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We shall be hashing out details of the new Tech guy and Summoner and the roles they shall play, including the back story of their character.

Tuesday 400 pm Lynden

New Game Night by Higens_DohertyHigens_Doherty, 20 Sep 2011 02:39

With great power comes great perverted thoughts.

Re: Picture Opinion by Higens_DohertyHigens_Doherty, 20 Sep 2011 02:36

Should this go under rulings? I DON'T GIVE A FUCK, NYUKKA, dis mah lilypad…

SO. Sosososososo. Welcome to the second half, and my promised sandboxing! Are you enjoying yourself? Have you had a chance to start? If not, don't worry: we gots time, as far as I know, so by all means dig in either Saturday or Monday. Hell, y'never know: we might fit ya in if it's a day yer not normally supposed to RP, but either way an audience is always welcome.

So, here's what I'm workin' on…the whole goddamned site. Got two more martial arts updated, and I've got a few new rulings to simply throw out there…

Remember, if I haven't gotten to your jorb or martial art or faith or whatever, LET ME KNOW! The worst that'll happen is that I'll tell you exactly where it falls on teh list of priorities: this is alot of work, even WITH help from IRL Choucho.

Speakin' of which, everyone welcome my newest assistant: IRL Choucho! At some point in time I'll simply dictate and send it to her via my DVR, makin' things easier in the long run…and allowing me more time to RP.

Er, anyway, that's the way it's SUPPOSED to work…we'll see. :3

In the meantime, let's see to these updated rulings, yesh?

On Jobs

SO, sosososo…you can only have five jobs, ultimately. UNLESS stated otherwise, you can have a maximum of five jobs, and the spread goes as follows:

2 normal jobs
2 prestige jobs
1 uber job

Please keep in mind also that either one pretige job cannot be higher than the two normal jobs combined. Same with the uber job: it cannot be higher than the combined levels of two prestige jobs or two normal jobs.

RARELY is there an exception to this, but if so it'll pro'lly follow along the lines of "Granted by GM, cannot level normally unless via GM or item-based upgrade" or…well, really, that's the only raisin.

So there you have it! If you DO wish for an exception, talk it over with the GM.

Spell Creation rulings/Spells beyond level 9th

Simply take one level number higher, then square it. That's the ep cost each time to cast the spell.

Generalized spellcraft DC check -

Level 10 DC 30
Level 11 DC 50
Level 12 DC 75
Level 13 DC 100


In Chapter 7 and beyond there are skill caps, gnosis caps, and other noteworthy caps. For now, here's a generalized table:


Chapter 7 150
Chapter 9 300
Chapter 11 Derp


Chapter 7 300
Chapter 9 500
Chapter 11 Derp

So, what DOES that mean? This means that all Miscellaneous bonuses that boost your stuff up to a OMFG level will actually do nothing once you hit that maximum…BUT, should you figure out means to temporarily break caps, then they'll come into play. This is especially important the further towards the end we get, so don't forget to keep track of all numbers and percentage totals!

At 50, a person is considered a genius of their particular area. 100? You're a worldwide-level genius, bar none, certainly top ten of the entire world. Beyond that, it reflects the insane amount of knowledge and expertise you've gained in that area…and makes you a dimension-wide noteable.

In a game like this, that's not inexactly the best of things, y'know?

Just somethin' to think about…

Dice Offs to determine strength of negation and "works even when negated."

So, Player A has an ability that works even when negated. Player 1 has an ability that negates abilities, even when they're supposed to work when negated. How do we determine which is currently stronger?

Easy: both Players roll a single d20. Highest roll wins.

Simple, eh? No bonuses, no blah, no whatever. Just 1d20 versus 1d20, no crits or crit-fail, highest roll wins.

You're welcome.

Vehicle System

Each vehicle frame has a certain number of points that may be applied, and the base cost of each vehicle is based on that point max. A 20-50 vehicle would be an average type sedan or bike with a lower end make (Ford, etc at level 20; BMW, etc at level 50). A 50-100 vehicle would be a very high end or armored vehicle from a more expensive maker, and extremely hard to come by. 100+ vehicles are magical in nature or special ordered from special makers.

Upgrades improve the vehicle's overall performance or stats and costs vary depending on the type of the upgrade. How many points an upgrade takes up varying points levels. For instance, an overall speed upgrade of 50mph costs 10 upgrade points, while an Acceleration boost may cost anywhere from 5-15 points.

SO, there you have it! Be seein' y'all either Saturday or Monday evenin', eh?

The Ever-Luvin' J Himself.

Levels and Jorbs Ruling- Your base jobs must add up to more than each of the prestige jobs, and the prestige jobs must be more then your uber job

Vehicle System
Each vehicle frame has a certain number of points that may be applied, and the base cost of each vehicle is based on that point max. A 20-50 vehicle would be an average type sedan or bike with a lower end make (Ford, etc at level 20; BMW, etc at level 50). A 50-100 vehicle would be a very high end or armored vehicle from a more expensive maker, and extremely hard to come by. 100+ vehicles are magical in nature or special ordered from special makers.

Upgrades improve the vehicle's overall performance or stats and costs vary depending on the type of the upgrade. How many points an upgrade takes up varying points levels. For instance, an overall speed upgrade of 50mph costs 10 upgrade points, while an Acceleration boost may cost anywhere from 5-15 points.

White Knights File no. DK-TKO-0094

Subject: T.K.

Name/Nickname: Takeshi Keiichiro Onizuka (Ace, T.K, Crimson)
Hisaku Ando Kojima (Mr. Clean)

Age: 26

Physical Appearance:
Sleek and athletic, T.K is a strikingly fit young man, even for a former MilPol Operative. The conditioning achieved through Hiryuu MukuuKen has molded T.K not necessarily into a brickhouse, but a slim, yet deceptively powerful individual. While with MilPol, his brownish, near-red locks were closely trimmed, as per military protocol. As of the present day, his hair is shoulder-length and unbound, a symbol of his newfound personal freedom as he continues to mature. His eyes, a vibrant emerald green, are always focused forward with truest determination and loyalty seeming to shine from within them. Across his face, a scar contrasting his overall youthful appearance and signifying a past rivalry resolved and overcome.

When not on duty, T.K displays an understated and practical sense of style in his chosen wardrobe. Plain t-shirts and tanktops, some loose, some snug, all for ease of movement and relaxed appearance as well as the typically loose fitting pants he prefers to wear. When the weather is cooler, he likes to cover up with his favorite leather motorcycle jacket. As far as footwear goes, the most obvious indicator of T.K's "relaxed" stats is his hi-top tennis shoes.

During combat operations as a member of Unit 13 and as the Crimson Knight of Bahamut, T.K is recognizable in his specialized uniform (see character sketch) composed of a unique leather jacket and cargo pants. Blessed by the divine? Possibly. Outfitted with sections of kevlar/silksteel for added protection? DEFINITELY! What enemies unfortunate enough to stand against T.K most remember (if they survive the encounter) is the tungsten-carbide under-plating of his leather, short-fingered combat gloves and matching combat boots.

When acting as the Chief Inspector of MilPol's Health Inspection Division (Department K), Hisaku tends to stick to the more sterile, straight-laced attire of his profession. Military dress uniforms and dress suits (tie optional) and even reading glasses to add a more professional air to his subdued good-naturedness. He even goes so far as to slick his hair back and pull it into a tight ponytail to really lay it on thick.

