Faith Tables

The Pact of Pantheons

With so many dimensions slamming into each other, and with so much activity going on in Neo-Tokyo, many pantheons and many gods slam into one-another, rubbing elbows in ways that are both surprising and aggressive. With that, the various gods made a pact amongst one another, finding themselves in a position to lose an entire dimension of followers if they did not, for even here amongst entities of such power could the Emperor step forth and disrupt their business.

So it is that the Pact of Pantheons came to being. Gods may not directly affect each other's mortals, or sway them to their own path of belief through miracles, gifts, or answering prayers meant for that mortal's god. Gods cannot directly attack or make war with one another, neither their avatars nor their mortals. Any and all Gods who do so will be stripped of their godhead and booted from this dimension.

With this stated, there are many beliefs within Neo-Tokyo. If you do not see yours represented here, please talk to the GM who will immediately create it for you.

Tordek, Son of Tordek, Father of Tordek, Progenitor of Tordek
Boccob, The Uncaring, God of Magic
Oyamatsumi, God of Fujiyama, The Nature God
Wee Jas
Bahamut, The Golden, God of Good Dragons, Lord of Light, Platinum Justice, Master Blaster
Aphrodite, Beloved of the Gods, Raw Beauty, She Who Is
Kaegro Magefang, God of Necromancy
Karma, Primeval of Conquest
Brodia, Primeval of Destruction

Tordek, Son of Tordek, Father of Tordek, Progenitor of Tordek
'Sup! Who ordered the keg and the six-pack of AWESOME?! 'Cuz the PARTY is fuckin' HERE, bitches!
Chosen Place: Anywhere and everywhere, even other God's dimensions and places of power. Wherever there is something Awesome, wherever there is a Party going on, Tordek can be there.
Domains: Battle, Brew, and Bitches. Also Valor, War, and Bitches.
Allied: Keagro, Kord, Bacchus, just about any god who digs a good party or doesn't mind when Tordekian Ravers plunge into their Heaven
High Priest: Chao (Daddy Chao if you must, NEVER "Father Chao.")
Unlocked by: see below.

No official shrine, no official church. To worship Tordek, you must:

Wear a toga
Carry and watch college party DVD's
Start a kegger
Bang bitches
Drink brew
Start or attend a Tordekian Rave Party

Official music of Tordek is ZZTop.
The avatar of Tordek is Chuck Norris.
The prophets of Tordek is Jay and Silent Bob.
The Five Horsemen of Tordek is the entire band of GWAR.

Tordekian Battle Nuns carry fuckhueg axes, wear garters and lace into battle, and is even more vigorous in making fun of magic users and fucking bitches then normal Tordekians.

There are two types of females in the Tordekian faith: wimmenz and bitches. Wimmenz is yer mom, yer sister, and possibly a Tordekian Battle Nun. Bitches are for raep, sex, and holding yer beer mug when yer raeping another bitch. Bitches can be any gender, any color, any creed or sexuality. There are two types of people in the eyes of the Tordekian faith: Tordekians and Babies (magic users). Well, three people…Tordekians, Babies, and Bitches. Well…babies can be bitches too…

Tordekian Rave Party's are notorious for damage of various types. There's always a chance that they will overflow and begin to take over various other parts of Neo Tokyo.


Luckily, in the end Baron Rizer and Sly (and, of course, Rizer's army) fought it off, but still…

Update: Thus far the number of Neo-Tokyo rave takeovers are up to two (2), but Hell has been good in fighting them off.

Good jorb, Tordekians! Keep the faith!!

Faith Points - Event

Note: unless noted otherwise, NONE of the so-called magical abilities of Tordekians are actually magical in nature. Please keep this in mind.

1 - Alignment officially changes to "Chaotic Awesome," the ability to utilize Tordek in Finishing Moves, Summons, Supers, and Arcana.
10 - Item: Tordek's Bracers (with each bitch done, the bracers can give you a cumulative power boost…but must be regenerated by doing more bitches, and not the same ones either. This ensures that you are A) constantly doing bitches and B) ain't relying on Tordek's bracers all the goddamned time)
50 - Enrage babies (Taunt that "Interrupts" Magic Users, causes them to Berserk.)

