Althaia Medadropodese AKA Chou-Cho


Physical Appearance
Chou-Cho's appearance is much more human than elf like. She has pixieish facial features, and at 5'9 is taller than the average human girl, though she is shorter than most elves. Her build is very lean and slender, but she does have some cleavage and a bit of a bum, with a 32 chest and a large B/small C breast size. Her 28 inch waist and 30 hips round out her figure. She has very long, darkish auburn hair and piercing hazel eyes which run the gamut of colors, though they are usually greenish or golden.

Her normal outfit is knee high, lace up black leather boots with thigh high stockings. A black leather halter top, black bell sleeved gloves attached to rings on her middle fingers, and leather belt style bands at top of her arms, just below shoulders. A black leather cloak with purple, green, black and blue butterfly wings attached to back the back, is attached to the collar of her her halter. She always wears three silver rings on left hand (including the one the glove attaches to) and four on right, a butterfly clip in her hair (which is her mentor, D'Grayde, and a silver chain with a chrome key attached to it. This is the key to her bike and only comes off when she's riding.

Her Magical Girl outfit is a sleeveless black pleather baby doll dress trimmed in crimson and fingerless, elbow length black pleather gloves. The gloves have a crimson band of trim at the tops, and thin trim at the points at her hands. A black collar and crimson colored thigh high, spike heeled pleather boots with a black band complete the outfit.

Mother- Iola Medadropodese (deceased)
Father- Gunther "Gunner" De'Anreau
Mentor- D'Grayde, usually taking the form of a butterfly clip in her hair
BHG Boss- Bahumat
BHG Secretary- Martha Hellfire-Whitmane
God- Aphrodite
Nemesis- Valerian Widowmaker
Communications Officer- Undine Strata

Chaotic Neutral- Free spirited, a member of a biker gang, and somewhat anarchist it is only natural that Chou-Cho remain chaotic neutral. She follows her heart, lives for her ideals and freedom, particularly her own, is her biggest priority.

Religion/Favor Points
She worships Aphrodite, Beloved of the Gods, Raw Beauty, She who Is… She has so far had only one encounter with Aphrodite, upon escaping from the Elven section of Neo-Tokyo.
Her Favor Points are currently at 0.

Her mentor, who often takes the form of a butterfly clip in her hair

Courier of BHG
Member of Unit 13

Current Classes
Magic Girl Lvl 5
Hot Rodder Lvl 2

Favored Weapons/Abilities/Spells

Favored Combination

Finishing Moves
1- Mariposa Madness
Background-Black room with large blueish purple pentacle on the floor and swirling purple and green vapors in the air
Song- Butterfly Caught-Massive Attack

2- Burnout Revenge
Background-Older style drag strip
Song- Demon Speedway - Rob Zombie

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