Original Superior- Sandra "Brown Sugar" Heidern (location unknown)
Original B.H.G. Boss- Harkonnen Kraze (deceased)
Current B.H.G. Boss- If you're reading this file, you KNOW who I am by now…
Original Teammates- Yashiro "Leon" Saika (lieutenant, protegee)
Reiji "Deuce" Matsudaira (best friend)
Chizuru "Bunny" Date (…complicated)
Saisyu "Zeke" Takagi (field mentor)
Axel "King" Cragen (rival; deceased)
Masaru "Joker" Nikaido (former 2nd in command; deceased)
Daniel "Big Time, Jack" Sanada (deceased)
Communications Officer- Undine Strata

T.K is the sort of young man that has a penchant bending antiquated protocol into a more "common sense" approach that matches the demands of a given situation. He's a loyal friend, once you've earned his trust. As a subordinate, effective. He's not quite "lawful," even for a MilPol employee. However, he is a person of honorable character and quite respectable ethics, personal and professional. If he wasn't, then he wouldn't be one of my Knights.
~Neutral Good~

Religion/Favor Points:
It isn't so much "worship" that T.K displays. It's more like we have a "extended professional partnership." I am still his superior, and he treats me as such. However, to T.K I am more than the embodiment of the basic good and decency that he strives to uphold. He also considers me a friend. To be truthful, the feeling is mutual.
Favor Points: 220

Variable Combat Specialist
Member of Unit 13
Ambassador of Bahamut the Golden
Chief Inspector; MilPol Health Inspection Division (Dept. K)

Current Classes:
Martial Artist 13/Gun Expert 5/White Knight of Bahamut 1

Favored Weapons/Abilities/Spells:
Guns of Avalon (Crimson Heroes: Tadakatsu/Masamune), various debilitating martial arts attacks, alternate forms (WarWolf, Fenrir, Fenrir: Code Ultima)

Favored Combination:
Anything that incorporates his tremendous mobility, Bite -> Rending Fang (in his alternate form)

Finishing Moves:
Lunatic Gatling. Music: Into the Battlefield (Takayuki Negishi; Bloody Roar 3 OP)
Wolfhound Legend. Music: Naked Arms (T.M. Revolution)

Background History:
A seemingly normal youth, by modern standards Takeshi Onizuka lived as normal a childhood as he could as the child of a native Japanese mother and estranged gaijin father. However, one could say that his story really begins when the decided to join MilPol.

A capable cadet and officer, T.K showed an aptitude for martial arts and high speed combat. This coupled with his versatility had enabled him to seemingly breeze through to the rank of Master Sargeant. He was approached by Major Heidern when the special project TRIPLE HELIX was proposed and immediately accepted, seeing in it a chance to put himself in a position to truly make a difference. The procedures and training involved had fragmented his memories, essentially rewriting his life at least twice, but through it all he seemed to retain his rather indomitable character. Adopting the codename "Ace," T.K once more rose to a level of respect and trusted, defacto leadership. This time, though, he was a member of an elite covert operations force composed of Zoanthropes, or werebeasts.

Amongst his team Ace came face to face with his would be rival, former team commander Axel Cragen. Cragen was jealous of Ace and this jealousy became an intense rivalry which had come to blows on numerous occasion on and off-duty. In one particular incident, Cragen made an attempt on Ace's life while he slept. The battle ended with Ace gravely injured and Cragen confined to the brig to await a court martial. Ace awoke from the medical procedure that saved his life with his memories fragmented once more, but with a scar across his face reminding him of the treacherous foe that lurked within his own team, his new family.

One fateful day, Ace was called to Major Heidern's quarters and given a special mission. He was to make his way out of the Deep Six compound and report to Harkonnen Kraze of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. However, the call to action was Sandra's way of helping Ace escape from Deep Six, as a special directive was issued to apprehend Ace before he could make his way topside. Cragen was released from his cell to aid in the capture attempt. However, the result was failure as Ace made good on his escape and found his way to the BHG.

Convinced by Kraze that his safety from his potential captors could be guaranteed by joining, Ace became a member of a new roster of Hunters to join the Guild. He would eventually piece together a few of his memories and make the decision to readopt his original moniker after his first few missions alongside his new teammates. Recent events including the untimely death of Kraze had forced T.K to bolster his own resolve in order to help keep morale high amongst his allies. It was this strength of will that brought me to make the decision to assign him to a special diplomatic mission to the hidden Elven Community in Middle Tokyo.

It was there that the young pup would even surprise me as he took the initiative to become my Ambassador to the Elven people, but would also go the extra mile in earning the trust of the venerable master Gertrude Do'An as well as the entire Elven Community. It was then that it seemed T.K began his path toward becoming a real force for good. Only time would reveal the extent of this promising lad's character as he was soon to be put through a harrowing test.

The menace known as Griefers had begun to surge from the place that T.K formerly called home. Soon, he was to take a major role in the infiltration and neutralizing of Deep Six, where he would help guide his allies through his own memories (in a sense) and aid them in an all-out effort against the forces of the villainous Hachiko Masaharu. T.K would be reunited again with his old teammates Leon, Deuce, Bunny and Zeke. He would also come into conflict with Cragen and fellow traitors from his original unit including his former second-in-command. Settling his score with Cragen once and for all, T.K not only unleashed a new power from within, but he also regained his complete memory.

After destroying the last vestiges of the Griefer menace, T.K was forced to witness the death of an ally, Oni Kitsune, as Hachiko's sacrifice to summon the beast, Karma, to conquer the world. During the summoning, T.K was returned topside in time to witness Karma's arrival and without thought to his own safety stood alongside myself and countless others, raising his guns in defense of NeoTokyo and the entire world.

In recent months, T.K found protection from Karma by assuming the identity of Inspector Hisaku Kojima of MilPol's Health Division, dubbed "Department K." Of course, I needed to keep him alive until I came to the decision to offer T.K a position as one of my Knights. He accepted not only earned his survival by proving, once more, his incredible loyalty, but also traveled alongside my Platinum Knight to the depths of Muspellheim in order to chase the Winds of Valhalla and create his own unique Guns of Avalon. Thus, earning yet another mark of honor and respect amongst those he would come to call ally and friend and becoming the Crimson Knight. At present, this multi-faceted young warrior is making strides, using his cover at Dept. K to secretly thwart and derail Karma's activities while continuing to hone his skills.

Soon, the time will come to call upon Crimson and the rest of Unit 13 to protect this world again. I can now say that I have he utmost faith in his willingness to fight, and in his loyalty to his ideals and his friends.

~End File; To be updated as necessary~

Game Stats:
Str 20
Dex 20
Con 17
Int 19
Wis 18
Cha 17
Init +23

HP: 624 (1248 with Fenrir active)
EP: 200
AC: 15 (touch 10/flat footed 10)

Attack String: Base Att Bonuses +30/+25/+20/+15/+10/+5/+0 (Doubled with Fenrir active, set to lowest bonus)

Saves: Fortitude - 9
Reflex - 20
Will - 14

Basic Attacks: Fist - 1d8+5 (x3 Crit dmg)
Claw - 2d6+5 (x2 Crit dmg, 18-20)
Fang/Bite - 2d10 (x3 Crit dmg.)
Rending Fang - xd20 (start at 2, goes up for each round maintained, x2 Crit dmg, 18-20)

Special Attacks: Howitzer Shell (DERP! Kick) - 2d8, 10 EP, Drain Mind
Blast Cannon - 3d8, 10 EP, Ki projectile, Drain Body
Havok Booster - 2d8/hit, Auto-Fire, 5 EP

Special Defenses: spell resistance 20 (50; Fenrir)

Check the wiki, IT HAS BEEN DONE!

Lemme know if it needs more work done. :3

I like Massacre where it is, but I DID change things around so it's at least a little bit more worth it than Chain Gatling…certainly it's more usable.

The idea behind it is that you can deal 1000 damage to one person or distribute it amongst an army…but it also has its' drawbacks. Chain Gatling should only affect targets up to a certain range…

With that said, lemme double check that part. :3

The Scythe- (replace the bold text) When not wielding the Scythe, your full attacks and abilities are still used, without penalty or limitations.

