, tumble, and REF is kept at normal. The over all effect is AWESOME and ye burns off the sauce after the fight but the pluses die out when combats over bro-skies (i.e. - end of combat means the alcohol is no longer in your system and the bonuses end.) One round = 1 drink.

  • Dorf Liver - Upon becoming a Irish Scrapper, ye gain the protection of the Little Folk and, with that happenin', gain the Liver o' a Dorf ta replace ye weaker one. You can store up to 3 drinks before battle, though those 3 will disappear by the end of the day (upon going to sleep, etc.) plus ya can drink drink drink all ya want without killin' off brain cells or body parts ta boot!
  • Swagger - this one lets ya make a charge attack, and like swerve bob and weave, zig-zag, hell, even flop around if that's what yer into, allowin' ya's to dodge any and all attacks made on ya's while yer chargin', even interrupts! That and you can add youse tumble bonus to yer swagger attack.
  • Swaying Waist - stick,stick, stick and move. you sooo wiggly in a fight you gets a +2 dodge bonus to youse AC against a chump (single target) you single out.
  • Head Like A Stone - DING! we has a winner! you have been fighting enough ta earn this perk…. you can make a special "headbutt" attack to an enemy you have grappled. +2 attack roll to you and -2 attack roll to him, plus it causes victim to be dazed and stunned for 1D4 rounds (1D8 on a critical hit). This ability counts as normal unarmed damage.
  • Improvised Weapons Focus - Ya select any common every day item and its a proficient weapon for ya. But you can select one of those each round to place the weapon focus, which gives a +1 bonus to that kind of improvised weapon. THIS CANNOT BE STACKED 1:1 only folks. Each +1 of Improvised Weapons Focus gives you one more round of choosin' a new weapon.
  • Drunken Rage - (current) CON mod + the number of drinks you've HAD in the entire day = total number of rounds for alchy zerk. :) Giving you a +4 to STR and CON, a +2 morale on WILL saves cuz drinkins always a positive solution, and -2 to AC.
  • Drunken Embrace - I LOVES YOU MAN! You can grapple an opponent without invoking attacks of opportunity and +4 competence bonus on all opposed grapple checks.
  • Lurch - Yer leenin' and tiltin' allow you to make one feint per round with a +4 competence bonus (bluff).
  • Corkscrew Rush - Charging headbutts never looked so awesome. Charge attack on a successful hit initiates a bull rush without involving an attack of opportunity. The attack stuns the stooge unless he makes a will save (DC17+yer WIS mod). If ya miss yer fucked and land prone. This ability is counted as normal unarmed damage.
  • Breath of flame - "BLOW THAT FIRE" you can ignite the booze you've drank to get drunk, and blast forth from thee lips the alcoholic hadouken, dealing 3D12 fire damage, and it burns up one of the drinks you've consumed so you remove and +/-'s fer that drink, on the other hand you can always drink more.
  • Erin go Bragh - FEEL THE IRISH FURY!! In a burst of green and orange light you lay waste to yer enemy with a devastating upper cut to the under jaw (x2 current unarmed damage skill), kinda like the shoryuken, BUT IRISH!!!! 30% chance of causing hallucinations of being attacked by angry irish faeries and leprechauns (rolling under 30% gets this effect) for 1d6 rounds or 1d12 hours outside of combat. Note: the hallucination is a touch-based event, so any who touches the target will receive the same hallucinations with no will save. 100 energy points.

Augment: For every 50 extra points spent, you can add an extra +5% on the roll parameters.

Spellfist (Uber Class)

This is not the mystical martial arts. This is not a bunch of wizards leaping about like ninja.

This is Mahouken, the way of the Magical Fist.

Taught within the Elven Community (who also created the Daggerspell, Swordspell, and tons of other crap too…but they're so stuck-up no one cares unless it's pointed out with an Elfish around), the Mahouken is one of the most powerful combinations of magic spellcasting and martial artistry. Not only does it keep them strong enough to ensure that the Dragon's Guild and Hellfire Club does NOT enslave their pretty asses, but also keeps them in the top five powers of Neo-Tokyo.

When the Elven Community first erupted during the Cataclysm, many families and clans were intermarried with the Imperial bloodline due to their beauty, innate combat prowess (the samurai philosophy and elven warrior philosophy were actually quite similar, and both were very proud of their swordfighting capabilities), and the end result gave the world a mixed combat martial arts that combined the best of samurai hand to hand fighting skill and combat magic powers.

Hit Dice: d8 Skill points: 10+Int Modifier

Class Skills: all Dynamic Sorcerer skills

Class basic abilities: First and foremost, realize that the Spellfist job can-NOT further your dynamic sorcery levels. You can ONLY cast magic as if you were of your dynamic sorcerer level. Martial weapons proficiency. Simple Weapons proficiency.


  1. First, the character must learn about Spellfists to begin with, then complete "Odin's Quest," and must be able to already cast elemental or arcane spells up to level 5.
  2. Combat Casting
  3. Advanced Combat Mastery/Advanced Defense Mastery of at least rank 3
  4. Unarmed Attack/Defense rank of at least 10
  5. You must have already declared which of the elements your character is closest to.
  6. Base Attack: +10
  7. Lastly, you're gonna have to FIND a master/mistress who can actually acquiesce to teach a non-Elfish their ways.

Note: If you're already Elven, you'll find yourself having an easier time of learning this.

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +0 +2 +2 +2 Blazing Fist, Mind, Spell Attack, Massive Damage (Spells), Energy Bonus
2 +1 +3 +3 +3 Blazing Glory, Spell Attack, Damn Healthy!
3 +2 +3 +3 +3 Elemental Fist, Massive Damage (Spells), Energy Bonus
4 +3 +4 +4 +4 Elemental Fury, Massive Damage (Spellfist), Damn Healthy!
5 +4 +4 +4 +4 Kicks Too+1, Switcheroo, Mind and Body, Massive Damage (Spells), Energy Bonus
6 +5 +5 +5 +5 Kicks Too+1, Mega Spell Attack, Damn Healthy!
7 +6 +5 +5 +5 Kicks Too+1, Mega Spell Attack, Energy Bonus
8 +7 +6 +6 +6 Kicks Too+1, "Mind, Body, and Soul" ability, Damn Healthy!
9 +8 +6 +6 +6 Kicks Too+1, Secret Spell Attack, Massive Damage (Spells), Energy Bonus
10 +10 +7 +7 +7 Kick-Spell, Mahouken, Secret Spell Attack, Massive Damage (Spellfist), Damn Healthy!, Secret Ability: Transference
  • Blazing Fist - The very first attack learned by those who follow the Spellfist is the "Blazing Fist." Even if you are of an opposing elemental force, you MUST learn the ability to imbue your fist with flame. All that lives, and most that does not, have a spark of life within them, and the Blazing Fist is a special attack that draws that spark out and conjures it forth as a glorious punch of fire. Does 1d10 damage, adds Spellcraft to the attack roll, and the area of effect is the same amount as your Spellcraft. On the other hand, the Blazing Fist is one of the few flame-type attacks that can harm other Flame-based creatures (Fire Elementals, for instance, or Mephits). Completely ignores AC.

Note: if a person is of an opposing element or an element that does not work with Fire, then you must make a Will Save of DC20…on the other hand, the damage output will be doubled.

Note: if a person is of the Fire element, then they may "Take 20" anytime they wish.

  • Blazing Glory - The upgrade to Blazing Fist is the Blazing Glory. This not only wreathes the user in gloriously powerful flames, but also allows them to discharge it either in a line (one at a time) in any direction, but also to simply let it explode outward. Note: with the Line attack, they must punch or kick outward. With the Explosion, they have to physically tighten up their muscles, lean back and roar a ki shout.

Line: 2d10 to all within the line, up to 50 feet.

Explosion: Stuns all who hear the "Ki Shout" unless they pass a Will save of 15. Does 1d20 damage to all within an area of 50 feet around the user.

  • Elemental Fist - The upgrade to Blazing Fist is the ability to harness and control one's Ki energy, psychic energies, and spiritual energies to change the Flame based Element of Blazing Fist into a completely different Element. This has all the stats of Blazing Fist, and benefits as well.

