Big Pimpin' Minigame

So now you're a Pimp, what do you do? Read this page, that's what!

Gotta Catch More!
What Do You Do Now?
Advantages, Disadvantages, and Slots
Pimp Duels and Land
Pimp Items and Such

For current randomized listing of names and trivial information of ho's you can capture, may I suggest this link:

Gotta Catch More!

SOOOO, you've become a pimp, eh? That's all well and good…now you need to acquire bitches, acquire golds, acquire territory, and acquire power.

All who enter the Pimp job receive their very first pimp cane ("The Branding Iron" is what most call them) and specialized sigil: this brand is what connects the ho to the pimp. The relationship of the a pimp and a ho is a very special one, and one that the pimp must never take for granted: mistreat a ho enough, and you'll probably lose her/him to another pimp who CAN handle them. On the other hand, if you're not strong enough, or if you simply aren't BUILDING your ho stable up, then you'll probably lose the entire stable up to that point.

SO, how DOES go about acquiring such goods and services? It's simple really: declare that you're going huntin' for ho's! That night, you can have a chance to catch at least one, if not maybe two, ho's to add to your stable.

Roll a 1d20 to get these results:

1-13 = Common ho with common advantages and common disadvantages (roll a 1d4 for each)
14-16 = Uncommon ho with one less disadvantage then advantages (roll a 1d4, minus 1 for disadvantages)
17-20 Rare ho with only one disadvantage and a slew of advantages (roll a 1d6 for disadvantages)
Natural 20 = Virgin (no disadvantages, any slew of advantages depending on their start)

Now, on a crit of 20 you've caught yerself a virgin ho! Now that you have, add your pimp lore knowledge to determine the next set of stats:

20-29 = Hymen Gone (no defects, 1 advantage)
30+ = Hymen Intact (no defects, 1d4 advantages)

All virgins will gain 1 MB (or more depending on disposition/negotiation, but don't hold yer breath!) their first night of work, and afterwards lose their virgin status and gain the Uncommon Status. They retain the "no defects" and do not gain new stats after loss of virginity.

So as you can see, having a uber-high Pimp Lore skill score is of great help since it allows you to catch a Hymen Intact virgin each time you crit while on the hunt!

What Do You Do Now?

SO, you've caught a ho, right? What do you do now? Easy - send 'em to the ho stable and keep up with them every day. Just a quick check-in is all that's needed: today, pimpin' is an eaaaasy job, but one that is fraught with it's own dangers. Still, at only 50 gold a year, the ho stables (a series of apartments in a skyscraper nonetheless) is the safest, best way to house your ho's no matter how big your stable is~! Located near the southern/middle Tokyo border, the stables are a no-man's land where a pimp can only visit their ho's (all activity must be logged) and absolutely no john's are able to come even close.

So, now that you HAVE the ho's and have established their nightly income and how much you have to pay back into 'em in order to keep 'em happy, you need land. That's simple, just take up residence at a street where no other pimps ARE…or figure out some other way to claim at least even a lamppost for yourself. Also, you COULD just challenge another Pimp to a Pimp Duel and, if you win, gain back up to 10% or so of THEIR ho stable and also completely claim their territory. But, this could also engender feelings of ill will within them…and you might see them come back even stronger some day.

Of course, that's not to stop someone ELSE from challenging YOU either! This is why alliances within the pimpin' community is so important: it clearly defines who is free game and who you shouldn't go after.

So anyway, you got yer ho's, they're safely in the stable, and you got your little spit of land. Why should all of this be important, and not just 'cuz of the easy money each night?

Why, this upcoming table! Each ho you "equip" allows their advantages to become "active," empowering the pimp with greater and greater strength the larger their stable grows.

Pimp Level Stable Size Max Bonus Slots
1 5 2
3 7 3
5 10 4
7 14 5
10 20 6
13 25 7
15 30 8
17 40 9
20 50 10

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Slots

Now, bonuses granted by each ho has a certain weight to it. A pimp can have at most up to 10 bonus slots at level 20. Please check the next table to determine advantages, disadvantages, and how much they weigh. In general though a normal ability upgrade is 2 bonus slots, and a special attack is 3 bonus slots, while all others are merely 1 slot.