Re: Reaper update notes by TordenTorden, 10 Dec 2010 21:59

Armor Symbiosis - The Reaper, giving themselves up to the Wee Jas completely, now finds themselves able to wield the Scythe and the Armor of a true Reaper. With the armor comes special bonuses, but they are no longer able to use a shield or any other form of armor, even magical or ki armors. The Reaper Armor freezes a user's age, and they no longer can be poisoned or suffer disease. The Armor is of exceptional value, and it's Armor Rating is applied versus attacks of all kinds (physical, magical, psychic, spiritual, other) save reality-warping effects. The Armor itself is a Reaper's flesh, and all damage done is considered touch-based…but as the Reaper grows, so do the abilities granted to the armor.
Base stats
Defense +20
Allows any and all excess HP or EP absorbed to become "Temporary Points" that dispapear at end of combat.
The Scythe - The Reaper, giving themselves up to the Wee Jas completely, now finds themselves able to weild the Scythe and the Armor of a true Reaper. With the scythe comes special bonuses, but they are no longer able to use any other weapon outside of the one they specialized within their previous life no matter if it was physical, magical, ki, or otherwise. The Reaper must choose only one type of weapon outside of the Scythe in this way. The specialized weapon, chosen by the Reaper, is then absorbed into the Armor and the Scythe, allowing them to call this weapon at any point in time but cannot be dual-wielded with the Scythe (there DOES exist exceptions: see GM for details). Upon becoming a Reaper, the user can never attack more than 10 times per round, no matter what their stats say. Should specify attacks are limited while wielding the Scythe, other attacks should not be altered, though they do not get the Scythe bonuses even if the alternate weapon happens to be a scythe. EXAMPLE: Sly, when using his chains, would still have his normal attacks, but not have access to any of the special abilities of the Scythe.
Base Stats
4d20 crit 15-20 x2/x10
Can be "focused" to increase crit modifier by 1 for each time it's focused, up to x10
Can absorb HP (maximum of scythe damage) if Crit Attack is succesful (50% chance - must roll higher than 50 on a d100 check)
On a Double Crit, the Scythe has a 75% chance to absorb (90% with This is why I love My Scythe, 100% with Fear the Reaper.)
Written in Blood - The magic that creates the Reapers of Wee Jas also creates a strange by-product ability, that is magical in nature and yet is classified as abilities: Blood Magic. This specialized version is almost always classified as Shadow Energy, yet the effects are as if cast by dynamic sorcery. This is important as certain abilities or spells that hinder or neutralize Shadow Energy or Magical Energy will never hinder Blood Magic, only if both are neutralized at the same time. Written in Blood allows the Reaper to cast this specialized form of Blood Magic. Needs clarification. Is this the blood magic listed later or all spells cast once you have become a Reaper?
Bring Forth the Scythe: Needs to be written
Boomerang Scythe - At this point in time, the Reaper may choose to attack targets up to 50 feet away, each attack consisting of throwing the scythe and willing it to return. Should the Scythe be somehow blocked from returning, the Boomerang affect wears off and the scythe drops to the ground, unable to be moved by any save for the Reaper or another Reaper. This affect is weak to reality-warping effects.
Reaching Scythe - At this point in time, the Scythe transforms so that the haft now has chain hidden within it, allowing it to stretch out and attack targets up to 100 feet away. Also, the Scythe's Boomerang effect now increases to 100 feet. The boomerang ability should go farther than the scythe's reach, because of the chain lengthening the weapon
Empowered Soul - By absorbing the souls of others, you can increase your own power. Each soul absorbed in such a fashion gives you 10 HP and EP, but may piss off Wee Jas if done so without permission.
Delicious Birdcage - Upon killing a target, the Reaper may make an attempt to capture the soul, if there is one. Dice shootout directly with the GM to determine if the Reaper can claim the soul for their own use (no maximum limit). Upon successfully capturing a soul, you can keep them for as long as you want, but be warned: certain souls are stronger than others, and may attempt to combat the Reaper for control of the Reaper's body. Losing control to a soul "dishonors" the Reaper, and they will suffer greatly certain consequences (not all at first, but any and up to) - "freezing" of job, loss of use of Armor and Scythe, loss of Wee Jas points, and perhaps worse. Note: you can only absorb one soul as many times as your constitution modifier per day. Maybe a possibility of reinforcing the “cage” in some way can be figured out.
Double Scythe - The Reaper can now dual-wield a second scythe, one with the same stats and abilities as the first. The Reaper may now attack up to their maximum number of attacks allowable (beyond 10). The Reaper may utilize the second weapon as if they had all the two-handed feats for both weapons and defense, even if they don't have the required feats. Should be a level or two lower while moving more powerful abilities higher
This Is Why I Love My Scythe - from now on, upon a successful attack with the Scythe, the Scythe has the chance (25% - i.e. roll 76or higher on a d100 check) to absorb HP and EP from the target, up to a maximum of Scythe damage.
Fear The Reaper - the ability to absorb HP and EP from the target is increased to 25% upon successful attack. Same percentage as This is Why I Love My Scythe ability, needs to be higher.
Empowered Armor - by absorbing souls from the Delicious Birdcage, you can improve your Armor's defense rating by 1 for each soul absorbed this way. Can only be done during the first round of combat, and is considered a full-round action (must be done at the beginning of the round). The defense rating lasts until end of combat. With how little AC matters in your game, this might be better to work into a boost to DMR
Blood Armor - by sacrificing HP, you can improve your Armor's defense rating by 1 per 50 hp invested. The defense rating lasts until end of combat. Takes up one action.
Battle Bulking - As a free action, the Reaper can double their overall armor rating until the end of round. Costs 1/5 of your EP total. This ability also protects the Reaper against flanking, and they are considered not flat-footed even during a surprise round. If done as a counter, then it costs 50 EP. A 1 round boost is not much for the drastic cost… maybe raise the duration to the combat, unless used as a counter.
Living on a Prayer - the Reaper learns the ultimate ability of their job, the ability to at-will (as a free action) switch their HP from a normal HP to a specialized version: their HP is frozen at 1, but should their EP ever drop to 0 then they go back to the normal HP setting. While in this special Reaper Mode, all damage done to HP is done to EP instead, and EP refreshes at an additional 10/round (stacks with current refresh rate). While in this mode, you cannot increase your HP beyond 1, and all abilities that request an investment of HP cannot be used. Any and all HP absorbed during this mode is considered wasted and gone. During this mode, any attacks done to you spiritually has a strong chance of slamming you out of this mode, but only if the damage dealt in one blow is greater than your faith points total. Dice shootout determines if you stay in Reaper Mode or not. Would only truly be useful if the reaper was a spell caster previously, which is unlikely. Needs a rework to make sense.
A Pound of Flesh - Secret Ability. Gonna hafta figure it out, yo.
Blood Attacks
Note: Blood "counters" can only be chosen once per round. You cannot combine counterattacks that are Blood Magic in nature. Using a "blood checkpoint" or any other measurement of blood for a Blood Attack will use the blood up and cannot be used for anything else. Go on and spill some more blood.
Raining Blood - upon taking damage, the Reaper can immediately counterattack any and all targets who have attacked them at any point in time during combat, their spilled blood become bloody clones of themselves. This can only be done once per combat, and does not allow the Reaper to absorb HP and EP in such a fashion, but does Scythe damage against all who have attacked them up to this point. This counts as a counterattack.
Blood Market - upon taking damage, the Reaper can immediately create a lifeline with the attacker. All damage or healing done to the Reaper will affect the attacker as well. Can be done on only one target at a time.
Blood Trap - upon taking damage at any point in time during combat, the Reaper's spilled blood now becomes a checkpoint for them. At any point in time, as a free action, they may activate the checkpoints to "entangle" any nearby enemies, paralyzing them for one round. Afterwards, the blood used disappears.
Blood Shuffle - upon taking damage at any point in time during combat, the Reaper's spilled blood now becomes a checkpoint for them. The Reaper can, as a free action, teleport to that checkpoint no matter how far it is. Are there planar limits, can it be blocked by force magic? these are important questions
Seek and Destroy - upon taking damage, as a counterattack the Reaper can choose to pay 50 EP and designate a "targeting reticule" on the attacker. Until a new designation is made, any and all end result damage done to the target is doubled.
Hemo-clone - Sacrifices HP to create a miniature version of the Reaper. This "multibody" does additional Scythe damage once per round to whatever target the Reaper designates (the multibody attacks immediately after the Reaper's turn). You must first designate however many clones you wish to make, then how powerful they are (roll Scythe damage then apply to each multibody). All clones are considered to have your armor rating, and HP is set to the amount of damage they can dish out per round. Should any spell affect the clone, it will affect the Reaper.
For every 100 HP invested, a new clone is created.
For every 10 HP invested, the clone's power is increased by 1/10. 100 HP = full Scythe damage per round, full Scythe damage number for HP per clone. Remember, HP must be sacrificed for EACH clone.
Note: let's say you want 5 clones at full power, full hp. That's 1000 HP you gotta sacrifice. If my mathematics are off, please lemme know, but there you have it.
Special Attacks
Note: ALL Special Attacks learned by the Reaper crit at an additional x4 added to the crit modifier
Crab Strike - a low-blow that forces a target to become flat-footed until they regain their footing (Dex check DC20). Costs 15 EP, does Scythe damage. All Scythe bonuses take effect upon succesful attack.
Snip the Thread - a strike that attacks a target's very soul, doing damage directly to their stats. Costs 25 EP, does Scythe damage to either Str, Dex, or Con. All Scythe bonuses take effect upon succesful attack.
Weirding Shears - a cross-specialization attack that allows the Reaper to move without being stopped. Disappearing from sight the Reaper appears and, alongside a twin made of energy, cross-slashes a single target. This affects any one target up to 100 feet away, cannot be countered, and does double Scythe damage upon hitting. All Scythe bonuses take effect upon succesful attack (x2, actually) and count as one hit in terms of defense and attack rolls.
Chain Gatling - giving up the entire round, the Reaper does Scythe damage to all targets within a 100 foot range in all directions. Costs 50 EP. All Scythe bonuses take effect upon succesful attack.
Massacre - by giving up the entire round, the Reaper can perform a special attack that strikes all targets within range. By forcibly absorbing blood from the targets, the Reaper does massive damage (1000 points dealt out however they wish amongst however many targets they wish) and changes the battlefield to Slippery status for the rest of combat. Upon declaring the attack though, the Reaper must give up their EP total to 1 and HP to 10, and must survive a system shock test (50% or higher) lest they themselves are brought down to 1 HP as well and unable to continue combat no matter how they're healed. Can only be done once per day. Chain Gatling does better damage without the drawbacks, needs some reworking.
Seeeecret ability can be figured out here, but only if your gnosis is 200 or higher. Upon hitting Gnosis 200, all targets that have a lower gnosis will not only take the damage dealt up to 1000 hp damage…but that much in HP and EP can be absorbed by the Reaper so long as the Reaper survives the system shock requirements. So instead of being brought down to HP 10 and EP 1, the Reaper can, in fact, get raised up to +1000 HP and EP! Remember kids: the ultimate ability of the scythe allows the Reaper to absorb damage dealt as both HP AND EP! That's the gist of the Reaper's ultimate power.

