Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section! First and foremost, let's start off with a couple of the most-F.A.Q.'ed ones…

Can we >elaborate plan< to save Undine?
No, she's dead. Stop asking me. Once her body is recovered, all will be revealed.
UPDATE: She was never dead, a rescue mission launched by Harkonnen Kraze (Harkonnen's Last Mission) comprised of Alita, Northboy, and Dabu saved Undine Strata at the last second…that and a well-timed appearance of Yoshida to fuck up the chaos of the place.

Can my character >something incredibly elaborate that will probably kill the group<?
Probably not. Unless it sounds cool, in which case…go ahead and roll me up some Event Dice and let's see what happens! Otherwise, no. And stop asking, faggot.

Can my character >something said character has NEVER learned or EVER could do otherwise<? How about if it was just for this situation? WHUP, I mean if I do this s/he'll know how to do it throughout the entire game!
I'm gonna kill you, godommot.

How the hell is combat resolved?! We have AC, but your defense rolls-
First and foremost, I use the defense roll as a means of allowing combat that normally wouldn't happen…not only when it comes to those with huegfuck-high AC scores (you know who you are!), but also those who would otherwise >never< hit certain characters/bosses/minibosses due to high-assed AC themselves…or dex/counter/movement abilities that would otherwise fuck you up.

SO, how DO I resolve combat then?

  • The Defense Roll. Straight roll-off, perhaps some bonuses added to shore up your skills, and highest number wins.
  • Defense Roll + AC. This is the most-used one.
  • Straight AC versus Attack Roll. This one is harder to use, due to how I DON'T (as the GM) want to completely overpower and destroy you guys unless it's in a fair fight. So yeah…be happy I don't do this most of the times, especially when it comes to Powersuiters and Bullyboys.

Now, I will actually TELL you which I'll be using/you can use, and unless this is YOUR game…which it is not…I reckon the only thing you can do is hold on for the ride, y'know?

Once there are more questions I can answer, I'll post 'em!

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