Note: if a person is of an opposing element or an element that does not work with Fire at the time they took Blazing Fist (say, Ice or Water), and they switch Elemental Fist to an Element that is of their chosen start (so from Blazing Fist's Fire to Elemental Fist's Ice or Water), then damage output will be diluted (damage output halved). The nature of Spellfist isn't to become one with your element, but all elements…this is not a way of harmony, but of the clashing nature of elements to begin with.

  • Elemental Fury - The upgrade to Elemental Fist is the Elemental Fury. Has the same stats as Blazing Glory, but (much like Elemental Fist) allows it to be the Element of your choice and training.

Note: Same note as Elemental Fist.

  • Kicks Too - at 5th level, the Spellfist begins to learn how to add kicks on at the end of their full-melee combat rolls (at lowest base attack bonus).
  • Mind - add your Int Modifier to your unarmed damage
  • Mind and Body - add your Int Modifier to your unarmed damage and attack roll
  • Mind, Body, and Soul - add your Int modifier and Spellcraft score to your unarmed damage and attack roll
  • Switcheroo - allows the spellcaster to switch, at any place with any special ability or spell, the "Int Modifier," "Wis Modifier," or "Cha Modifier" for one or the other.

Note: If an opponent does not figure this out, then they suffer -5 to their saving throws and defense rolls against said special ability or spell.

  • Massive Damage (Spell) - Allows you to add a +2 at the end of any damage-dealing spell successfully landed on a target. +4 if it's a spell from your chosen school/expertise/element.
  • Massive Damage (Spellfist) - Allows you to add a +2 at the end of any Blazing Fist/Blazing Glory, Elemental Fist/Elemental Fury, or straight-up Mahouken attack you perform. +4 if it's of an element that is opposite your chosen element.
  • Spellfist/Mahouken - The ability to add any spell you know to your fist…and put it directly through the opponent. This supreme attack allows the user to cast a spell THROUGH their unarmed melee attack, counting as a single action. The spell costs as much energy as if it were a normally cast spell, and can be delivered multiple times. The target must make either only one of the following: a save versus the spell or the attempt to defend the punch, but can-NOT stop both.

For example, Aloicius Dempsey is a Spellfist 5/Martial Artist 10/Dynamic Sorcerer 10. He goes for his special attack, Dempsey Roll, which allows him to land 1d20 hits on a single target. He rolls 13, and decides to cast Burning Hands with each hit (using the Spellfist ability/attack). SO he launches his attack, landing it…and begins to do the normal damage of his Dempsey Roll but also, with each unarmed hit connecting, slams a Burning Hands Spell into his opponent. You do the math. <3 13 x 9 energy points = 117 energy points lost, but he's done a TON of damage. Even more so against a ice-based character.

Further notation: he doesn't HAVE to use Burning Hands spell with each connecting hit, but for example sake I used that. In essence he could do 6 Cone of Frosts, 3 Burning Hands, and 4 Hypnosis spells. Whatever you want, just make sure to declare it and decide before hand.

Final ultimate notation is (considering that you're a martial artist/melee character with full feats and such): 1d6 + Str Mod + Spell per strike. For now: I'm requesting any of the co-GM's to correct this as they see fit, but remember that + Spell at the end of it.

  • Spell Attacks - Special Attacks that incorporate a spell into it. Chosen from the appropriate table on the Martial Arts page. Unlike normal special attacks, Spell Attacks add Spellcraft to the damage, cost the same energy points as the spell it's connected to, and falls under the "Full Spell Round" rule (found under Keywords). GM has final say as to which spell + special attack can be made. Remember: a practitioner can have a special attack and a Spell Attack…the Spell Attack simply casts a spell at the same time as performing the attack, while the special attack is simply the special attack alone. Can only be done while Hand of God is activated.
  • Mega Spell Attacks - Special Attacks that incorporate two spells into it. Chosen from the appropriate table on the Martial Arts page. Follows the same rules as Spell Attacks.
  • Secret Spell Attacks - Special Attacks that incorporate three whole spells into it. Chosen from the appropriate table on the Martial Arts page. Follows the same rules as Spell Attacks.
  • Kick Spells - allows you to "kick" a spell at an opponent, lobbing the spell as a timed/detonating thrown weapon as well as a spell. Add thrown weapon skill to the attack roll, add spellcraft to the damage roll.
  • Secret Ability: Transference - gotta wait 'til it's time, y'know?

Battle Valkyrie (Uber Class)

Hit Dice: d12 Skill points: 8+Cha Modifier

Class Skills: Knowledge (Planes), Knowledge (Religion), Knowledge (Babies), Climb, Jump, Swim, Ride, Party (Cha)

Requirements: 500 Tordek Favor Points, completed "The Crusade" mission, +20 Base Attack Bonus, Improved Critical, 100 Gnosis

Tordekian Battle Nuns quote: "Invictus Excelsior Fete"

Note: race changes from whatever you started as to "Valkyrie (Chaotic Awesome Outsider)"

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +1 +2 +2 +2 Touki (Energy Wings, specialized Tattoo), Improved Smite, Divine Rage, Heightened Awareness (Party), Hangover, Energy Bonus
2 +3 +3 +3 +3 Party+1, Quaff, Transmogrify, Battle Cry, Damn Healthy!
3 +5 +3 +3 +3 Higher Calling, Imbue (Flames), Shared Hangover
4 +7 +4 +4 +4 Party+1, Psychotic Critical, Energy Bonus, Energy Bonus
5 +8 +4 +4 +4 Axe of Tordek ~EINZ~, Partywalk, War Party, Walpurgisnacht
6 +9 +5 +5 +5 Party+1, Greater Enrage Babies
7 +10 +5 +5 +5 Greater Imbue (Flames), Give Hangover
8 +11 +6 +6 +6 Party+1, Axe of Tordek ~ZWEI~, Damn Healthy!
9 +12 +6 +6 +6 Axe of Tordek ~DREI~, Release The Awesome
10 +15 +7 +7 +7 Party+1, Axe of Tordek ~NULL~, Party Hard, Secret Ability: Celebration of Life, Damn Healthy! x2, Energy Bonus x2
  • Touki - when a Battle Nun first transcends their frail mortality and becomes reborn as a Valkyrie, they gain their first pair of wings even if they had wings before their transcendence…and a specialized tattoo on their tummy and back. This tattoo sprouts energy wings at the speed of thought, allowing the Battle Nun to fly or glide whenever they want and wherever they physically can. While the wings are out, they act as a Touki, granting the Valkyrie +1 to their AC and +1 to their attack roll. Fun story: this Touki can be fed from a Valkyrie's "Bracers of Tordek", 1 bitch = +1 AC and +1 attack roll.
  • Improved Smite - a Battle Valkyrie gains Improved Smite at level 1, even if they don't meet the requirements for it. They can smite anything that is NOT of Awesome alignment.
  • Higher Calling - a Valkyrie can instill the need to party within just about anything that lives. So long as a living creature is within their aura, that living creature must make a will save or start to feel exceptionally happy and joyful. (For the record, yes: these bitches can make fucking flowers dance) Doesn't work during battle.
  • Divine Rage - a Battle Valkyrie gains Divine Rage at level 1, even if they don't meet the requirements for normal Rage. Raging during combat counts as an action.
  • Heightened Awareness - a Battle Valkyrie gains the ability to sense on any given dimension where a Party might be going…or where it might be improved.
  • Party - a Battle Valkyrie's prowess grows whenever in the vicinity of a true-to-life Tordekian Rave Party. This ability allows them to start it wherever, whenever, and is an Aura ability. All within the Valkyrie's Aura (up to 30 feet in diameter) must make a will save or immediately start to dance and party. For each person who is taken over in such a fashion, the Aura grows by 10 feet. Each person within the aura NOT partying must make a will save each turn or face immediate Party status. This is the secret behind how a Tordekian Rave grows. A Valkyrie can only use Party once per day at first, but with each other round can gain more per day.
  • Quaff - by drinking alcoholic drinks in the middle of battle, a Valkyrie can regain hit points and even boost status effects! Different drinks do different things, but they basically return 35 hit points with 5 regen/round. Yes, it's stackable. Quaffing counts as a action.
  • Transmogrify - the ability to transform any liquid into an alcoholic beverage. Yeah, you heard me!
  • Battle Cry - costs half your current energy pool. Upon using Battle Cry, the entire party (except for the Valkyrie) gain +1d4 Str and +1d4 Con for 1d6 rounds. Can only be used once per combat, takes up one action. Stacks with War Party.
  • Walpurgisnacht - a Battle Valkyrie begins to learn more about energies and how they can be used. While a party is going on, a Valkyrie has Unmovable 1/day, Unstoppable 1/day, Epic Critical, Regen 50/round, Refresh 50/round, is uncontrollable (as if Mindless), and can repel reality-warping abilities aimed their way upon successful dice shootout (best 2 out of 3, highest wins).
  • Imbue (Flames) - at this level, the Valkyrie has the ability to imbue her weapons with holy flames of Tordek that add an additional +10 per weapon. Costs 25 energy points. Lasts for 1d6 rounds.