Reaper update notes by TordenTorden, 10 Dec 2010 21:54

After Deep Six:

Job- Take over Shizane's Job as "Right Hand Girl" for "Harkonen Kraze… aka Bahumet", 10MB per mnth

Dynamic Sorcerer - now attending Young Woman's Magical Academy, during down time

Biker Gang- Nights are spent training with D'Grayde against inter-dimensional threats with her gang. All of them have returned, save for her second, Sadaharu. He left sighting a difference in personal beliefs. Meanwhile, the twins X and Y, Whiz Kid (who has grown considerably), Boomer, and Mickey are still around and support her. Gives Dimensional Sealing ability

Chou-Cho's father has come back to BHG, choosing to rejoin Unit 13.5 as opposed to living in seclusion with the other elves.

Chou-Cho Update by AzurinaAzurina, 06 Dec 2010 23:46

WAH-HAH, youse guys have made it! Since you have, enjoy the "second half" updates and such…I'm in the process of updating the wiki now to reflect these updates, but here's what you can look forward to in the meantime:

New General Abilities Unleashed
Chain Attacks (no, it's not what you think, Sly!)!

New "Fun" Experience Bonuses
Teamwork Bonus!
Cool Effects Bonus!

New Uber Jobs Unleashed
All divine-based jobs available
All Gnosis-based scores can be viewed (via a feat)
Learn more about Gnosis and the "levels of existence!"

The Mentor System becomes available
Spell Creation!
Counter/Interrupts! They're legal now!!
Learn the in/famous spells and abilities of awesome NPC's from the game!

New gaming systems and such becomes available!
The Ally System!
The Elan System (gnosis-based abilities and extras due to reaching a certain number of gnosis)

The Y.M.C.A. becomes available
Learn more about magic and its' usages.
Make your character a much more well-rounded kinda person.

The N.R.A. becomes available
Volunteer your services to help improve nature.
Volunteer to help improve Neo-Tokyo itself!
Volunteer your time to help mentor young students whom you may or may not know.

Tour the newly-unlocked "areas"
Go to Hell! Literally.
Go to other dimensions.
Go to homeworlds of other gods, so long as they abide the Pantheon Pact!
Tour the world!

New Skills/Feats/abilities to snag!
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HALFTIIIIIEM! by Harkonnen KrazeHarkonnen Kraze, 04 Dec 2010 00:22

Are there any other god/desses y'all feel'd be cool to have a faith table for? I know Tiamat's been bandied about, and Kaegro really should have one…but are there any other suggestions for god/desses? Keep in mind, the Four Infernal Kings and the so-called Demon Gods/Demon Goddesses don't inexactly count…they usually grant the same things.

I'm also gonna be posting up Karma's cult faith table - easiest thing ever, since every level simply grants Miracle or Wish. Heh.

Titanic Elder (Uber Class)

1-49 Harbinger
50 Both (Holy Diver)
51-100 Geoverlord

Hit Dice: d10 Skill points: 8+Int Modifier

Class Skills: all Geomancer skills, Knowledge (Planes), Knowledge (Religion), Knowledge (Music), Knowledge (Occult)

Requirements: Channel Geo, Elemental Affinity, 100 Gnosis, survive "The Terrible Price" mission

Note: all Titanic Elder abilities stack with Geomancer levels whenever called for. When one first opens up Titanic Elder, one must roll a 1d100 to determine whether or not the Geomancer will become a Harbinger (defensive/healing abilities), a Geoverlord (offensive and attack boost spells and abilities), or the rarest and most powerful of them all: the Holy Diver (combines all of them)

Level Base Attack Fort Ref Will Specials
1 +0 +2 +1 +10 Ultimate Terrakinetics, Geo Synch, Path Assignment, Energy Bonus, Level 10 spells opened up
2 +0 +2 +2 +10 Energy Bonus, Elemental Companion, Special Attack, Imbue (Element)
3 +0 +2 +3 +10 Level 11 spells opened up, Energy Bonus, Intergalactic Planetary
4 +0 +4 +4 +10 Energy Bonus, Special Attack
5 +0 +4 +5 +10 Negative Element, Imbue (Double Elements), Energy Bonus
6 +0 +4 +6 +10 Energy Bonus, Special Attack
7 +0 +6 +7 +10 Level 12 spells opened up, Energy Bonus
8 +0 +8 +8 +10 Energy Bonus, Imbue (Multiple Elements)
9 +0 +8 +9 +10 Armageddon, Energy Bonus, Special Attack
10 +0 +10 +10 +20 Positive Element, Dark Matter, Energy Bonus, Imbue (Negative Elements), Level 13 spells opened up, Ultima, Energy Bonus+2

Ultimate Terrakinetics - so long as the Geomancer is synched with the power of Geo, the gain access to the ultimate tier of Terrakinetics. 200 EP, 100 Plant Strength, and can raise or drop whole islands.