Note: at first it's only 1/day, but at 300 favor points it grows to 2/day, then at 700 3/day, and finally at 1000 favor points it grows to a whopping 5/day

100 - Shawty (Permanent increase of Charisma to 30)
150 - Awesome Blooded (while equipped user gains "Speak Dorf, Dorf Blood," and all Dorf abilities except for negatives to Cha. Also, you can take any kind of blood transfusion from any blood type, and any who take blood from you must roll against a will save of 20 or be slowly transformed to Awesome Blooded as well, which also comes with an instant favor point Tordek 1. Becoming Awesome Blooded is considered an at-will ability that can be done at any point in time, and in combat takes up one action. Only those of Awesome alignment can become Awesome Blooded, though anyone who gains Awesome Blooded are immediately forced into Awesome Alignment, losing all previous alignment-based bonuses.)
200 - Toga of Tordek (Permaspell: Mage Armor, Regen 10/round)
300 - PARTY! (forces all who fails Will Save DC30 to party randomly, immediately starts a Tordekian Rave Party sequence. Can do this as many times per day per 100 faith points, up to a maximum of 10 times a day)

Note: The only place Tordekians show restraint is in using this. Usually the MilPol and the Pantheon gets involved if they abuse this more than twice per day or so…

500 - Penis of Tordek (at will "gender swap" that affects the user's lower-half genitalia only)
700 - Tordek, Scion of Tordek (explosive ability added to successful grapple, all attacks count as touch attacks and count as initiated grapple if user so desires, EVEN PROJECTILE WEAPONS)
1000 - NERRRRD! (acts like an aura of anti-magic that effects the user only. Can be disabled at will, otherwise it completely negates all magic, good or bad, afflicted on the user. Otherwise this lasts for a whole day. Can be used once per day)

Boccob, The Uncaring, God of Magic
Boccob est Dickius, Phallus Maximus…
Chosen Place: Somewhere in space where you can't bother him
Domains: Knowledge, Secrets, Magic
Allied with: any who follows the Pantheon Pact
High Priest: Dan Senpo
Unlocked by: you can try, at least…

Boccob is called the Uncaring, but nothing can be further from the truth. In the end though, he'll only intervene if it truly benefits him or the advancement of Magic. Only those who truly follow his path will ever know how much he does watch over his people, and even then only those blessed few will gain in enough faith to behold his true works, and the Book of Boccob. Few save only the greatest (and deadest) magicians have ever gone beyond that, and the last time the Book of Boccob was actually handed to a follower he kept it to himself instead of sharing it with Boccob's church, thus allowing Kaiju's first attack to go through successfully.

Faith Points - Event
1 - Shrug (the ability to contact Boccob directly. This will do nothing in the beginning)
10 - Permaspell: Detect Magic
50 - Shrug 2.0 (same as 1.0, but Boccob responds with a shrug or a non-committal "Go Away!")
100 - Book of Boccob (the Book of ALL Spells)
150 - Shrug 3.0 (Boccob, not caring still, accidentally grants the ability to use divine as well as arcane and elemental spells)
200 - Screw That! (Interrupt ability that can "deflect" attacks with a burst of non-magical energy, doing 1d6 damage. Can be done at 10 points energy per use)
300 - Broken Book (magic level restrictions are completely revoked), Boccob's Pistol (wood revolver that casts Stupify)

Note: The Boccob's Pistol starts off as a piece of crap wooden replica of a gun with a busted branch for a hammer. During this form, it only fires once per day. The more you use it, though, the better-looking it gets, all the way up to it's final form: a sweet, shiny replica of a real gun that is completely resistant to any kind of harm. As the gun progresses in aesthetics, though, it also grows in power, being able to fire up to a maximum of six times per day. Obviously, it has six levels, from level 1 looking the crappiest and firing once per day, up to sixth level, pure awesome that fires six times per day.

Secret note: As it progresses, it gains strength against sundering and specific weapon damage. At level 1-3, please don't break it or let it be broken…at level 4 though, wondrous things begin to happen and new anti-sunder powers begin to emerge, all the way up to its' invincible sixth level.

