The Known Generalized History of Neo-Tokyo

This is a compilation of known history of Neo-Tokyo previous to the start of the game.

It is the year 2XXX.

(Don't ask about the year, no one will believe you anyway!)

Centuries ago, a great Cataclysm occurred that shook the foundations of the main island of Japan. People all over the land were awakening with ki-energy techniques, supernatural powers, psionic abilities, and every single thing you could believe in suddenly became absolutely tangible. This happened to every single person at exactly the same time, an explosion of released energies that shook the very heart of the world…and dislodged Tokyo from the Earth. This new island of japan rose two miles out of it's crater and held itself in a floating orbit there, later to be connected back to the world via the horizon-spanning disc later to be called "The Magna-Rail."

During the time of the Cataclysm, there was further chaos as beings and entities of all kinds poured into the expanse that would later on become Neo-Tokyo, amidst a wake of portals opening randomly to other dimensions…and the Imperial bloodline, caught up in the wake from their vacation tour in Tokyo, suddenly exploded with the combined power of their long-dormant godhead. The Emperor became the single-most powerful creature in all of the World…and Japan, Neo-Tokyo especially, became a new superpower as the Imperial family immediately clamped down on these new trade routes to off-world, absorbing the new creatures as new samurai bloodlines and establishing many pacts and treaties with the stabilized transdimensional portals.

As the years progressed, this floating island became known as "Neo-Tokyo," and as the years wore on the power of the Emperor merely grew, tightening the fascist grip of the Imperial bloodline upon all tourism, transdimensional movement, and knowledge gained from off-world practices. Not only the off-world trade routes did they control, but they also stood as the absolute and only connection between Earth and these other dimensions and their vast resources.

Rather then kicking U.S. troops off their soil and declaring themselves a military power, the Imperial bloodline instead strengthened bonds with America by having them keep their troops in Neo-Tokyo…but as master trainers and military instructors of the new Japanese armed forces. This would later on become Military Police Academy, and the beginning dregs of those soldiers then became the Military Police of today.

Today, Neo-Tokyo is a hotbed of activity, both off-world and terrestrial. It takes a powerful force to navigate these kind of waters, and there are none more notorious than the Bounty Hunter's Guild, though the K.N.H. Group (Kageryu, Nostradamus, and Hammerstein) come in at a heavy second. Able to do what other guilds cannot, able to get away with murder, the Bounty Hunter's Guild is a force to be reckoned with…and they have had the body count to prove it!

Still, with today's new challenges, a new Emperor being crowned, and dark plots beginning to move, will the interpid teams of the Bounty Hunter's Guild be able to survive, let alone strive with a smile and collect their hard-earned cash?

Well, YOU'LL have to simply decide that, eh?

Learn the secrets of Neo-Tokyo and the Old Guard, the original Unit 13. Plumb the lowest depths of the multiple universes within Neo Tokyo Underground and figure out what dark arts await there. Traverse dimensions and return again, stronger and better than ever before. Soar to the highest point of space, dive into dark truths and hidden pasts to unearth relics stored there…and should never have been rediscovered. All this and more in Neo-Tokyo the RP: Unit 13!

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