Augment: 50 energy points to boost it up to +25 for 1d20 rounds.

  • Greater Imbue (Flames) - at this level, the Valkyrie has the ability to imbue not only her own weapons with holy flames of Tordek but also those of her party, up to 1d10 weapons altogether, that add an additional +10 per weapon owned by someone else and +20 to her own. Costs 50 energy points. This ability lasts for 1d10 rounds.

Augment: 100 energy points to boost it to +25 per weapon owned by someone else and +50 to her own.

  • Hangover - Here a Valkyrie must learn what it means to feel the pain of Tordek, who takes on the hangovers of others so his followers need not feel such crap. This is the secret to the legendary Tordekian follower's endless liver: it is the Valkyries and Tordek himself who feels the drunken hangover the day after a Rave or a Party. Once per day and upon Quaffing, a Valkyrie must roll a percentile die. Unless they score above 50% (49% success), they are considered in "Hangover" status.
  • Shared Hangover - Upon Quaffing (or if suffering from Hangover status effects prior to battle) a Valkyrie may, as a combat round, attempt a spiritual link with a target. If the target fails the will save, then they now have Hangover status the Valkyrie suffers from until the end of combat. This counts as a full-round action.

Note: When the Valkyrie gains Shared Hangover, the per waking up Hangover drops to anything higher than 35%, but the Quaffing Hangover stays the same.

  • Give Hangover - Upon Quaffing (or if suffering from Hangover status effects prior to battle) a Valkyrie may, as a combat round, pass her Hangover status onto a target after forming a spiritual link. It takes a full round action, but if the target fails a rather high will save, then the Valkyrie no longer suffers Hangover status while the target does…plus its' stackable!

Note: When the Valkyrie gains Give Hangover, the per waking up Hangover drops to anything higher than 10% and they won't be Hungover, but the Quaffing Hangover stays the same.

  • War Party - costs one-third of your current energy pool. Upon using War Party, the entire party (including Valkyrie) gain +1d10 Str, +1d10 Dex and +1d10 Con for 1d10 rounds. Can only be used once per combat, takes up a full round. Stacks with Battle Cry.
  • Release the Awesome - the first "convert" ability, this allows the Valkyrie to seek within a person's soul and seek out at least ONE awesome thing about them. If the Valkyrie can find that Awesome thing (an act they never talked about to other villains/heroes, a memory, etc.), which is a 50% chance, then there is a strong chance that they can convert the target's alignment to Chaotic Awesome…even if they're a lawful character. Costs the entire store of energy that the Valkyrie currently has.

Augment: Increases it to 75% chance if you not only sacrifice your entire store of energy but also two-thirds of your current HP.

  • Axe of Tordek - at a certain level, the Valkyrie gains a Seed of Tordek which, when grown properly, grows to become an Axe of Tordek. This Axe must be nurtured and cared for by the Valkyrie until it is strong enough to become a proper Axe of Tordek.

~EINZ~ 1d12 per swing. 10% chance to start a party.
~ZWEI~ 1d20+10 per swing. 10% chance to start a party, 20% chance to convert afflicted to Chaotic Awesome.
~DREI~ 2d20+100 per swing. 20% chance to start a party, 40% chance to convert afflicted to Chaotic Awesome.
~NULL~ 1000 dmg per swing. Period. Legend has it that only one has ever been made, and that was by Chao…who is not a Battle Nun. The Order of Tordekian Battle Nuns have yet to produce one who can raise an Axe of Tordek to ~NULL~ status, but supposedly one who shall be regaled as the first amongst Valkyries…and, as such, will be regarded as a High Priestess of Chao's status.

  • Greater Enrage Babies - like Enrage Babies, this taunt can affect up to a party of 1d20 "babies."
  • Partywalk - at this level, a Valkyrie is able to walk anywhere, and I do mean ANYWHERE, there is a proper Tordekian-level party goin' on.
  • Party Hard - at this level, the Battle Nun has achieved the ultimate gift of a Tordekian: the absolute ability to party wherever, whenever. At any point in time a Battle Valkyrie can add their Party skill score to any other skill or damage (as +dmg) at any point in time they wish.
  • Psychotic Critical - improves all critical scores by 1 higher number and 1 more critical threat range. For instance, if your critical was 18-20 x2, now it is 17-20 x3. Stackable with all crit-improving abilities and feats.
  • Secret Ability: Celebration of Life - It's a freakin' secret, even here~! <3

Dark Bard (Uber Class)

Hit Dice: d20 Skill points: 10+Int Modifier

Class Skills: Knowledge (Planes), Knowledge (Religion), Knowledge (Music), Knowledge (Occult), all Bard skills

Requirements: Completed "Kill You" mission, completed "Dark Sacrifice" mission, completed "Fuck Yo Couch" mission, +20 Base Attack Bonus, Improved Critical, Heightened Awareness, ability to play a Dark Bard instrument, have killed at least one part of yourself as a Dark Sacrifice.

Exception: 1000 Favor Points to any God and completing two of the missions.

Note: all Dark Bard abilities stack with magic-user levels towards Spellcasting once they have earned Fata Morgana.