Level Progression
1) The hammer changes from a crappy branch to an actual, semi-hammer shape.
2) The trigger guard isn't crooked anymore and the hammer actually LOOKS like a hammer.
3) The whole thing changes slightly to feel more comfortable in your hand, the grip changes to an actual grip rather than a broomhandle.
4) It gains a gunsight at the end of the barrel, which now looks like a real barrel.
5) The overall look of the gun gains a luxurious, lustrous shine.
6) The whole thing radiates an aura of pure power, the gun achieving its' final form.

500 - Oh? (Boccob stops being a dick and notices you. Refresh 20/round)
700 - Hmm. (Boccob is slowly approving of you. Refresh 50/round), Boccob's Ear (you can "hear" magic, immediately winning all spellduels or counterspell battles. If the need to determine actually arises, then use 1d20 + Spellcraft versus 1d20 + Spellcraft, crits do nothing)
1000 - The Thumb (Boccob approves. You can take 20 on all duels, interrupts, and spell casting. Your spell casting costs are all reversed: for each spell you cast, you gain energy. You have no max energy limits. You can also, at will, reflect spells back at users as a free action once for every 100 faith points, up to a maximum of 10 times per day)

Oyamatsumi, God of Fujiyama, The Nature God
This is truth: chillax, smoke and toke, and just enjoy your surroundings…
Chosen Place: Mt. Fuji/Oyamatsumi's Lake
Domains: Shinto, Nature, Earth
Allied: Shinto
Unlocked by: Dreams of Mt. Fuji, the mountain is constantly seen at the edge of your peripheral vision, constantly feel drawn towards North Tokyo.
High Priest: Matsu O'Doyle

Faith Points - Event
1 - The mountain stalks you. Only YOU can see it! Can use Fuji's visage in supers and Finishers.
10 - Item: Walking Shrine (portable armory)
50 - Permaspell: Stoneskin
100 - Deep Forest (Regen/Refresh - 2/round)
150 - Rock Fists (grants +20 damage to unarmed attacks upon activation, can be activated/deactivated as a free action)
200 - Summon Spirits (3/day, used in the same way as a Shadowmancer's shadows)
300 - Living World (Regen 8/round)
500 - Breathe (can forcibly absorb surrounding energy - counts as an action. User must pass a Concentration check of DC20. Can be done 5/day. Heals up to 2d20, regen 1d6 rounds at 5/round. Any and all within 20 feet of user when Breathe is activated must pass a Fort save of DC50 or lose amount rolled by user.)
700 - The World Alone (warps reality to deal neutral energy damage 1/day. 5d20 damage, passing a Will save of DC40 can halve the damage.
1000 - Stratosphere (Timeless Body, Diamond Body, Diamond Mind, Animal Blood 5/day, Naturesense, Dimensional Association)

Jacob P. Galvatron, Professional Motherfucker, Pimps Geek
I am Jacob P. Galvataron and if you niggaz don't shut the fuck up I will absolutely, positively kill every single motherfucker in this room for no raisin!
Chosen Place:
Domains: Internets, Tech, Geek Culture
Alliance: Shinto
High Priest: Robosus
Chosen Prophets: My Way Entertainment
Unlocked by: surfing the Internets, "accidentally" find his dumb ass and you do NOT activate virus defenses. Also surfing is a good way of finding him, or My Way Entertainment's website. (in-game, not IRL)
Extra requirement: Must be well-versed in 1337speek, HTML, or any other geek-related languages.

