Important Groups in Neo-Tokyo

Here you can learn more about non-guild groups who are either actively affecting the storyline, or are simply important to Neo-Tokyo.

Current Unit 13

Ms. Lay w/Shade
Northboy w/Shredder the Spike
Matsu O'Doyle/Yuki Tenma
Alita w/H.E.R.B.E.R.T.
Oni Kitsune/Oni da Pimp R.I.P.
Dug the Croatian-Serbian M.I.A.
Dabu/Shame Foley
Delila Matsumoto
Mikki Moribito
T.K., Ambassador of the Golden One
Sly/Synestrian Hoperaper
Chou-cho/Althaia Medadropodese

Unit 13's strangely long-lived Team A

Jimmy Only
Jimmy the Knife
Saeto Fujiyama
Yoko Fujiyama
Andrew Willard

Unit 13's normally dying Team B

Quentin Gunna
…that's all.

First Unit 13

Chao (Advisor)
Golden Gates (Advisor)
Joseph Youses (Advisor)
Harkonnen Kraze
Shizune Hattori/Hanzo Hattori the 13th
Jack the Ripper/Jack O'Doyle
Isabella/Fujiko Ishimoto
Major Sandra Heidern
Quentin Gunna

Unit 13.5

A Pimp Named Slickback
John Wayne
Tyrone Heidern
Trouble/Colonel Riff-Raff

Order of the Black Sword

Note: currently the Order of the Black Sword has been declared completely outlaw

Kaligula/Kali Yuli/Kali
Ballard Stern
Andrew Willard
Colonel Riff-Raff
Hachiko Masaharu

Harley Girl/Suki Asamiya/ (daughter of the Emperor)
Betrayometer says: At Least She Ain't Against Y'all She's currently locked up in a mental institution and isn't in a position to fuck with you guys.

The Third Helix Project, Team Alpha

Ace - Wolf (Commander)
Joker - Mantis (Second in Command)
Spade - Gator (Heav)
Jack - Bear (Heavy)
Deuce - Rhino (Heavy)
King - Dolphin (asshole/high offense/explosives)
Queen - Bunny (com/tech)
Bicycle - Lion (mobility, defense, offense)

The Yakuza Clans (revealed thus far)


The Zodiac: the leading heads of the thirteen Yakuza clans refer to themselves as "The Zodiac," and only a leader may know of the other leaders. Normally only certain families ever gain control of each clan, but a current upset occurred when the completely new Asaryu family appeared and took over the prominent "Crab" clan, backed by the government and a newcomer to The Zodiac, The Order of the Way of the Path.

Fraternity of Pimps (F.O.P.'s)
a.k.a. The Fraternal Order of Pimps

The Gentleman's Alliance (leading group of the F.O.P.'s)

Grand High Massa
Greasy Martinelli
A Pimp Named Slickback
Keagro Magefang
Oni Kitsune R.I.P.

The Old Skoolers (anti-Gentleman's Alliance group)

Balor Nigiri
General Nocal
DJ Sax

The Hellfire Club

Baron Raziel Hellfire
Baroness Atriel Hellfire-Mindflayer
Baron Rizer Hoperaper R.I.P.
Baroness Shaziel Hoperaper-Bonecorrupter
Baron Constantine Babybender
Baroness Artemis Babybender-Soulrend
Martha Hellfire-Witmane
Alice Witmane

Dragon Circus

That's all you need to know. :3

The Dockside Worker's Union

Young Magician's Circle Academy (Y.M.C.A.)

Principal - Allene Takashima
Vice Principal - Akahito Kuroda

Orientation 101: How to Avoid Odin
Orientation 102: How to Deal With Odin (If He Catches You)
P.E./Physical Magics
Combat Magics (Battlemagery)
Occultic Magics
History of Magic
Theological Magic
Practical Applications
Basic White
Basic Red
Basic Black
Intermediate White
Intermediate Red
Intermediate Black
Advanced White
Advanced Red
Advanced Black
Interdimensional Studies
Magic and Other Supernatural Abilities
Meditative Practices
Advanced Meditation: Willpower
Counterspelling and Spell Duels
Advanced Alchemy
The Biology of Magic

Speciality Classes

Illusions and You
Interdimensionals and Summoning
Practical Applications of Summoning
Customs of Summoning Higher Beings
The Study of Elan
Politick Magick
The Study of the Elements
Introduction to the History of Artifacts
Artifacts (brought to you by the K.N.H.: Odin Doesn't Lead Us Anymore, Really!)
Your Future Magic: Divination 101
Ass Magic
Blue Magic For Dummies
Alchemical Existence

Nature Restoration Association (N.R.A.)

President - Matsu O'Doyle
Vice President - Hikaru Sasami

Roughly 10 workers.


Shizune Hattori
Kaegro Magefang
Dicey Riley

Roughly 200 members.

The Geomancers/Dwellers of Yggdrasil

Holy Diver - Jeremiah
Harbinger -
Geoverlord -
Geoverlord - Delila Matsumoto-Hoperaper

Roughly 10000 altogether.

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