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +0 +0 +1 +10 Life Sucks, Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Clouds on the Horizon, Buckethead Bliss, Wicked Style
2 +0 +0 +2 +10 I Can See Clearly, Dark Art+1, Wicked+1
3 +0 +0 +3 +10 Everybody Hurts, Dark Art+1, Wicked+1
4 +0 +0 +4 +10 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1
5 +0 +0 +5 +10 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Talk to Ghosts
6 +0 +0 +6 +10 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Ghost Stomp
7 +0 +0 +7 +10 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Did You Hear That?
8 +0 +0 +8 +10 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Tender
9 +0 +0 +9 +10 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Hearing Things
10 +0 +10 +10 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Enslaved, In Time, Black Hole Sun
11 +0 +10 +11 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1
12 +0 +10 +12 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Fata Morgana
13 +0 +10 +13 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Battle Stations
14 +0 +10 +14 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1
15 +0 +10 +15 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1
16 +0 +10 +16 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Muddy Waters
17 +0 +10 +17 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Surrender, Sunder Soul
18 +0 +10 +18 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Song of Silence
19 +0 +10 +19 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Desperation
20 +0 +10 +20 +20 Dark Art+1, Wicked+1, Black Water Rising, Secret Art: World of Hurt
  • Black Hole Sun - Enables the Bard to transform their music into an actual sonic attack. The Bard can choose to designate their singing as an attack for a action, doing damage equal to: (Dark Bard Level)d8 + Thundering Damage. Attacks are made at the usual base attack bonus, plus whatever other bonuses the Bard can apply to the action.
  • Dark Art - choose one spell of any type of your Dark Bard level. Follows the rules of Dynamic Sorcery in how much energy it uses.
  • Dark Blues - music so bleak, so depressing, so absolutely dark that it drives people to spontaneously drown themselves slowly, women and children to riot and rapine, and men to abject suicide. To all targets in hearing range, they suffer -1 per Wicked Point to their Will saves, Initiative and attack roll.
  • Acid Jazz - confounds and confuses, forcing listeners to experience sensations they've never even contemplated the existence of. Can either tingle and titillate the eardrum or discombobulate and destroy the very liquids of the cranium. To all targets in hearing range, they suffer -1 per Wicked Point to their Int, Wis, concentration checks, and also is considered flat-footed so long as they're listening.
  • Soul Rock - allows the Dark Bard to tap into the absolute most primal soul of those who hear this kind of music, sharing with them the Bard's experiences with the woes and misery of life. To all targets in hearing range, they suffer -1 per Wicked Point to their attack roll, defense roll, skill checks, and the ability to use any ability so long as they're listening.
  • Heavy Metal - the absolute ultimate of the Dark Bard's styles, Heavy Metal is the sound of existence, the underlying waves of energy that connects all things. Upon learning Heavy Metal, the Dark Bard will forevermore be unable to EVER go back to their normal lives, but must live as the tool of Heavy Metal itself…the Will of Existence. Note: you must have at least one of each Wicked Style, and you must be at LEAST level 10 to get Heavy Metal. So long as the Dark Bard is playing, their gnosis is raised to 10 x Wicked Points invested into Heavy Metal. Cannot go above 1000 gnosis. While in this exalted level of enlightenment, they are unable to affect elan or reality itself, and may or may not receive orders from the will of existence. Still, this allows their abilities, attacks, and magic affect creatures of a higher gnosis than they themselves are currently (before Heavy Metal).
  • Enslaved - Fusion of any two styles to produce a much stronger sound. Percentile dice shows how much of which, and allows the Dark Bard to produce a single sound composed of two types of Wicked Styles.
  • Wicked Style - the ability to begin learning and excelling at the four Styles (Dark Blues, Acid Jazz, Soul Rock, and Heavy Metal). There are only a maximum of 20 Wicked Points, but each point increases the ability of that skill's actual rank by 10. Note: this is the ONLY way to increase ranks in these specific skills.
  • Pentagramic Malingering - allows the Dark Bard to expend energy points to improve attempts at skill improvement. Adds +5 to your practice dice rolls (or increases synch rolls by 2).
  • Buckethead Bliss - acts as both "Combat Casting" and allows the Dark Bard to incorporate their Wicked Styles into combat. By simply focusing and playing, they can impart certain bonuses/blonuses to various targets and/or party members.
  • Life Sucks - this feat completely drops the Dark Bard's base attack bonus to 0. No matter what other jobs they might have, the character has a Base Attack Bonus of 0.
  • In Time - this ability improves Life Sucks: only the Dark Bard job suffers the loss of Base Attack Bonus.
  • I Can See Clearly - Allows the Dark Bard a modified version of True Sight or Scry: upon learning the name of a thing or creature, they can see it no matter where it is or what kind of defense they employ (up to Gnosis 90). This sight traverses dimensions, but only up to two dimensions away. This ability can be used once per day, but is increased to three times per day after the Bard gains "Black Waters Rising."
  • Clouds on the Horizon - Allows the Dark Bard to control the environment (i.e. - reality itself) up to 50 feet around themselves, changing it to a background/effect of their choosing. This can only be employed during their singing/playing. This ability is effectively an illusion, but one that can become real.
  • Desperation - a nasty instant ability that kicks in once the Dark Bard reaches 10% of their HP. Upon doing so, they can give up their round to perform a 100% boosted song whose effects are considered "Take 20," and the effects of the song (final numbers) are all doubled. Doing this blows out their ability to make music, though, and they cannot utilize ANY music-based abilities until the end of combat and they have had at least 30 minutes to rest.
  • Everybody Hurts - allows the Dark Bard, upon taking damage from an attack that takes up at least 50% of their HP total, to establish a one-way Lifelink with one target in line of sight. 50% of all damage done to the Dark Bard from now on (so long as they survive system shock) is given to the target instead. This cannot be stopped, and no saving throws can be given. Stops only when the target dies or the Dark Bard is unable to stay awake/survive system shock/live.
  • Talk to Ghosts - allows the Dark Bard to summon a spirit guide once per day through the power of song. This spirit guide must be benevolent in nature, unwilling to do harm or cause mischief, and will only stick around long enough to answer questions so long as the song continues. The Dark Bard MUST play the song until the end while the guide listens (without extending the song…unless there is an extended version of it already created), then the guide will disperse. The spirit will always change depending on what genre of music you play…and so will the advice they give.
  • Ghost Stomping - allows the Dark Bard to move silently no matter how noisy the items they carry. Costs 10 energy points a round, then grows exponentially per round of action.
  • Did You Hear That? - allows the Dark Bard to focus their listening to a finite point, up to a dragon's range. They must pass a Concentration DC30 check in order to use this ability.
  • Hearing Things - allows the Dark Bard to listen to creatures that are not of prime material plane and are normally ignored by such people. Mostly ghosts or extradimensional beings, but this can be useful for other creatures as well. If a Dark Bard wishes to ignore a creature trying to bother THEM though, they must pass a Concentration DC30 check.
  • Muddy Waters - Enables the Bard to perform their music better. Costs 100 energy points, but allows the Dark Bard to Take 20 on any roll they make next.

Augment: Sacrifice your entire current energy point total in order to take 20 and crit on the next roll, no matter what the number rolled is.

  • Black Waters Rising - Increases the power of the Dark Bard damn near tenfold. HP is doubled, Energy Points are doubled, and the Bard takes no damage while playing their music. While playing, they cannot be countered by anything with a Gnosis less than themselves, nor can they be interrupted from playing no matter what is done TO them.
  • Surrender - Allows anyone to scry, psychic mindlock, or spiritually take you over…but they must pass a Will save of 40, else they will suffer blonuses per action they take afterwards. If they are unable to fight the Surrender off, than they get to suffer -500 energy points, -1/3 current hp, and -10 on all rolls for 1 day.
  • Sunder Soul - Can be used twice per day, allows the user to interrupt scry attempts, psychic mindlocks/takeovers, and spiritual contamination/takeover with one of their own. Allows the user to play a song that affects only the person Sunder Soul-ed.
  • Tender - Counters scry attempts, psychic takeovers, and spiritual takeovers as well. As if you were Mindless, only you, hopefully, have a mind. 1/4 of your current energy points per counter.
  • Fata Morgana - Allows the Bard to add their Dark Bard levels alongside whatever magic-using levels they use towards spellcasting. Remember: you are not adding Bard AND Dark Bard alongside your magicker levels, only Dark Bard.
  • Battle Stations - Enables the Bard to transform their music into a wonderful party-based defense. While playing, the Bard can choose to give up their attack actions for this round to employ a specialized sonic shielding around their comrades (anyone who hears their song within a 50 foot range from where the Bard is singing/playing), giving them an immediate 100 temporary HP bonus, AC+10, and Spell Resistance bonus of 50% so long as the Bard continues to play.

Note: they get this bonus only so long as the Bard continues to play/sing. Upon losing the 100 temporary HP bonus, the Bard can choose to stop then continue upon their immediately next action.

  • Secret Ability: World of Hurt - naw, mang, I ain't sayin' nothin'!

White Knight of Bahamut (Uber Class)

Hit Dice: d10 Skill points: 8+Int Modifier

Class Skills: Special Ranged Attack, Ranged Attack, Ranged Defense, Gun Combat

Requirements: 100 Gnosis, 200 Bahamut favor points, survived "White Knight, Black Days" mission, and you have also upgraded and personalized your Guns of Avalon in the "Winds of Valhalla" mission

Note: for ease of writing, all things that screw with your action string (increase actions within a string, etc.) are all counted at lowest base attack bonus.

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Shield and Gun, Gunkata+1, Showdown
2 +1 +2 +2 +2 Gunkata+1, Gun Dream
3 +2 +3 +3 +4 Gunkata+1, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Blistering
4 +2 +4 +6 +6 Gunkata+1, Slippery When Wet, Bigger Board, Mandragora Snapper
5 +3 +5 +9 +8 Gunkata+1, Way of the Gun, Call the Dragon, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 2nd Verse
6 +3 +6 +10 +10 Gunkata+1, Captivating Screwvolt
7 +4 +7 +7 +12 Gunkata+1, Twisted Balance, Torso-Axial Jump, The Dragon's Scales
8 +4 +8 +8 +14 Gunkata+1, Mark of the Wolf, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Final Verse
9 +5 +9 +9 +16 Gunkata+1, Hungry Like The Wolf
10 +5 +10 +10 +20 Gunkata+1, Ultimate Path, Dragon Ally, Secret Ability: Comes the Knight
  • Gunkata - The Gunkata is amongst the greatest of a White Knight's techniques, allowing them to do incredible things with the Guns of Avalon by learning certain "movements." By learning all 10 movements, they may further unlock the White Knight's greatest technique, "Ultimate Path." Each Gunkata costs 25 energy points and one action, and only one can be performed once per action string unless otherwise noted. Officially speaking: Gunkata "transforms" the action string into a Gunkata, allowing the user to perform movements from the Gunkata table itself. At first you'll only be able to do one per action string, but as you grow in strength and skill you can replace your entire action string with the Gunkata.