Faith Points - Event
1 - the ability to use JPG in whatever the fuck you want
10 - Tourette's Interrupt (can interrupt by cursing loud and obnoxiously 1/day)
50 - HACK THE PLANET (can take 20 on all hacking abilities, internets or not) Note: must watch Hackers at least five times in a row before you can do this.
100 - Viral Videos (can show target a Viral Video to stun them for 1 round, can be done 3/day)
150 - RIDIN' SPINNAZ! (Optimus Rhymes shows up and pimps your ride. Happens once upon achieving this level. Your car can transform into a pimped-out robot that you can ride in, and can transform to this form only 1/day) (acts as a Big Robot of 10th level)
200 - BLAST A FOOL (JPG appears, transforms into a laser rifle: +5 to your attack roll, 1d10+5 damage per action, can strike creatures up to 100 feet away, if creature is at least 10 feet away he does 2d20+10 damage per action. This can happen 1/day, the summoning is a free action. He leaves at the end of combat.)
300 - (upon checking the internets, can learn of at least one thing per day this way. Acts as a divination spell)
500 - AOL 1.0 (You gain a copy of AOL 1.0, and access to the world of the Ultranets for free. Get ready to view god-level smut and receive awesome e-mails that may or may not help you! Can also talk to the dead through this as well.)
700 - Summon Robosus (Robosus appears and kills absolutely positively every motherfucker in the room. Damages up to 1d10 targets for up to 5d20 damage)
1000 - ALIMONEEEEEEH! - (JPG himself appears and rocks the fuck out. If Tordek appears, then the party survives. If he does not, then JPG kills absolutely everyone and turns them into viruses that can be collected by the user. Upon using this ability, every person within a 100 foot radius MUST roll percentile dice. Anything lower than 50% will be killed immediately.)

Wee Jas
All things must die. Even death must die. Follow me and we shall walk together, you and I…
Chosen Place: Masanori Graveyard and Cemetery
Domains: Death, Law, Magic
Alliance: Shinto
Unlocked by: Being dead, undead, near dead, resurrected, or being close to anyone who has suffered any of these status effects.
Head Priest: Unknown

Faith Points - Event
1 - the ability to use Wee Jas, her images and people in your specials, supers, and Finishing Moves.
10 - Aura of Fear
50 - Columbine Trench Coat (regenerating trench coat, not indestructible - takes one day to fully regenerate from a single thread, AC + current Grim Paradise number)
100 - Permaspell: Grim Paradise (regen/refresh from surrounding corpses or targets/friends/self at 40 hp or below)
150 - Suicide Mandala (can do damage to self in order to pass it on to any amount of targets for as much HP as you sacrifice. Drains entire store of energy doing this)
200 - The Circle (Aura of Death, DC Will 30)
300 - Power Word: Kill
500 - Whisper of Death (Doom on one target for 10 rounds unless they pass DC Will 30, or can kill/knock out user. Can be done once per day.)
700 - Harrowing (1000 hp direct plasma damage done to a target 1 second before it's cast. Considered to be "The Ultimate Spell of Destruction" since NOTHING can stop it, it's simply too fast. 1/2 of your ep.)
1000 - Megadeath (Kills target with no chance for regeneration, plus it adds on all bonuses and abilities to user for up to one day before the spell wears off. Drains entire store of energy and also drops user to 1 hp upon using this ability. Can only work on targets with less Gnosis than you.)

Alone, I am all I need. Alone, I am all the world needs!
Chosen Place: Within Yourself
Domains: Special
Alliance: Special
Unlocked by: being so freakin' narcissistic that no god wants you…and you slowly start to affect your own reality. Cannot be found on purpose.
Head Priest: You are the temple of your own religion. You are the high priest of your own faith. You are the god of yourself, because no other God will want you, you're so self-centered~! <3

Faith Points - Event
1 - the ability to use yourself (not a reflection, clone, or anything else like that) in any and all supers, specials, or finishing moves.
10 - Mirror, Mirror. (A special mirror that allows the user to Reflect and/or Detect Scrying or Psychic Takeover so long as the user is wielding it. 1/day shows the user the truth of their soul.)
50 - Permaspell: Charm Other
100 - I'm Too Sexy (Permanent increase of Charisma to 30)
150 - Not In The Face! (You can redirect attack to another target…friend or foe! This cannot be used to redirect the attack back to the attacker though. Can be done once per 100 faith points, up to a maximum of 10)
200 - Indestructible Comb, Brush, or Pick. (Just like it says, you gain a Indestructible Comb, Brush, or Pick…whichever would help your hair the best.)
300 - Am I Pretty? (Sacrifice a turn to make target lose their coming turn 1/combat)
500 - Groom (counts as one action, returns 50% of your maximum hp/ep back. Must use Mirror, Mirror and the Indestructible Brush/Comb/Pick or it won't work.)
700 - Wicked (As much as you love yourself, others must as well. All who view the Narcissist must pass a will save of at least 50 or fall in love. Crits don't help)
1000 - The Grin (Returns user to full hp/ep no matter how low s/he is…or dead (a final act or desperation can affect this, so if you've been dead for one round and THEN you try it, pfft, no call no show buddy). If the Narcissist is at 90% (at least) upon using The Grin, then s/he gains temp HP up to 100% for the rest of the day. Note: the Bishie Sparkles that erupt because of The Grin also cleanses and purifies the Narcissist, even from psychic takeover or spiritual control. The Grin can be done 1/day.