Geo Synch - by Synching up once per day, for the rest of the day (until the Geomancer sleeps) the Geomancer is considered synched with the power of Geo without further need for checks. Gains an additional +10 versus attempts to break the synch.

Path Assignment - upon becoming a Titanic Elder, the player must roll 1d100 to determine which version they will become, each with their own specific level abilities.

Harbinger: Defense and healing is emphasized with this path, with higher AC.

Geoverlord: Offensive attacks, spells, and capabilities are emphasized with this path. Geoverlords also enjoy a higher HP then Harbingers, since they must combine their own life with the power of Geo.

Holy Diver: The ultimate combination of both Geoverlord and Harbinger, Holy Divers excel at all of them. There is only one known Holy Diver in existence, but perhaps there is another…

Level 10/11/12/13 Spells - at various intervals, the Titanic Elder can cast spells of an elemental nature as if a dynamic sorcerer of that level.

Elemental Companion - At second level, the Elder gains the ability to call forth a superior companion alongside their first, one that is a pure elemental. The elementals' level is set at the original companions', but is for all intensive purpose set at the same stats as the Monster Manual elementals.

Elemental types are set at only Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Summoning the Elemental counts as a free action, as well as dispelling it…or it will be auto-dispelled at the end of combat.

Elementals can fight alongside your original companion, but lacks the protections against being dispelled by outside forces or anti-magic measures. If a successful dispel is cast or used, then the Elemental cannot be summoned forth for 12 hours or the character gives up 1/4 of their hp.

Imbue (Element) - allows the user to imbue a weapon they hold with the element of their choice so long as they can wield it, doing double end damage to elements of opposed nature. This can affect natural weapons. This grants a +1d10 bonus to the end damage dealt.

Imbue (Double Element) - same, but allows the user to imbue two elements (so long as they are not opposed). Does double end damage to either elements opposed (no reductions or drawbacks), and adds +2d10 instead of 1d10. This is an act of creating an Advanced Element, and can only be done by the Elder while imbuing.

Imbue (Multiple Element) - same, but now the user must pass a Concentration and Will check of DC30 in order to fuse opposing elements to the weapon. Grants up to +4d12 to end damage, crit is increased to 19-20 x4, and will triple end damage against any and all elements opposing those imbued.

Imbue (Negative Elements) - Ultimately, the Titanic Elder is able to handle the "Negative Elements," but cannot handle both normal elements and Negative Elements at the same time. Adds +4d20 to end damage, crit is increased to 15-20 x4, and ALL Advanced and Basic elements are considered opposed, even if only one Negative Element is being used. Otherwise, does x4 end damage against all opposing elements.

Special Attack - the Titanic Elder gains 4 special attacks as they progress through levels. These special attacks are set at d12 instead of d8, but for all other purposes follow under the same rules.

Energy Bonus - at various levels the Elder gains an Energy Bonus.

Intergalactic Planetary - The Elder is now one with the world upon synching with Geo. By focusing (a Concentration check of at least DC30), the Elder can, at will, enter into the planetary consciousness that exists and seek information, wisdom, or knowledge. This works on any planet they are on, so long as they can synch with the Geo source of that planet.

Armageddon - By now the Titanic Elder has gained the ability to cause a tectonic shift on the planetary level. The Elder is entrusted with the secrets laid at the core of the world, but will find themselves unable to stop should the Will of the World taps them for this ability. One Elder is all that's needed to set off a new ice age, two Elders can cause such havoc that the entire planet will be destroyed. As such, it is known that there is at least three Elders out and about in the world, with the possibility of a fourth one as well…

Negative Element - At level 5, the Elder is able to handle the Negative Elements, those Elements beyond Advanced. Due to the nature of the universe, it's easier to acquire the ability to handle the Negative Elements before you can handle your own soul and blood.

Positive Element - At level 10, the Elder is able to handle the Positive Elements, the Elements that exist beyond the Negative plane. At this point, the Elder can not only handle the forces of the universe through Geo, but Souls, Blood, and more.

Dark Matter - Outside of the elemental chart lays a energy source that is more abundant than the galaxy itself. At this point, the Titanic Elder can summon Dark Matter from the outer reaches of space to a special containment space formed by their cupped palms. If used as a thrown weapon, this can cause various effects (up to, but not the least or greatest, 20d20+GM's verification towards structural damage to the planet, your surroundings, you, and more) but can also be used for other methods as well.

Ultima - 100 points of damage. No saving throws, no AC to block, no defense roll, it Speed Checks at 20. A spell of incredible power that can only be wielded by the strongest, and most properly trained of Titanic Elders. 50 ep.

Exclusive spells and abilities by level for each type

1 Turf and Surf - summoning up a tidal wave from underground waters, the Geoverlord can heal allies and do damage to all enemies within a 100 foot range for 2d20. Their AC is also improved by the same amount for 1d10 rounds. This counts as a magical attack, not a special attack.

2 When the Levee Breaks - Imbuing their fists with Geo energy, the Geoverlord is able to perform an attack on allies that heals them instead of doing damage, up to the maximum amount of their unarmed damage (with bonuses and such) before crit. If they wish to roll to do additional heal ability with their crit, they may, but they must overcome the AC of their chosen target.

3 Wake the Dead version 1 - The Geoverlord is able to give up a round to magically awaken a small fighting unit of the dead (see Zombie section of DnD), up to 1d6 zombies. If they are not killed during battle, then they crawl back to their lair at the end of battle. The Grateful Dead do not count as evil creatures, nor are they malignant zombies but rather former Geomancers who have sacrificed their lives to service. Keep this in mind always.

4 Knockout - At this level all Geomancers' unarmed strikes count as Double Crit so long as they have imbued their fists with their chosen element.

5 Titan Form - A special altered form the Geoverlord can enter into by giving up an entire round (must be done from the start of a round). The Titan's unarmed attacks all gain "+Spellcraft score" to their damage before crit.

6 Synch the World - Once per day, the Geoverlord can give up a round to heal themselves completely, up to double their current maximum hit point total. All hit points gained as such are considered temporary hit points and will vanish at the end of combat.

7 Wake the Dead version 2 - This is like version 1, only the Geoverlord may now summon 3d10 zombies.

8 Destruction - Instead of causing a worldwide Armageddon, the Geoverlord can cause an incredibly localized one, completely destroying life within one mile of themselves. This does not affect certain types of creatures or anyone with a higher gnosis than the Geoverlord. If done as such, Destruction can cause 20d20 to all caught within the zone of attack.

9 The Tyrant - An upgraded version of Titan Form that allows the Geoverlord to absorb their Familiar into their armor, effectively doubling their stats.

10 Wake the Dead version 3 - Like version 2, only now the Geoverlord can summon up to 5d20 zombies.

10 The Wheel - A secret ability that can be performed only by Geoverlords.

1 Ultimate Synch - The Harbinger, upon learning Ultimate Synch, can never be broken out of synch. Only a power with 250 gnosis higher can ever do such.

2 Geofount - Upon actively synching with Geo power, the Harbinger's ep can never be drained and is counted as "near-infinite." It takes one full round to do so.

3 The Foundation - A magical spell that, upon being cast, casts a specialized Geo Armor over as many targets as the Harbinger has Geo levels (Geomancer + Harbinger), improving their AC by the same number as those levels. This also grants them regen, refresh, and a one-time heal upon being cast at the same number.

4 The Friend of My Enemies - The Harbinger selects one target. All allies of that target are drained of 2d20 hp and ep. All targets hit by this spell also suffer Berserk if they can't make a Will DC40 check.

5 Groundwalk - There is no place the Harbinger can walk to. So long as they are synched with the world they are on, they can walk on any element no matter how destructive so long as it's a natural part of the world (water, lava, air, etc). Also the Harbinger suffers no fatigue or drain while walking, covering vast distances whilst striding forth.

6 Message in a Bottle - By whispering into the wind (or into any form of natural element), the Harbinger can send messages as if using Magic Mouth.