Note: All Gunkata abilities stack with current abilities. If you have one Gunkata that adds +Gun Combat score until end of combat and perform another that also gives +Gun Combat score, the second one will have both +Gun Combat scores called.

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Allows the White Knight to use at least two Gunkata in one action string. Free action.
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 2nd Verse - Allows the White Knight to use up to three Gunkata in one action string. Free action.
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Final Verse - Allows the White Knight to replace the entire action string with Gunkata if they wish. Gunkata can still be done only once per action, unless elsewise specified. Free action.
  • Mandragora Snapper - allows the White Knight to activate the Gunkata string, but instead of utilizing Gunkata to simply attack with the Guns of Avalon with a bonus of "+Gun Combat" to damage. Once the White KNight gains Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 2nd Verse, they can choose to use Mandragora Snapper anywhere they wish during the Gunkata string instead of utilizing Gunkata.

Example: Activate Gunkata string, but instead of using Gun Dream I opt to shoot. Later on, after I gain Final Verse, I activate Gunkata string with a base attack bonus of 4 actions. I shoot the target, Master Exploder, shoot, History Repeats Itself >Master Exploder<, The Closure of Bahamut.

  • Shield and Gun - Allows the White Knight to weild a buckler on one arm while still utilizing both Guns.
  • Bigger Board - Allows the White Knight to wield a shield on one arm while still utilizing both Guns, up to Tower Shields even.
  • The Dragon's Scales - Takes up one action and 1/3 of your energy pool, but the White Knight can now call forth two draconic-scaled shields on either arm composed of their own personalized ki energy. The shields are both rated as +5 AC (+10 AC boost total), improves unarmed combat by +10 per fist, and allows the user to keep the shields up while firing both Guns of Avalon. Lasts until dispelled. Can be summoned as a free action.
  • Way of the Gun - Allows the White Knight to be at a constant "Take 10" in terms of Gun Combat. This also ensures that while performing Gunkata, they cannot be
  • Showdown - By singling out one opponent, the White Knight vows to fight them last. Should the target be the last enemy out of the group, the White Knight immediately can Take 20 on all shots fired with the target, all Gunkata's are considered crit, and Gun Dream attempts are considered Double Crit.
  • Call the Dragon - at this level, you are now required to help raise a young golden dragon. You gain a young golden dragon to help you during your adventure, and one that you must teach as well. As you grow in skill and experience, so do they: this is required of a young dragon to grow from their "teenager years" to adulthood.

Fun story: if they die, you die. Just thought you oughta know. Their actions, activities, personality and thought process is based on the creature that raises them. This helps foster a relationship between the good dragons and the creatures of the world…since that particular golden dragon now understands the history and needs of those people.

  • Ultimate Path - Requires Gunkata 10. Allows the user to utilize every single Gunkata in a single action. Is a "chronological attack" and counts as Speed 10. Can only be done at the beginning of your action string, and all Gunkata actions done within this super-fast action are considered "energy points paid."
  • Dragon Ally - No one quite knows how, but after four levels of experience the golden dragon ally will become comatose for a level until, finally, when the White Knight needs them most the Golden Dragon will emerge from it's previous shell and come racing at the speed of light to aid their friend. This Dragon Ally is considered "adult golden dragon" stats, and can take on an energy form in order to blanket the user with an aura that allows them to use the Ally's stats on top of their own. Can only be called and used once per day though, and the boost lasts for only one combat. Takes up one round to perform this.
  • Blistering - Allows the personalized Guns of Avalon to now spew platinum fire, set to an adult platinum dragon's breath weapon stats, instead of bullets.

Note: cannot create a Wall of Dragonfire.

  • Slippery When Wet - Allows the White Knight to add their Will Score as a boost anywhere a reflex save is called. This also allows the White Knight to add their Will Score to their AC as a direct boost at will: if they do so as a counter, it completely drains their energy pool.
  • Twisted Balance - The White Knight can attempt to roll a 1d20+Will Score in order to remain standing in situations where they would normally never get a chance to save. This is a supernatural ability, and can be repressed by anti-magic abilities/spells.
  • Torso-Axial Jump - At any point in time while making a special movement (that is, movement outside of the free five feet status), you can take a shot at a target with the Guns of Avalon or your unarmed attacks.
  • Mark of the Wolf - You now gain damage reduction 2.
  • Hungry Like The Wolf - You now gain damage reduction 5.
  • Captivating Screwvolt - at any point in time while running, you can perform a corkscrewing volley attack and leap forward 20 feet. Roll a dex check greater than DC50 at any point in time while running in order to perform this maneuver. Failure means you are face-down on the ground (prone) and unable to use your Guns of Avalon for 1d6 rounds.
  • Gun Dream - You may now begin the close-range firing that is required of a White Knight. Gun Dream is the ability, upon successful grapple, to fire your weapon four times at an opponent from any and all angles. Spinning and whirling, pulling the target this way and that, you fire off four shots into the target before knocking them away. This does NOT count as a special attack, and should you fail the opening grapple check then the guns backfire and YOU take damage (two shots only though).

Gunkata available:

Ride the Waves - Allows the White Knight to add +Dex Score at the end of the damage totals of their Guns of Avalon shots. You can fire your guns once for this particular kata.

Balance of the Void - Allows the White Knight to add +Gun Combat at the end of the damage totals of their Guns of Avalon shots. You can fire your guns once for this particular kata.

The Closure of Bahamut - If done at the end of a action string, this Gunkata does point-blank damage of 4d20+Gun Combat score+Dex Score+knockback of 1d20 feet. At any other point in time it does normal damage x2.

The Platinum Knowledge - allows the user to give up their next round at any point in time to add that action string to the end of the current one. Can be performed at any point in time. Can only be done once per action string though.

To See Without Sight - While performing this Gunkata, the user can move as much as they want while firing. Note: you must learn To See Beyond Sight before you can learn this kata.

To See Beyond Sight - While performing this Gunkata, the user can move up to 20 feet while firing.

The Transmogrification of Delinquency - allows the chaining together of any Gunkata previously performed in one action string. You can fire your guns once for this particular kata.

Master Exploder - Perform the Gun Dream during Gunkata. Passive kata.

History Repeats Itself - allows the user to re-perform any of the Gunkata's previously done in the same action string.

Magnum Opus (can only be learned as the 10th Gunkata) - doubles the current action string and all end damage done per attack, and also doubles the amount of times you can use Gunkata within the action string (so instead of performing one kata per action string, you can use each of the Gunkata twice). Upon doing the Magnum Opus, allows the user to use the Gun Dream at any point in time of their action string until end of combat.

Reaper of Wee Jas (Uber Class)

Hit Dice: d10 Skill points: 8+Int Modifier

Class Skills: Knowledge (Occult), Knowledge (Planes), Heal (even if used for nefarious purposes), Sense Motive, Intimidate, Knowledge (Religion)

Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Reaper Scythe), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Reaper Armor)

Requirements: The ability to see souls, the ability to physically touch souls, 200 Wee Jas favor points, able to attack 20+ times in one round, 150 Gnosis, must complete the mission "Secret of Wee Jas."

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +0 +1 +1 +1 The Scythe, Armor Symbiosis, Written in Blood, Delicious Birdcage, Blood Trap
2 +0 +3 +1 +2 Boomerang Scythe, Battle Bulking, Raining Blood
3 +0 +5 +1 +3 Crab Strike, Bring Forth The Scythe, Seek and Destroy
4 +0 +7 +5 +4 Seek and Destroy, This Is Why I Love My Scythe
5 +2 +9 +5 +5 Chain Gatling, Double Scythe, Blood Armor
6 +4 +11 +5 +6 Empowered Soul, Reaching Scythe
7 +6 +13 +7 +7 Empowered Armor
8 +8 +15 +7 +8 Weirding Shears, Fear The Reaper
9 +10 +17 +7 +9 Snip the Thread, Hemoclone
10 +10 +20 +10 +10 Massacre, , Living On A Prayer
  • Armor Symbiosis - The Reaper, giving themselves up to the Wee Jas completely, now finds themselves able to wield the Scythe and the Armor of a true Reaper. With the armor comes special bonuses, but they are no longer able to use a shield or any other form of armor, even magical or ki armors. The Reaper Armor freezes a user's age, and they no longer can be poisoned or suffer disease. The Armor is of exceptional value, and it's Armor Rating is applied versus attacks of all kinds (physical, magical, psychic, spiritual, other) save reality-warping effects. The Armor itself is a Reaper's flesh, and all damage done is considered touch-based…but as the Reaper grows, so do the abilities granted to the armor.

