Name/Nickname: Delila Matsumoto (Mrs.Delila Hoperaper) A.K.A Big Red

Age: Unknown (but looks about early 20's)

Physical Appearance:
Well what can you say about a girl who just came out of a vat, other then she is a very beautiful creature. She stands six feet and one inches (not including the length of the large jet black horns on her head ), a curvaceous dark red body, hip length blue-black hair that she keeps in a high braided pony tail (or down when not out on dangerous missions),She also has a small birth defect if you will her right hand is made out of complete solid stone-like material (better known as “The Whammer”) which kept full use of her sense of touch and a long prehensile tail to finish off this scary but seductive woman.

Anything form fitting and Black with a long black leather duster ( when not in combat or around others her preferred dress is nude)


BHG Boss- Harkonnen Kraze (R.I.P)
Communications Officer- Undine Strata
Familiar/pet- Titan (elemental wolf)
It's Complicated- Synestrian AKA "Sly"
"Father"- Dorian Matsumoto
"Mother" 1- Ashiel (Rizer's Ex- Girlfriend), (Boccob's Ex-Wife) and (Mother to Direct commit)
"Mother" 2- Harkonnen Kraze
"Step Father"-Youses
Unsure of her morals

Religion/Favor Points:
Unsure if she should believe in such things

Favor Points:

Member of Unit 13

Current Classes:
Geomancer Level 5
Dynamic Sorcerer Level 2

Favored Weapons/Abilities/Spells:
Her whammer is her favorite weapon (aka her right hand),spell all of them (their all cool)

Favored Combination:
Delila's favored combination is to summons a crystal shield called the Diamond Smasher and holds her position then uses the spell called Fire Spiders it conjures a swarm (up to 2d20) of fire spiders to attack target(s)just think 100 spiders all made of fire running after you (yeah pretty dame scary if you ask me). Then uses wings of air to attack from above.

Finishing Moves:
Dance of the Fire bird(background: Black back drop, Song: Feed my Frankenstein)

The screen changes into a sultry emerald green as "Feed my Frankenstein" beings to play as a vicious looking liquid falls into a black pool and instead of water drops it burst into flames and in the circle of flame out comes Delila,as she begins to dance. As the enemy stands and look on in aww, the fire slowly forms into a fiery bird and in gulf the enemy in flames

Affect: enfeeblement

5d20 damage for 1d6 rounds

DDR of DOOM!(Song: Stamp on the ground by Italobrothers)

Screen black out and you hear the sounds of a busy arcade. The picture comes back as Delila walks up to a DDR machine in a modern arcade…the camera cute to the screen of the machine and you see the enemies fear filled face behind the lettering. Delila smiles evilly and drops a coin in the slot. Music starts… and so does the DDR Dance of Doom*

Affect: Fear

force- 1d10
earth- 2d6

dice shoot out 20 times

Background Story:
After awakening in the fluid filled vat and making her way (nude, as usual) on to the street, she found her way to a local eatery, where she discovered a taste for the bizarre. Rescued from an attack by Harkonen and Odin, she found herself employed by the B.H.G and sent on a near suicide mission her first time out. After the encounter with Mr. Bubbles she found herself unaccountably frightened of a woman who she did not seem to know, Lady Tiamat. Escaping from the the Lady's guest wing into quarters in Lord Bahumat's wing. From there she found herself facing her savior, Harkonen, in a pitched battle to save the powerful woman's soul.
After escaping that battle no worse for the wear, she found herself in hiding from Imperials and The Red-Eyed Bitch's forces. Her stress and anger over the loss of Harkonen and apparent loss of Undine came to a head when she, as well as most of her team mates all fell subject to the infamous "Skeet Shooter". Later that same day, she discovered Undine still lived, and the B.H.G had come under control of The Red-Eyed one. After a concerted assault by Unit 13, the Yakuza, and Tordekians, the B.H.G, and the majority of the files we were trying to save, was saved from her and the Dream City Underground, ending in the destruction of a Time Gate.
Taking this opportunity, she had Sly stay with her, as he had no home of his own at this time. This led to a venting that nearly cost the devil his life. After the combined weddings of two of her team mates, she was sent to the Hellfire Club, with Sly and Baron Rizer, where all manner of horror and interactions occured, culminating in the assitance in Sly's completion of a quest for Baron Rizer and another face to face meeting with Lady Tiamat.

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