7 To Know The World - While synched, nothing happens within the world that the Harbinger does not know. Being one with the world allows them the ability to see all events happening on the planet at the same time. It takes a Concentration check (DC50) in order to find specific information and to continue beyond one round though.

8 The Awareness - While synched, the Harbinger can add +Spellcraft to all fort/ref/will saves, AC, and attack rolls. This is a magical ability.

9 Chakra Overload - by manipulating energies within the body, a Harbinger can heal a person naturally through their own natural resources. Allows the Harbinger to add their Spellcraft score as well as their Healing to the score (on top of a xd20 roll, where x = Harbinger + Geomancer levels) to heal HP back. This counts as a skill check, not a magical ability.

10 Awakening of the World - once per day, the Harbinger can draw Geo (Concentration check 60, you may add Harbinger+Geomancer levels as an additional modifier) in massive quantities and share its' strength with their allies. Doing so, they can completely heal HP and EP to their max totals to an entire army (up to 10,000 targets). No single target can go above their max totals using this ability.

10 The War - A secret ability that can be performed only by Harbingers.

Holy Diver (gains both Harbinger AND Geoverlord abilities, but also gains these)
1 Eldritch Weapon - the Holy Diver is entrusted with a weapon, one so great that it can only be held in check within the heart of the world. This weapon can never be sundered, will only follow the commands of the Diver or the World itself, and can sunder any armor or weapon that is under Gnosis 700. The damage dealt is insurmountable, will not regenerate, and upon taking ANY damage the target must make a Fortitude 40DC check or die immediately. Damage is set at 2d20, crit 19-20 x5.

3 Gate of the Gods - the Holy Diver can, at any point in time, now terraport at will to any planet they have synched with. During this time they cannot be intercepted or attacked, and if used during combat (50 ep and a Willpower DC50 check) allows the Diver to perform an attack of their choosing to an enemy as if the enemy is flat-footed, surprised, flanked, and back-attacked.

7 Stranger Eons - the Holy Diver gains the ability to, as many times per day as levels of Elder acquired, drain all damage dealt to both HP and EP equally (if you drain 100 damage, it's 100 HP and EP back for you) until the end of combat.

9 I Am Power - the Holy Diver is now able to become one with the planet they have synched with, and are now able to draw forth its' full potential during battle. They gain access to the Dive Mode, increasing their ability modifiers by +10, their HP and EP is now one with the worlds' (not endless, but let's face it, that's more then you can hope for), and they will be unable to grow in any other job the Diver may have, nor can they HAVE new jobs. Further, this can only be done for one combat, then the Diver requires three days and three nights of rest (84 hours starting after the end of combat).

10 Absolute - Works once per day. Allows the Diver to target the strongest enemy they are facing, and their stats are increased to 1 higher than theirs. This is considered an overpowered ability, and works on ALL stats (including Gnosis). After the combat is over, the Diver will return to their normal stats. Permanency will not affect any stat increases, nor miracles or wishes.

10 The Hub - A secret ability that can be performed only by Holy Divers. Note: while Holy Divers can learn all other abilities of Harbinger and Geoverlord on top of their own, they cannot learn their secret abilities.

Background: Her mother was human, Greek, and devoted to Aphrodite. Her father is Elven and a craftsman in Neo-Tokyo, building Elvish motorcycles. Her parents were very much in love, but her mother was not allowed to move to Neo-Tokyo with her father. Her mother instead chose to stay in Greece and raise her there. When Althaia was 7, her mother died. It seemed like a freak accident, but could be related to a Magical Girl incident.
After her mom died, Althaia moved to Neo-Tokyo with her father. Due to her mostly Elvish looks, she was able to blend in a bit better then some others my have, but she is still ostracized for her half-humanness. She does fairly well in school, and excels when it comes to anything related to motorcycles, including her biker gang and club.

Appearance: 5'9, 125#, hazel eyes, very long auburn hair, pixie like facial features, very slender/elfish frame, 32 lrg B breasts; normal outfit is knee high, lace up black leather boots; thigh high stockings; black leather halter top; black bell sleeved gloves attached to ring on middle fingers, with leather belt style bands at top of arms, just below shoulders; black leather cloak attached with purple, green, black and blue butterfly wings attached to back; always wears three rings on left hand and four on right; a butterfly clip in hair; a silver chain with a chrome key attached to it, this is the key to her bike and only comes off when she's riding
Also posses a silver, turquoise and aquamarine ring bestowed to her by Aphrodite and a KNH Experimental Teleportation ring.

Magic Girl: outfit and persona: Upon power up, becomes Chou-Cho (the Japanese word for butterfly). Outfit is thigh high black pleather boots with a dark crimson band on the thigh; dark crimson bikini panties; black pleather, sleeveless corset top with built in skirting, trimmed with crimson and with crimson ties, black leather sleeves with crimson trimming and a crimson band at the top of the arm, black leather collar attached to winged cape from original outfit
+10 AC when worn; Armor rating, DmR4; Magic Armor, DmR4; Soulbound; Genebound; Calls Motorcycle

Bike: A gift from her father, this is the bike that used to belong to her mother. When powered up, the bike takes the form of a dragon fly, complete with wings. It is blue and black, with chrome and a sort of aura about it. It hosts the persona of her mentor, D'Graid. When possessing her bike, he takes the form of a gold butterfly decal on the gas tank.
Has 220 speed; +3MB; 3 Armour; 60 HP; add dex mod to reflex saves; Jump 1; reinforced shocks; multiple engine/motor mods; soul bound; 2 toughness

Harley A vintage Harley Davidson, completely restored with a red, black, and chrome color scheme. Improvements to Speed and Handling. Open slots for upgrades, armor and weapons.
has 200 speed; 0-100 in 3 sec; can make hairpin turns; stops on a dime; enchanted windshield

Key: The key to Althaia'smother's bike doubles as the base of her wand. This is her item of power and her most treasured possession besides her bike. Again, it is a hand-me-down from her mother, but very precious to her.

Wand: The key to Althaia's bike transforms into her wand when she becomes the magic girl.
Bowie Knife/Dagger: A gift from her father when she learned to fight. Very treasured and dear to her. Kept very sharp and always strapped to her thigh.
1d6+5; x2 Crit

Character Sheet Stats:
Chaotic Neutral, Magic Girl – 7, Hot Rodder – 4, Dynamic Sorcerer- 1, ECL 12,
Gnosis – 55, EXP – 64,200, Favor Points - 10

Ability Scores
STR 19 +4
DEX 24 +7
CON 19 +4
INT 27 +8
WIS 22 +6
CHA 21 +5

Base Attack Bonus – 10
Knife – attack bonus 10, damage 1d6+5+3, crit x2
Melee – 8 total, 5 hit, 3 damage
Leap Attack- 37 total, 12 melee attack + 2 bonus + 25 half of jump

HP/EP - 163/146 Speed – 60 Init Mod - +18 Grapple Mod – 14= 10 + 4

Saving Throws
Fort – 10 = 4 + 4 + 0 + 2
Reflex – 21 (26) = 9 + 8 + 2* +5** +2* * Z Run bonus, ** dex bonus while on bike, * Lightning Reflexes
Will – 12 = 4 + 6 + 2

Conditional Modifiers
Immune to Sleep
+2 against Enchantments

Armor Class
AC in Suit - 31 = 10 + 0 + 5 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 8 armor, + 8 dmg reduction
AC out - 17 = 10 + 0 + 5 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0
Touch AC - 5
Flat Footed AC - 18/10