Base stats
Defense +20
Allows any and all excess HP or EP absorbed to become "Temporary Points" that dispapear at end of combat.

Note: Reaper Mode is a free-to-access mode for all who take the Reaper Class. While in this mode you gain the Armor and the Scythe at whatever level of Reaper you're at. In order to use your usual weapons and full number of attacks, go out of Reaper Mode. All this means is that you cannot access the Armor or Scythe, or the abilities of these two items.

  • The Scythe - The Reaper, giving themselves up to the Wee Jas completely, now finds themselves able to weild the Scythe and the Armor of a true Reaper. With the scythe comes special bonuses, but they are no longer able to use any other weapon outside of the one they specialized within their previous life no matter if it was physical, magical, ki, or otherwise. The Reaper must choose only one type of weapon outside of the Scythe in this way. The specialized weapon, chosen by the Reaper, is then absorbed into the Armor and the Scythe, allowing them to call this weapon at any point in time but cannot be dual-wielded with the Scythe (there DOES exist exceptions: see GM for details). Upon becoming a Reaper, the user can never attack more than 10 times per round, no matter what their stats say.

Note: attacks are limited while wielding the Scythe, other attacks are not altered, though they do not get the Scythe bonuses even if the alternate weapon happens to be a scythe.

Note: Yes, this DOES count as a natural weapon, Priscilla.

Base Stats
4d20 crit 15-20 x2/x10
Can be "focused" to increase crit modifier by 1 for each time it's focused, up to x10
Can absorb HP (maximum of scythe damage) if Crit Attack is succesful (50% chance - must roll higher than 50 on a d100 check)
On a Double Crit, the Scythe has up to 50% - 100% chance to absorb (75% - This Is Why I Love My Scythe, 100% - Fear The Reaper)

  • Written in Blood - The magic that creates the Reapers of Wee Jas also creates a strange by-product ability, that is magical in nature and yet is classified as abilities: Blood Magic. This specialized version is almost always classified as Shadow Energy, yet the effects are as if cast by dynamic sorcery. This is important as certain abilities or spells that hinder or neutralize Shadow Energy or Magical Energy will never hinder Blood Magic, only if both are neutralized at the same time. Written in Blood allows the Reaper to cast this specialized form of Blood Magic.
  • Boomerang Scythe - At this point in time, the Reaper may choose to attack targets up to 50 feet away, each attack consisting of throwing the scythe and willing it to return. Should the Scythe be somehow blocked from returning, the Boomerang affect wears off and the scythe drops to the ground, unable to be moved by any save for the Reaper or another Reaper. This affect is weak to reality-warping effects. The Boomerang Scythe does not retain the absorption capabilities.
  • Reaching Scythe - At this point in time, the Scythe transforms so that the haft now has chain hidden within it, allowing it to stretch out and attack targets up to 100 feet away. While in this mode, the Scythe retains all absorption abilities. Also, the Scythe's Boomerang effect now increases to 200 feet.
  • Empowered Soul - By absorbing the souls of others, you can increase your own power. Each soul absorbed in such a fashion gives you 10 HP and EP, but may piss off Wee Jas if done so without permission.
  • Delicious Birdcage - Upon killing a target, the Reaper may make an attempt to capture the soul, if there is one. Dice shootout directly with the GM to determine if the Reaper can claim the soul for their own use (no maximum limit). Upon successfully capturing a soul, you can keep them for as long as you want, but be warned: certain souls are stronger than others, and may attempt to combat the Reaper for control of the Reaper's body. Losing control to a soul "dishonors" the Reaper, and they will suffer greatly certain consequences (not all at first, but any and up to) - "freezing" of job, loss of use of Armor and Scythe, loss of Wee Jas points, and perhaps worse. Note: you can only absorb one soul as many times as your constitution modifier per day.
  • Double Scythe - The Reaper can now dual-wield a second scythe, one with the same stats and abilities as the first. The Reaper may now attack up to their maximum number of attacks allowable (beyond 10). The Reaper may utilize the second weapon as if they had all the two-handed feats for both weapons and defense, even if they don't have the required feats.
  • This Is Why I Love My Scythe - from now on, upon a successful attack with the Scythe, the Scythe's ability to absorb HP and EP from a target is increased by 25%.
  • Bring Forth the Scythe - the ability to summon your Scythe from within a target. An instant kill ability at crit, otherwise it does 2d20 damage to a single target up to 10 feet away. Target must have lower gnosis than you. If you fail to summon the scythe within someone, than you may not summon the Scythe for 10 in-game hours.
  • Fear The Reaper - the ability to absorb HP and EP from the target is increased by 25% upon successful attack.
  • Empowered Armor - by absorbing souls from the Delicious Birdcage, you can improve your Armor's defense rating by 1 for each soul absorbed this way. Can only be done during the first round of combat, and is considered a full-round action (must be done at the beginning of the round). The defense rating lasts until end of combat.
  • Blood Armor - by sacrificing HP, you can improve your Armor's defense rating by 1 per 50 hp invested. The defense rating lasts until end of combat. Takes up one action.
  • Battle Bulking - As a free action, the Reaper can double their overall armor rating for 1d6 rounds. Costs 1/5 of your EP total. This ability also protects the Reaper against flanking, and they are considered not flat-footed even during a surprise round. If done as a counter it lasts until the end of round, then it costs 50 EP.

Note: this does NOT stack with itself.

  • Living on a Prayer - the Reaper learns the ultimate ability of their job, the ability to at-will (as a free action) switch their HP from a normal HP to a specialized version: their HP is frozen at 1, but should their EP ever drop to 0 then they go back to the normal HP setting. While in this special Reaper Mode, all damage done to HP is done to EP instead, and EP refreshes at an additional 10/round (stacks with current refresh rate). While in this mode, you cannot increase your HP beyond 1, and all abilities that request an investment of HP cannot be used. Any and all HP absorbed during this mode is considered wasted and gone. During this mode, any attacks done to you spiritually has a strong chance of slamming you out of this mode, but only if the damage dealt in one blow is greater than your faith points total. Dice shootout determines if you stay in Reaper Mode or not.

No Life King/Queen - Secret Ability.

Blood Attacks

Note: Blood "counters" can only be chosen once per round. You cannot combine counterattacks that are Blood Magic in nature. Using a "blood checkpoint" or any other measurement of blood for a Blood Attack will use the blood up and cannot be used for anything else. Go on and spill some more blood.

  • Raining Blood - upon taking damage, the Reaper can immediately counterattack any and all targets who have attacked them at any point in time during combat, their spilled blood become bloody clones of themselves. This can only be done once per combat, and does not allow the Reaper to absorb HP and EP in such a fashion, but does Scythe damage against all who have attacked them up to this point. This counts as a counterattack.
  • Blood Market - upon taking damage, the Reaper can immediately create a lifeline with the attacker. All damage or healing done to the Reaper will affect the attacker as well. Can be done on only one target at a time.
  • Blood Trap - upon taking damage at any point in time during combat, the Reaper's spilled blood now becomes a checkpoint for them. At any point in time, as a free action, they may activate the checkpoints to "entangle" any nearby enemies, paralyzing them for one round. Afterwards, the blood used disappears.
  • Blood Shuffle - upon taking damage at any point in time during combat, the Reaper's spilled blood now becomes a checkpoint for them. The Reaper can, as a free action, teleport to that checkpoint no matter how far it is.

Note: Blood Shuffle is an incredibly useful and powerful ability. It can work up to one dimension away, and force abilities will not stop the Shuffle, though planar blocks will indeed stop you from teleporting.

  • Seek and Destroy - upon taking damage, as a counterattack the Reaper can choose to pay 50 EP and designate a "targeting reticule" on the attacker. Until a new designation is made, any and all end result damage done to the target is doubled.
  • Hemoclone - Sacrifices HP to create a miniature version of the Reaper. This "multibody" does additional Scythe damage once per round to whatever target the Reaper designates (the multibody attacks immediately after the Reaper's turn). You must first designate however many clones you wish to make, then how powerful they are (roll Scythe damage then apply to each multibody). All clones are considered to have your armor rating, and HP is set to the amount of damage they can dish out per round. Should any spell affect the clone, it will affect the Reaper.
  • For every 100 HP invested, a new clone is created.
  • For every 10 HP invested, the clone's power is increased by 1/10. 100 HP = full Scythe damage per round, full Scythe damage number for HP per clone. Remember, HP must be sacrificed for EACH clone.

