The Guilds of Neo-Tokyo

Here is a listing of Guilds currently active and shown in Neo-Tokyo, as well as known officers or leaders.

The Bounty Hunters Guild (B.H.G. HQ building) - East Tokyo
Harkonen Kraze - President (deceased)
Shizune Hattori - V.P. (missing)

Bahamut - President
Mademoiselle - V.P.

The Dragon's Guild (Guild H.Q.) - Middle Tokyo

Bahamut - President
Tiamat - President

Magic Guild (Magic Academy) - Middle Tokyo
Politico's Guild (House of Empire) - Middle Tokyo
Schoolgirl Guild (Yamamoto High School) - Middle Tokyo
Intradimensional Guild (I.G. Tower) - Middle Tokyo
Common Guild (House of Commons) - Middle Tokyo
Magical Girl Guild (Yamamoto High School) - Middle Tokyo
Maintenance Guild (Hall of Repair) - Middle Tokyo
Yakuza Guild (Y-Tower) - Middle Tokyo

Ninja Guild (???) - ???

Hunter's Guild (Neo Monster Colliseum HQ) - South Tokyo

Executioner's Guild (The Red House) - North Tokyo
Martial Guild (Town of Lu Bu) - North Tokyo
Sewer Worker Guild (Sea Urchin HQ) - North Tokyo

Military Guild (MilPol) - West Tokyo
Red Hat Guild (varies) - West Tokyo (normally here, but sometimes varies)
Security Guard Guild (Starbucks Mall) - West Tokyo

Entertainer's Guild (Dream City) - East Tokyo
Pornomancer's Guild (Warehouse 10) - East Tokyo
Assassin's Guild (Dragon Circus) - East Tokyo

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