Racial Traits/Features
Concentration w/Intelligence – 1
Detectable w/Wisdom – 1
Easily Distracted w/Motorcycles – 2
Guy Magnet w/Fan Base – 1
Magical Restriction w/ Costume – 3
Nemesis – Porn Guild – 1
Nemesis – Valarian Widowmaker – 3
Phobia – Snakes
Marked – 1
Item of Power – 4x1
Organizational Ties – 3x1 Biker Club
Personal Gear – 2x1
Magic – 4x1
Unknown Superpower – 1x3
Healing – 1x4
Highly Skilled – 1x1
Damn Healthy – 2x2
Special Attack – 2x4
Special Attack – 2x0
Energy Bonus – 2x3
Finisher – 2x0
Servant- 4x0
Flight – 1x0
Flunkies- 3x0x2
Immune to Sleep - +2 save to Enchantment
Low Light Vision
Elven Blood
Dimensional Sealing

Ambidextrous- added dex, can use both hands for weapons
Block Range Attack- +2 to saving rolls against ranged attacks
Deflection- if block is effective, can deflect the attack without damaging the object
Improvised Weapons- lowers negative penalty of using untrained weapons
Exotic Weapons – Wrenches
Improved Initiativex2
Leap Attack- if int is higher then attacker, can make a leap attack; if successful, extra +2 to damage and half of Jump
skill. If unsuccessful, -4 penalty to defense checks
Great Fortitude
Iron Will
Lightning Reflexes

Biker Cant

Skills- 11 total ranks/5.5 cross class
Balance – 8 = 3 + 5
Bluff – 6 = 2 + 4
Concentration – 13 = 9 + 4
Disable Device – 9 = 2 + 7
Gamble - 5 = 1 + 4
Investigate – 9 = 2 + 7
Jump – 49 = 5 + 4 + 40
Knowledge Arcana – 8 = 2 + 6
Knowledge Cult. Arts – 8 = 2 + 6
Knowledge Local – 8 = 2 + 6
Knowledge Occult – 8 = 2 + 6
Knowledge Police Sciences – 7 = 1 + 6
Knowledge Mechanics – 9 = 3 + 6
Listen – 7 = 2 + 4 + 1
Perform Dance – 5 = 1 + 4
Perform Sing – 5 = 1 + 4
Profession – right hand girl 8 = 4 + 4
Profession – dynamic sorcerer 6 = 2 + 4
Repair - 8 = 4 + 4
Ride/Drive – 15 = 9 + 6
Search – 10 = 3 + 6 + 1
Sense Motive – 5 = 1 + 4
Spellcraft - 24 = 20 + 4
Spot – 9 = 4 + 4 + 1
Sports- Gymnastics 12 = 6 + 6
Swim – 4 = 1 + 4
Tumble – 8 = 2 + 6
Use Magic Device – 10 = 6 + 4

Combat Skills
Archery – 0
Gamble – 0
Gun Combat – 0
Melee Attack – 10 (5 hit, 3 damage)
Navigate – 0
Pilot – 0
Power Usage – 0
Ranged Def – 6
Read Lips – 0
Repair – 5
Special Range Attack – 8 (50% each)
Thrown Weapons – 0
Unarmed Defense – 5
Wall Running – 3
Z Running – 3

Complete Tool Box
Laptop – Fugisaki x23; smaller then a cell phone, virtual keyboard and screen, works day or night
Tamagachi pet

Money: 312mb, 999gold

Spells: 7x per day: Magic Hand- Close range, 25ft +5ft every 2 lvls(45ft total at level 8), move object up to 15ft; Cure Light Wounds – 1d8 dmg, + 1 point per level +10 for Healing attribute; Fireball- long range, 400 ft + 40ft per lvl, 20ft radius, 1d6 per lvl to max of 10d6

Special Attacks:
Monster Mariposa lvl 2- static; short range; slow; limited; homing; unique ability; 360 degree targeted; A butterfly is created in the palm of her hand, and is released. As it flies toward the opponent it splits into a swarm of butterflies which then attack the opponent.
5D8+4; adds +4 to roll and +4 to damage
Wrenching Pain lvl 2- uses energy; melee; extra energy; drain mind; The wand is transformed into a huge wrench. The opponent is then pummeled by the wrench. The resulting head injury leaves the opponent “durped”.
10 E.P; 4d8+8 int dmg
HIDDEN - Ki Ribon- uses energy; short range; slow; static; limited shots; vampiric; drain energy; affects incorporeal; upon use, electrical charged ribbons shoot from Althaia's hands and surround the opponent's head and chest. They are both electrocuted and drained of energy. The energy is then absorbed by Althaia. This can only be used 3 times before a 1hr rest is required.
4D8+2; dmg + Enegry drain; energy and regen = to dmg dealt
Mariposa Madness- Butterfly Caught by Massive Attack
The song begins and everyone appears in a black room filled with purple and green smoke/swirls. As I begin dancing to the music, a blueish purple pentacle apears on the floor beneath the opponent and starts to spin clockwise, matching the speed of my dance. The smoke swirls around the opponent and a part of it begins to form into an evil looking green and black butterfly with razor sharp wings. For a split second everything pauses; I stop dancing, the pentacle stops spinning, and the vapors stop swirling around the opponent. The opponent has this moment to see the butterfly and respond in shock or surprise before the butterfly slams into their chest. Upon impact, the music starts back up and I begin to dance faster and faster. The pentacle and vapors both match the speed of my dance, swirling in the opposite direction. The vapors form into dozens of butterflies which spin around the opponent slicing him into ribbons. As I clap my hands in the final pose of my dance, the music stops. In the instant that I stop, the pentacle stops spinning and the butterflies, which appear to the party members as vapor swirls, divide into equal groups and converge on all injured party members. The butterflies slam into the party members, healing them. #of butterflies = 1d10 x 1d10; 1 butterfly = 1d6

Burnout Revenge- Demon Speedway by Rob Zombie
Camera opens on a drag strip in a dessert area. The opponent is standing in the middle of the strip, near the finish line. The music starts and the camera pans back over to the starting line; Althaia revs the motor and the light turns green. She takes off on the bike roaring all out, tearing up through the gears as quickly as can and popping a wheelie. She is bearing straight for the the opponent. About 10ft from the opponent, there is a short ramp on the ground. She takes the ramp and the bike jumps about (head high to the opponent) feet in the air. The back tire connects with opponent's face and she rides him down to the pavement. * finish cancel here *
Road Rage - 50% of dmg dealt given as hp for 1d4 rounds
After making connection with the ground, Althaia smiles rather wickedly at and winks to the camera, while proceeding to burn off of on the opponent's face. Pained screams are muffled by the roar of the bike's engine and Althaia's slightly maniacal laughter. Streams of blood, chunks of flesh and brain and pieces of bone are flying through the air as she continues to grind his face into the pavement. The road is soon drenched in crimson. Althaia drive's the bike off the body and looks back over her shoulder. The opponent's body is twitching and their skull is almost completely obliterated. As the song ends, with one last wicked smirk, and a slight nod, she drives off down the strip towards the dessert.
Burnout Revenge – 1d12 for #of d20; add d20s for total damage

Re: Chou-Cho's Origin by AzurinaAzurina, 01 Dec 2010 22:50
Sly's Mask by TordenTorden, 01 Dec 2010 09:16

Ranged Attack Skill

As it has been pointed out, there IS no "official" ranged attack skill. This is usually because "dex modifier" is the one used, but it doesn't match the flavor (i.e. - HOW CAN I HOLD ALL THESE NUMBERS?!) of the game, so we're instituting two new skills and changing a past written ruling.

Ranged Attack (Focus: To Hit)
Ranged Attack (Focus: Damage)

Much like the other combat skills, these do not use ability modifiers to increase, only straight ranks, and at the usual three skill points per rank. As usual, To Hit goes onto your attack roll, and Damage simply adds to direct damage.

Now, because of this new skill, I have to screw with the Ranged Attack skills ruling (Gun Combat, archery, etc.). From now on, the ruling is as follows -

Those under this table will be presented under a special "accuracy" program when tallying focused, concentrated sniping attempts. So long as you are unseen, unnoticed, or simply attacking from behind, then you may apply the ranks (halved) in the specific skill towards your crit modifier. I.E. - if you have 10 ranks of Gun Combat, and are attempting to snipe, you may increase your crit attack by 5. You may only go up to 10 in any of these specific ranks, and each rank still costs 3 skill points.