Note: let's say you want 5 clones at full power, full hp. That's 1000 HP you gotta sacrifice. If my mathematics are off, please lemme know, but there you have it.

Special Attacks

Note: ALL Special Attacks learned by the Reaper crit at an additional x4 added to the crit modifier

  • Crab Strike - a low-blow that forces a target to become flat-footed until they regain their footing (Dex check DC20). Costs 15 EP, does Scythe damage. All Scythe bonuses take effect upon succesful attack.
  • Snip the Thread - a strike that attacks a target's very soul, doing damage directly to their stats. Costs 25 EP, does Scythe damage to either Str, Dex, or Con. All Scythe bonuses take effect upon succesful attack.
  • Weirding Shears - a cross-specialization attack that allows the Reaper to move without being stopped. Disappearing from sight the Reaper appears and, alongside a twin made of energy, cross-slashes a single target. This affects any one target up to 100 feet away, cannot be countered, and does double Scythe damage upon hitting. All Scythe bonuses take effect upon succesful attack (x2, actually) and count as one hit in terms of defense and attack rolls.
  • Chain Gatling - giving up the entire round, the Reaper does Scythe damage to all targets within a 100 foot range in all directions. Costs 100 EP. All Scythe bonuses do not take effect upon succesful attack.
  • Massacre - by giving up the entire round, the Reaper can perform a special attack that strikes all targets within range (or one single target). By forcibly absorbing blood from the targets, the Reaper does massive damage (1000 points dealt out however they wish amongst however many targets they wish) and changes the battlefield to Slippery status for the rest of combat. Upon declaring the attack though, the Reaper must give up their EP total to 1/2 it's current total and HP to 1/2 it's current total, and must survive a system shock test (75% or higher) lest they themselves are brought down to 1 HP as well and unable to continue combat no matter how they're healed. Can only be done once per day.

Seeeecret ability can be figured out here, but only if your gnosis is 200 or higher. Upon hitting Gnosis 200, all targets that have a lower gnosis will not only take the damage dealt up to 1000 hp damage…but that much in HP and EP can be absorbed by the Reaper so long as the Reaper survives the system shock requirements. So instead of being brought down to HP 10 and EP 1, the Reaper can, in fact, get raised up to +1000 HP and EP! Remember kids: the ultimate ability of the scythe allows the Reaper to absorb damage dealt as both HP AND EP! That's the gist of the Reaper's ultimate power.

Titanic Elder (Uber Class)

Path Assignment:
1-49 Harbinger
50 Both (Holy Diver)
51-100 Geoverlord

Hit Dice: d10 Skill points: 8+Int Modifier

Class Skills: all Geomancer skills, Knowledge (Planes), Knowledge (Religion), Knowledge (Music), Knowledge (Occult)

Requirements: Channel Geo, Elemental Affinity, 100 Gnosis, survive "The Terrible Price" mission

Note: all Titanic Elder abilities stack with Geomancer levels whenever called for. When one first opens up Titanic Elder, one must roll a 1d100 to determine whether or not the Geomancer will become a Harbinger (defensive/healing abilities), a Geoverlord (offensive and attack boost spells and abilities), or the rarest and most powerful of them all: the Holy Diver (combines all of them)

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +0 +2 +1 +10 Ultimate Terrakinetics, Geo Synch, Path Assignment, Energy Bonus, Level 10 spells opened up
2 +0 +2 +2 +10 Energy Bonus, Elemental Companion, Special Attack, Imbue (Element)
3 +0 +2 +3 +10 Level 11 spells opened up, Energy Bonus, Intergalactic Planetary
4 +0 +4 +4 +10 Energy Bonus, Special Attack
5 +0 +4 +5 +10 Negative Element, Imbue (Double Elements), Energy Bonus
6 +0 +4 +6 +10 Energy Bonus, Special Attack
7 +0 +6 +7 +10 Level 12 spells opened up, Energy Bonus
8 +0 +8 +8 +10 Energy Bonus, Imbue (Multiple Elements)
9 +0 +8 +9 +10 Armageddon, Energy Bonus, Special Attack
10 +0 +10 +10 +20 Positive Element, Dark Matter, Energy Bonus, Imbue (Negative Elements), Level 13 spells opened up, Ultima, Energy Bonus+2

Ultimate Terrakinetics - so long as the Geomancer is synched with the power of Geo, the gain access to the ultimate tier of Terrakinetics. 200 EP, 100 Plant Strength, and can raise or drop whole islands.

Geo Synch - by Synching up once per day, for the rest of the day (until the Geomancer sleeps) the Geomancer is considered synched with the power of Geo without further need for checks. Gains an additional +10 versus attempts to break the synch.

Path Assignment - upon becoming a Titanic Elder, the player must roll 1d100 to determine which version they will become, each with their own specific level abilities.

Harbinger: Defense and healing is emphasized with this path, with higher AC.

Geoverlord: Offensive attacks, spells, and capabilities are emphasized with this path. Geoverlords also enjoy a higher HP then Harbingers, since they must combine their own life with the power of Geo.

Holy Diver: The ultimate combination of both Geoverlord and Harbinger, Holy Divers excel at all of them. There is only one known Holy Diver in existence, but perhaps there is another…

Level 10/11/12/13 Spells - at various intervals, the Titanic Elder can cast spells of an elemental nature as if a dynamic sorcerer of that level.

Elemental Companion - At second level, the Elder gains the ability to call forth a superior companion alongside their first, one that is a pure elemental. The elementals' level is set at the original companions', but is for all intensive purpose set at the same stats as the Monster Manual elementals.

Elemental types are set at only Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Summoning the Elemental counts as a free action, as well as dispelling it…or it will be auto-dispelled at the end of combat.

Elementals can fight alongside your original companion, but lacks the protections against being dispelled by outside forces or anti-magic measures. If a successful dispel is cast or used, then the Elemental cannot be summoned forth for 12 hours or the character gives up 1/4 of their hp.

Imbue (Element) - allows the user to imbue a weapon they hold with the element of their choice so long as they can wield it, doing double end damage to elements of opposed nature. This can affect natural weapons. This grants a +1d10 bonus to the end damage dealt. 25 EP per element.

Imbue (Double Element) - same, but allows the user to imbue two elements (so long as they are not opposed). Does double end damage to either elements opposed (no reductions or drawbacks), and adds +2d10 instead of 1d10. This is an act of creating an Advanced Element, and can only be done by the Elder while imbuing. 25 EP per element.

Imbue (Multiple Element) - same, but now the user must pass a Concentration and Will check of DC40 in order to fuse opposing elements to the weapon. Grants up to +4d12 to end damage, crit is increased to 19-20 x4, and will triple end damage against any and all elements opposing those imbued. 25 EP per element.

Imbue (Negative Elements) - Ultimately, the Titanic Elder is able to handle the "Negative Elements," but cannot handle both normal elements and Negative Elements at the same time. Adds +4d20 to end damage, crit is increased to 15-20 x4, and ALL Advanced and Basic elements are considered opposed, even if only one Negative Element is being used. Otherwise, does x4 end damage against all opposing elements. 25 EP per element.

Special Attack - the Titanic Elder gains 4 special attacks as they progress through levels. These special attacks are set at d12 instead of d8, but for all other purposes follow under the same rules.

Energy Bonus - at various levels the Elder gains an Energy Bonus.

Intergalactic Planetary - The Elder is now one with the world upon synching with Geo. By focusing (a Concentration check of at least DC50), the Elder can, at will, enter into the planetary consciousness that exists and seek information, wisdom, or knowledge. This works on any planet they are on, so long as they can synch with the Geo source of that planet.

Armageddon - By now the Titanic Elder has gained the ability to cause a tectonic shift on the planetary level. The Elder is entrusted with the secrets laid at the core of the world, but will find themselves unable to stop should the Will of the World taps them for this ability. One Elder is all that's needed to set off a new ice age, two Elders can cause such havoc that the entire planet will be destroyed. As such, it is known that there is at least three Elders out and about in the world, with the possibility of a fourth one as well…

Negative Element - At level 5, the Elder is able to handle the Negative Elements, those Elements beyond Advanced. Due to the nature of the universe, it's easier to acquire the ability to handle the Negative Elements before you can handle your own soul and blood.