Bahamut, The Golden, God of Good Dragons, Lord of Light, Platinum Justice, Master Blaster
The balance of the Pantheon will be kept! This world will witness pure justice!
Chosen Place: Bounty Hunter's Guild/Dragon's Guild
Domains: Air, Dragons, Good, Luck, Protection (Nobility, and Storm)
Alliance: Pantheon Pact, Good Dragons, B.H.G.
Unlocked by: Loyalty is his trade, and the simplest way to join his religion is to ask him.
Head Priest: Unknown. Bahamut operates on his own level, and keeps things real simple. Follow his tenets, read up on his teachings, and simply live in a way that doesn't involve killing babies or raping old folks. Simply live and be a good person and he's yer homeboy.

Faith Points - Event
1 - the ability to use Bahamut, his images and people in your specials, supers, and Finishing Moves.
10 - Permaspell: Star Scale (grants +10 to AC as a magical barrier)
50 - Technique: Shooting Star (a punishing attack that allows the user to move up to 30 feet and punch for 2d10 damage + 1d6 rounds of stun. Target must pass a Will save of at least 20 or be stunned)
100 - Eyes of Platinum (grants the user True Sight at will. Be warned: you do NOT want this on all the time)
150 - Guns of Avalon <1> (grants the user the weapon known as the Gun of Avalon. The Gun does 1d10+10 damage, never runs out of bullets, and does x10 damage versus evil targets. Crits 18-20 x2, against evil creatures it increases to Crit 16-20 x10. "Volley" action is considered to be 6 bullets per volley)

Note: the only way a follower of Bahamut can gain the Guns of Avalon is to consecrate themselves within Bahamut's service. This can only be granted to a priest, a monk of his order, or a person re-baptized in Bahamut's service. The only problem, though, is that no one knows exactly how this goes about happening…otherwise, 150 and 200 are merely "empty slots." A thank you card from Bahamut and perhaps a lollipop, etc.

Seek out "Bahamut's Quest."

200 - Guns of Avalon <2> (grants the user a second Gun of Avalon, allowing them to fire twice per action.)

Shall I point this out to you? YOU GAIN THE ABILITY TO FIRE A GUN THAT, AT MAXIMUM CRIT AGAINST AN EVIL CREATURE DURING A VOLLEY, DOING 2400 DAMAGE IN A ROUND!!!! In the least, against an evil creature you're still doing a noice 400 damage per action. ((1d10+10)x2)x10 per action. See? DON'T YOU DARE SAY THIS IS NOT AN AWESOME DIVINE WEAPON GODOMMOT!

300 - Armor of Platinum (allows the user to call forth the very power of Bahamut's radiant light to physical form, cloaking them in a powerful armor that is completely weightless, does nothing to restrict their movement, and doubles their current AC. It fits over current armor and bolsters it completely), Platinum Justice (special attack that allows the user to target one person so long as they're in sight and perform a teleporting combination that does 2d2+4d4+6d6+8d8+10d10+12d12+20d20 damage for the cost of 2/3 of their current energy. At the end of the combination the user performs a final 20 point damaging burst of light that, should it be used against an evil target, does blind, mute, deafen, stupify, silence, stun, and paralysis. Can be used as either a counter or an interrupt. The target gets a 30 DC will save to not take the status effects, but MUST take the damage.)
500 - Seven (allows the user to summon one of Bahamut's Divine Seven gold dragons to aid them during combat. Forms a telepathic link and lifelink with the dragon, and the dragon gets their own initiative slot like any other summoned creature. Cannot be banished by any save the summoner)
700 - Lord of Light (whenever the user is in light of any natural or magical source, they gain damage reduction of 20/attack, can add +10 to all skillchecks, and gain regen 100/round)
1000 - Eye of the Universe (allows the user to reverse time by one round or 13 seconds at will. Costs their entire pool of energy and drops them down to 1 hp, but allows the reversal of time. Counts as an interrupt)

Note: You must have at least 1 hp and 2 ep to use this ability.