Gun Combat
Heavy Weapons
Thrown Weapons

Iaijutsu, Iaijutsu Focus, and the General Ability itself

Available as of now to samurai, kensai, and appropriate jobs (ask the GM), are the Iaijutsu general ability. It reads as follows:

Iaijutsu Strike - during the first round action of combat, you may instead of drawing your weapon perform a Iaijutsu attack. First you must focus (at the cost of 25 ep), then you use your Iaijutsu Focus instead of making an attack roll. All crits are at 18-20, nonstackable with crit improving feats or abilities, and will always crit at x3. Any points over 20 from Iaijutsu Focus are added on as direct damage, added in before the crit count. Iaijutsu (after focusing) completely ignores AC of any kind, and opponent is always considered flat-footed (even in situations where they are not). Cannot be stacked with backstab attacks, and opponent must know you're there.

Note: instead of simply focusing for the crit, you may attempt to roll the dice AND add your Iaijutsu Focus value to attempt a Double Crit (hit 40 with dice roll + skill value). If so, crit modifier is improved to x5 for a grand total of x10.

Further notation: While you CAN Iaijutsu through just about anything, it should be noted that it is still at the GM's discretion whether or not you can. Gnosis is still a point, as well as the sheer power of it's defenses. If it's a simple Plate Mail + Mage Armor, you can Iaijutsu through it like a hot knife through butter. If it's Absolute Perfection, you're shit outta luck. Also you can only use Iaijutsu at the START of the battle, it costs the entire round and, above all, you can only use it once per battle. Upon being unsheathed, a katana cannot Iaijutsu again until the next battle. Mind you, there MUST be at least five minutes cooldown between battles to qualify as a "next battle," i.e. - if your battlesense tells you that you're still in combat, and "end of combat" has not occurred, then you cannot Iaijutsu again.

Iaijutsu Focus Skill - improved by Charisma ability modifier, this is the skill used to determine whether or not the Iaijutsu is performed properly. It is used in place of Attack Roll + Base Attack Bonus, or (later on) it can be used to determine a Double Crit after it's made available in Chapter 7. Iaijutsu Focus Skill is ONLY available to jobs able to use a Iaijutsu Strike.

General DM bullshittery

So anyway, have you written out your digital player character profile? Even after you get the new Neo-Tokyo RP character sheets, you should still type it out and post it up on the forums for a co-GM or the GM to post on the wiki. Also keep it updated on the forum, or should you lose your hard-copy character sheet, you WILL find yourself rebooted from the last posted online profile. I will no longer update character sheets to current should you lose your sheet (at least if there is a two-level difference), and you will simply have to bear the brunt of playing with a lower-levelled character.

Also, we're getting to the point where certain characters are gaining the ability to roll tons of attacks per round. Yes, yes, Sly, I know: don't worry, you and I have already discussed this. I'm addressing this for general purposes though, and to make it official (after all, this IS one of the reasons why I pulled Afro Kamen, for now…) and other non-such…so, without further ado, here it is.

If you are able to perform 10 attacks or more per round, you are expected to do it as quickly, cleanly, and efficiently as possible.

Continue to say aloud your attacks and what you're doing (after all, your own flavor text is what makes this game so much fun, yah?), but don't do it for EACH FREAKING ATTACK! Come to either myself or Sly for advice on how to do this, since there are more than enough acceptable ways to legally roll the dice for, say, 50+ attacks in one round and yet not take ten minutes doing so.

Also, magic-users: keep it up! Go into battle knowing what you want to cast, and able to be flexible to change to different spells when the need arises. Be flexible yet know what you're going to do, that's the magic word!

Expect a new Fresh Off The Lilypad come Chapter 7, as well as quite a bit of storyline to get updated with!

VAT A TWEEST and all that rot.

Approved of, with only minor edits (D'Grayde instead of D'Graide, dagnabbit, and Mariposa is the word - too many ess's) and such.

Posted up on the wiki itself!

Re: Chao-Cho's Origin by Harkonnen KrazeHarkonnen Kraze, 21 Nov 2010 23:46

Althaia Medadropodese AKA Chou-Cho


Physical Appearance
Chao-Cho's appearance is much more human than elf like. She has pixieish facial features, and at 5'9 is taller than the average human girl, though she is shorter than most elves. Her build is very lean and slender, but she does have some cleavage and a bit of a bum, with a 32 chest and a lrg B/small C breast size. Her 28 inch waist and 30 hips round out her figure. She has very long, darkish auburn hair and piercing hazel eyes which run the gamut of colors, though they are usually greenish or golden.

Her normal outfit is knee high, lace up black leather boots with thigh high stockings. A black leather halter top, black bell sleeved gloves attached to rings on her middle fingers, and leather belt style bands at top of her arms, just below shoulders. A black leather cloak with purple, green, black and blue butterfly wings attached to back the back, is attached to the collar of her her halter. She always wears three silver rings on left hand (including the one the glove attaches to) and four on right, a butterfly clip in her hair (which is her mentor, D'Graide, and a silver chain with a chrome key attached to it. This is the key to her bike and only comes off when she's riding.

Her Magical Girl outfit is a sleeveless black pleather baby doll dress trimmed in crimson and fingerless, elbow length black pleather gloves. The gloves have a crimson band of trim at the tops, and thin trim at the points at her hands. A black collar and crimson colored thigh high, spike heeled pleather boots with a black band complete the outfit.

Mother- Iola Medadropodese (deceased)
Father- Gunther "Gunner" De'Anreau - Head Mechanic of BHG, member of Unit 13.5

Mentor- D'Grayde, usually taking the form of a butterfly clip in her hair

BHG Boss- Bahumat
BHG Secretary- Martha Hellfire-Whitmane
Communications Officer- Undine Strata

Teammates- Hekatonacreze(Leader), Whiz(2nd), Boomer, Mickey, X and Y

Teacher/Unit 13 Teammate- Miss Lay
Unit 13 Teammate- Dehlila

??- Raphael

God- Aphrodite

Nemesis- Valaria Widowmaker

Chaotic Neutral- Free spirited, a member of a biker gang, and somewhat anarchist it is only natural that Chao-Cho remain chaotic neutral. She follows her heart, lives for her ideals and freedom, particularly her own, is her biggest priority.

Religion/Favor Points
She worships Aphrodite, Beloved of the Gods, Raw Beauty, She who Is… She has so far had only one encounter with Aphrodite, upon escaping from the Elven section of Neo-Tokyo.
Her Favor Points are currently at 10.

D'Grayde - Sebastian
Her mentor, who often takes the form of a butterfly clip in her hair

Job/Position- 10MB per mnth
Personal Assistant and Courier to "Harkonen Kraze"- Bahumet

Current Classes
Magic Girl Lvl 7
Hot Rodder Lvl 4
Dynamic Sorcerer Lvl 1

Favored Weapons/Abilities/Spells
Knife/Leap Attack and Speed/
7x per day: Magic Hand- 40ft range; Cure Wounds- 4d8dmg+7; Delayed Fireball- 280ft, 20ft radius, 7d6 dmg + delay up to 5 rounds; Destruction- Kills subject; if target fort save works 10d6 dmg; Heal- 70points + diseases and mental conditions; Dancing Lights- 4 wisps that distract or 4 balls of light; Chain Lightning- 7d6dmg + 7 bolts at 1/2 dmg

Favored Combination

Finishing Moves
1- Mariposa Madness
Background-Black room with large blueish purple pentacle on the floor and swirling purple and green vapors in the air
Song- Butterfly Caught-Massive Attack

2- Burnout Revenge
Background-Older style drag strip
Song- Demon Speedway - Rob Zombie

Chou-Cho's Origin by AzurinaAzurina, 18 Nov 2010 02:54

I want to thank our kind D.M. for giving Delila her new look and hopefully with this new look will come great power… >:) Maw ha!!!!

Vorel Kethend

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