Positive Element - At level 10, the Elder is able to handle the Positive Elements, the Elements that exist beyond the Negative plane. At this point, the Elder can not only handle the forces of the universe through Geo, but Souls, Blood, and more.

Dark Matter - Outside of the elemental chart lays a energy source that is more abundant than the galaxy itself. At this point, the Titanic Elder can summon Dark Matter from the outer reaches of space to a special containment space formed by their cupped palms. If used as a thrown weapon, this can cause various effects (up to, but not the least or greatest, 20d20+GM's verification towards structural damage to the planet, your surroundings, you, and more) but can also be used for other methods as well. 100 ep to bring forth Dark Matter.

Ultima - 100 points of damage. No saving throws, no AC to block, no defense roll, it Speed Checks at 20. A spell of incredible power that can only be wielded by the strongest, and most properly trained of Titanic Elders. 50 ep.

Exclusive spells and abilities by level for each type

1 Turf and Surf - summoning up a tidal wave from underground waters, the Geoverlord can heal allies and do damage to all enemies within a 100 foot range for 2d20. Their AC is also improved by the same amount for 1d10 rounds. This counts as a magical attack, not a special attack. 50 ep.

2 When the Levee Breaks - Imbuing their fists with Geo energy, the Geoverlord is able to perform an attack on allies that heals them instead of doing damage, up to the maximum amount of their unarmed damage (with bonuses and such) before crit. If they wish to roll to do additional heal ability with their crit, they may, but they must overcome the AC of their chosen target. 25 ep.

3 Wake the Dead version 1 - The Geoverlord is able to give up a round to magically awaken a small fighting unit of the dead (see added section in wiki/forums), up to 1d6 geomancer zombies. If they are not killed during battle, then they crawl back to their lair at the end of battle. The Grateful Dead do not count as evil creatures, nor are they malignant zombies but rather former Geomancers who have sacrificed their lives to service. Keep this in mind always. 50 ep.

4 Knockout - At this level all Geomancers' unarmed strikes count as Double Crit so long as they have imbued their fists with their chosen element.

5 Titanic Form - A special altered form the Geoverlord can enter into by giving up an entire round (must be done from the start of a round). The Titan's unarmed attacks all gain "+Spellcraft score" to their damage before crit and may Imbue elements up to maximum level of elements learned as a free action.

6 Synch the World - Once per day, the Geoverlord can give up a round to heal themselves completely, up to double their current maximum hit point total. All hit points gained as such are considered temporary hit points and will vanish at the end of combat.

7 Wake the Dead version 2 - This is like version 1, only the Geoverlord may now summon 3d10 zombies. 100 ep.

8 Destruction - Instead of causing a worldwide Armageddon, the Geoverlord can cause an incredibly localized one, completely destroying life within one mile of themselves. This does not affect certain types of creatures or anyone with a higher gnosis than the Geoverlord. If done as such, Destruction can cause 20d20 to all caught within the zone of attack. Takes up your entire store of EP.

9 The Tyrant - An upgraded version of Titan Form that allows the Geoverlord to absorb their Familiar into their armor, effectively doubling their stats.

Air: AC + familiar's level (evasion bonus), able to go incorporeal at will, able to cover up to 100 feet in a single movement as a special aerial movement.
Water: Regeneration/Refresh = Titanic Elder's + Geomancer's level
Earth: DR = familiar's level
Fire: Your unarmed attack counts as special ranged attack (using the skill for this) up to 250 feet.

10 Wake the Dead version 3 - Like version 2, only now the Geoverlord can summon up to 5d20 zombies. 200 ep.

10 The Wheel - A secret ability that can be performed only by Geoverlords.

1 Ultimate Synch - The Harbinger, upon learning Ultimate Synch, can never be broken out of synch. Only a power with 250 gnosis higher can ever do such.

2 Geofount - Upon actively synching with Geo power, the Harbinger's ep can never be drained and is counted as "near-infinite." It takes one full round to do so.

3 The Foundation - A magical spell that, upon being cast, casts a specialized Geo Armor over as many targets as the Harbinger has Geo levels (Geomancer + Harbinger), improving their AC by the same number as those levels. This also grants them regen, refresh, and a one-time heal upon being cast at the same number. 50 ep.

4 The Friend of My Enemies - The Harbinger selects one target. All allies of that target are drained of 2d20 hp and ep. All targets hit by this spell also suffer Berserk if they can't make a Will DC40 check. 50 ep.

5 Groundwalk - There is no place the Harbinger can walk to. So long as they are synched with the world they are on, they can walk on any element no matter how destructive so long as it's a natural part of the world (water, lava, air, etc). Also the Harbinger suffers no fatigue or drain while walking, covering vast distances whilst striding forth.

6 Message in a Bottle - By whispering into the wind (or into any form of natural element), the Harbinger can send messages as if using Magic Mouth. This is done as a free action and without ep cost so long as the Titanic Elder is synched with Geo. Otherwise, it takes up one action and costs 10 ep per message.

7 To Know The World - While synched, nothing happens within the world that the Harbinger does not know. Being one with the world allows them the ability to see all events happening on the planet at the same time. It takes a Concentration check (DC50) in order to find specific information and to continue beyond one round though.

8 The Awareness - While synched, the Harbinger can add +Spellcraft to all fort/ref/will saves, AC, and attack rolls. This is a magical ability.

9 Chakra Overload - by manipulating energies within the body, a Harbinger can heal a person naturally through their own natural resources. Allows the Harbinger to add their Spellcraft score as well as their Healing to the score (on top of a xd20 roll, where x = Harbinger + Geomancer levels) to heal HP back. This counts as a skill check, not a magical ability.

10 Awakening of the World - once per day, the Harbinger can draw Geo (Concentration check 60, you may add Harbinger+Geomancer levels as an additional modifier) in massive quantities and share its' strength with their allies. Doing so, they can completely heal HP and EP to their max totals to an entire army (up to 10,000 targets). No single target can go above their max totals using this ability. Costs the entire current store of the Harbinger's EP.

10 The War - A secret ability that can be performed only by Harbingers.

Holy Diver (gains both Harbinger AND Geoverlord abilities, but also gains these)
1 Eldritch Weapon - the Holy Diver is entrusted with a weapon, one so great that it can only be held in check within the heart of the world. This weapon can never be sundered, will only follow the commands of the Diver or the World itself, and can sunder any armor or weapon that is under Gnosis 700. The damage dealt is insurmountable, will not regenerate, and upon taking ANY damage the target must make a Fortitude 40DC check or die immediately. Damage is set at 2d20, crit 19-20 x5.

3 Gate of the Gods - the Holy Diver can, at any point in time, now terraport at will to any planet they have synched with. During this time they cannot be intercepted or attacked, and if used during combat (50 ep and a Willpower DC50 check) allows the Diver to perform an attack of their choosing to an enemy as if the enemy is flat-footed, surprised, flanked, and back-attacked.

7 Stranger Eons - the Holy Diver gains the ability to, as many times per day as levels of Elder acquired, drain all damage dealt to both HP and EP equally (if you drain 100 damage, it's 100 HP and EP back for you) until the end of combat.

9 I Am Power - the Holy Diver is now able to become one with the planet they have synched with, and are now able to draw forth its' full potential during battle. They gain access to the Dive Mode, increasing their ability modifiers by +10, their HP and EP is now one with the worlds' (not endless, but let's face it, that's more then you can hope for), and they will be unable to grow in any other job the Diver may have, nor can they HAVE new jobs. Further, this can only be done for one combat, then the Diver requires three days and three nights of rest (84 hours starting after the end of combat).

10 Absolute - Works once per day. Allows the Diver to target the strongest enemy they are facing, and their stats are increased to 1 higher than theirs. This is considered an overpowered ability, and works on ALL stats (including Gnosis). After the combat is over, the Diver will return to their normal stats. Permanency will not affect any stat increases, nor miracles or wishes.

10 The Hub - A secret ability that can be performed only by Holy Divers. Note: while Holy Divers can learn all other abilities of Harbinger and Geoverlord on top of their own, they cannot learn their secret abilities.

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