You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance.
Chosen Place: Anywhere there's a fight.
Domains: Fighting, Honor, Fighting, Wrestling
Alliance: Neutral - he only cares about honor and fighting.
Unlocked by: Beloved by fighters, wrestlers, and warriors, Kord believes in one thing and one thing only - that only through fighting can people communicate with one another. Ergo he is not only considered a minor god of communication and/or writing, but is also something of a icon for soldiers and "warrior-scholar" types.
Head Priest: Supposedly, a martial artist who walks the earth for eternity, seeking out tough fighters to test his skills against…and to find those who are worthy to stand before Kord for "The Ultimate Challenge."
Known avatar: the avatar of Kord simply goes by the name "Ralph." He's a fairly good guy, so long as you don't start a fight with him.

Faith Points - Event
1 - the usual bonuses, save that Kord won't appear but rather his avatar.
10 - Weapons Encyclopedia, the ability to use any kind of armor despite your job's description.
50 - Knowledge is Power (the ability to learn any martial art, outside of the mentor system)
100 - Soldier's Feast (Take 20 upon witnessing a fighting style to understand it, the philosophies and abilities within it, and are unable to be surprised by any switching style - yes, magic as well)
200 - Murder of Crows (Giving up 100 ep, you can designate one special attack/base attack and apply the attack to all targets within the appropriate attack zone)
300 - Legacy (The innate ability to learn fighting styles, skills, and abilities faster. All practice rolls gain a +2, all synch rolls gain a +2, and the user gains the ability to copy once per day any special attack they witness and/or suffer as if they met the requirement for it)
500 - Mass of Madness (Giving up all of your current energy pool, you can designate one special attack/base attack and apply the attack to all targets within the combat area, up to 100 feet in radius. The attack is treated as a Double Crit attack. This can only be done once per day)
700 - Showdown (Designate one target at the end of combat. If the target survives until the end of the battle and is the last enemy target, then during the user's turn the user gains damage bonuses equal to HP lost during the battle. Add +20 to your attack roll/spellcasting roll, and +10 to all defense rolls against that target.)
1000 - Man on the Silver Mountain (User learns martial arts, spells, and abilities at twice the training points gain. Once HP is brought down to at least 0, the user can utilize EP as HP instead. Once per day the user may have access to one Secret Art and one Desperation Art of their chosen martial arts tables as if they met the requirements of a full-fledged master)

Aphrodite, Beloved of the Gods, Raw Beauty, She Who Is
Beauty is fleeting, eh? You've obviously never met Sophia Loren.
Chosen Place: Fashion runways, backstages, beauty salons, etc. Mainly her own temples though, especially her head temple.
Domains: Martial Arts, Beauty, Fashion, Refined Activities
Alliance: Tordek, Narcissists, most other gods
Unlocked by: Modeling, making a porno, anything to do with beauty or feminine charm.
Head Priestess: Unknown, though her temples are open to all their inner workings are unknown to all save those who are initiated into them.
Known avatar: Unknown, though there are many who'd claim to be the avatar of Aphrodite.

Faith Points - Event
1 - the ability to use Aphrodite, her images and people in your specials, supers, and Finishing Moves.
10 - Kama Sutra (You gain an innate knowledge of anatomy, emotions, and the cause and effect of bodies both physical and incorporeal. +10 to Medical, +10 to Bluff, +10 to Seduction, +10 to Sleight of Hand, and you gain 25% more health back from all healing attempts magical or otherwise)
50 - The Look (+10 to Seduction, the ability to attempt to seduce a target during combat. In order to do this, you must make a Seduction score + 1d20 versus their own will save + 1d20 and score higher. Crits count. If you win, then instead of killing them they become your willing servant for 1 day, even if you didn't score the last hit. You cannot negate the slave status prematurely without killing them.)
100 - Lurveslave (+10 to Seduction, like The Look only they become your slave immediately, willing to fight and die for you. Note: if you fail the Seduction attempt, there is a chance THEY can reverse the tables on you and attempt to reflect it back. Upon their death, though, the Lurveslave status is gone from you)
150 - Smoke and Mirrors (+10 to Seduction, you may add +Seduction score to your AC as a misc modifier a number of times per day equal to every 100 faith points, up to a maximum of 10 times a day. This bonus AC counts as magical in nature and disappears at the end of combat/challenge)
200 - Night Terrors (+10 to Seduction, produces a daytime nightmare within the enemy's perception, one that reflects their greatest fear. Can only be done once per day, and can completely negate an attack by the enemy. Has a 50% chance bonus increase if done at night.)
300 - Vamp (+10 to Seduction, can only be used on targets unaware of your presence. Drains HP from a target, 1d20+Seduction score)
500 - Succubus (+10 to Seduction, allows the user to conjure forth an aura comprised of pure love. Any and all physical attacks done to the believer are reduced by 10% and has the 50% chance to grant the Lurveslave blonus to the attacker should the effect kick in after the attacker fails a Will save + 1d20 versus your Seduction score + 1d20 roll)
700 - Incubus (+10 to Seduction, allows the user to conjure forth a weapon made of pure lust. Base stat is set at 3d10+Seduction score, 17-20 crit x4; any and all additional stacking bonuses apply, and the weapon can affect any type of creature or material - incorporeal, physical, energy, magical, etc. Upon successful hit, there's a 25% chance of granting the Lurveslave blonus onto the hit target. Seduction score + 3d10 versus Will save + 1d20.)
1000 - Cyprian Sensibility (+10 to Seduction, Timeless Body, can grant Lurveslave onto one target regardless of will save or numbers but can only be done onto a target with less Gnosis than the user)

Kaegro Magefang, God of Necromancy
Money is not power. Money is not immortality. Money is not even the root of all evil. As the foremost master of money, though, I can assure you that its' all on the practical - and impractical - uses that determines the worth.
Chosen place: Katsunari Bank and Trust
Alliance: Any willing and able to side with him, Tiamat
Head Priest: Gervais Saint-Germain

Faith Points - Event
1 - What The Fuck Do You Want? (use Kaegro, his images, and people in your Specials, Supers, and Finishers; 10% monetary tithing)
10 - Yeszzz? (instant 5% monetary loot tithing)
50 - TIMMMIY! (summons Kaegro's assistant 1/day, more with tithings; 15% monetary tithing)
100 - YOU SUMBITCH! (Item: Black Razor; 20% tithing)
150 - Debt, Lesser (Instantly sacrifice 5 silver to get 1MP/Energy during combat)
200 - Smartass (Perm increase Int to 30; 25% tithing)
300 - Debt (1 silver to get 1MP/Energy)
500 - Kaegro's Big Black Book (+3 Necromancy; 1 time drain of bank w/10 megabuck min)
700 - Debt, Greater (100 gold to instantly refill magic/energy for whole party, 50 gold increase each use during combat, gold must have been earned by user)
1000 - YOU DIRTY RAT (Kaegro appears and instantly kills everything in range, then revives party; entire party rolls percentiles and the person with the lowest roll + the summoner is completely bankrupted plus looses a shiny item; works against mobs, ascended mobs, and mini bosses)

Karma, Primeval of Conquest
So long as there is existence, there will be the desire to conquer. There will be Karma.
Chosen place: Imperial Palace
Domains: ????
Alliance: Himself
Head Priest: Ballerd Stern

Faith Points - Event
1 - Wish
10 - Miracle
50 - Wish
100 - Miracle
150 - Wish
200 - Miracle
300 - Wish
500 - Miracle
700 - Wish
1000 - ????

Brodia, Primeval of Destruction
Chosen place: Heart of the World
Domains: ????
Alliance: All Geomancers, followers of the Pantheon Pact, Herself, Extreme Existence, chosen Avatars and persons of noteworthy power, Kord
Head Priest: ????

Faith Points - Event
1 - The Mark of Brodia (establishes a communicative path between the wielder and Brodia Herself)
10 - ????
50 - ????
100 - ????
150 - ????
200 - ????
300 - ????
500 - ????
700 - ????
1000 - ????

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