Advantages - Description (roll a 1d20 to determine which it'll be, roll again if you get the same more than once)

  1. Crazy - +1 damage
  2. Sexy (Hot) - +1 Cha
  3. Sexy (Cool) - +1 Wis
  4. Sexy (Cosplay) - +1 Constitution
  5. Sexy (Mad Sexy) - +1 Dex
  6. Sexy (Crazy) - +2 Cha, +2 dmg (2 slots)
  7. MILF - Timeless Body (2 slots)
  8. GILF - Diamond Body (2 slots)
  9. Schoolgirl - +2 Cha, +1 Dex (2 slots)
  10. Combat - +5 Base Attack Bonus (3 slots)
  11. O.P.P. - +1 Str
  12. High Skills - choose a skill, add 10 to it while equipped (2 slots)
  13. High Class - +10% gold, +1 Cha (2 slots)
  14. Babydoll - +2 Cha, +1 Str (2 slots)
  15. Freaky Deek - +100% gold
  16. BDSM (Top) - +25% gold, +5 AC (2 slots)
  17. BDSM (Bottom) - +25% gold, +5 dmg (2 slots)
  18. Fetish - +25% gold, +1 Cha, Regen 2/round (3 slots)
  19. Shapeshifting - +50% gold, +1 AC, +1 dmg (2 slots)
  20. Silverback - +1 Cha, +1 Str, +1 AC, +10% gold (3 slots)

Disadvantages - Description (roll a 1d12 to determine which it'll be, all disadvantages stack and are considered "active" all the time so long as they're in your ho stable)

  1. Brokedown - you lose 10% gold (total nightly brought in from ho's)
  2. Two Dollah - you lose 20% gold (total nightly brought in from ho's)
  3. Maths Challenged - you lose 75% gold (total nightly brought in from ho's)
  4. Junkie - you take 2 dmg/round with no chance for regeneration, you lose 15% gold (total nightly brought in from ho's)
  5. Retarded - you lose 60% gold (total nightly brought in from ho's), -1 Int
  6. Bad Highlights - you lose 20% gold (total nightly brought in from ho's), -1 Cha
  7. Whore Makeup - -1 Str, -2 Cha
  8. O.P.P. - All ability scores gain a -2 to their score (not modifier)
  9. Fetish - you lose 50% gold (total nightly brought in from ho's), -1 Str, -1 Dex
  10. Scat - -5 Cha
  11. Unwilling - -1 Pimp Level (if you collect enough Unwilling ones to bring you down to Pimp 1, then it'll affect your next highest job)
  12. Restricted (Won't Do _) - unique defect that varies, depends on GM approval.

Pimp Duels and Land

Expand your territory by challenging and being challenged in Pimp Duels! Now, keep in mind there are plenty of other ways of dealing with the Duel outside of outright combat, but combat is the most preferred method: the onus of deciding HOW the Duel will be conducted is given to the challenged.

Land values

Strip/corner (Only the lowest of pimps have ONLY a corner to call their own. This is also called a "lamppost" or "street sign")
Block = 2 streets
Sector = 5 streets (note: you have to own at least one sector before you can go after territories in another location)
Segment = 20 streets
Chunk = half a location
City = an entire location

Now, when we say "location" we mean the entirety of one of six quadrants of Neo-Tokyo: North, South, East, West, Middle, and Underground.

Upon defeating a pimp, their hos are immediately released and their pimp canes all break except for their branding iron, forcing them to start over again. If the winner does not have a full stable, they can coerce/sweet talk the released ho's back into pimpdom (up to 10% of the released ho's) upon passing a Cha DC20 check.


It's quite simple to calculate how much you're makin' per night. Check this:

Common = 1 gold per night
Uncommon = 2 gold per night
Rare = 3 gold per night
Secret Rare = varies, depends on the individual
Virgin = 1 MB the first night, 2 gold per night afterwards

Now, keep in mind there are plenty of ways to maximize these amounts, including items and bonuses from other ho's…as well as disadvantages that influence how much you have to pay them per week. The normal rate though is 6 nights of gold to the pimp, 1 night of gold to the ho. This represents that you ARE taking care of their required needs, and doing so will ensure that they don't end up hating you as a pimp.

Remember, a ho that is unhappy WILL seek employment elsewhere!

Pimp Items and Such

Remember kids, ALL pimp items, unless noted otherwise, can only be worn one at a time. That means at any point in time you can have one feather, one piece of bling, and one grill…UNLESS it says otherwise. Rings, of course, have their own section on the Pimp job itself (found at the Homebrews page), y'know?


(GM Note: remember, all bonuses count towards attack roll and damage)

Unique Grill - Unique Attribute (costs tons though, anything your mind can imagine IRL)
Bros B4 Ho's - +20 versus Ho's, -10 versus Pimps
Pimps Up/Ho's Down - +10 versus Pimps, +10 versus Ho's
Braille - +10 versus blind people or creatures, Blindfight, Blindshoot, +10 protection against being blinded
I Need Money - 10% to loot drops from all mobs. Does not have to land the final shot for this to work, simply needs the Pimp with it equipped to hit a mob at least once.


Note: all feathers are dex bonus to AC unless otherwise noted.

Bird Feather - +1 to AC
Peacock Feather - +2 to AC
Raven Feather - +3 to AC
Green Leaf - +4 to AC
Dove Feather - +5 to AC, Hate -10
Snake Feather - +6 to AC, Parseltongue
Clone Pheonix Feather - +7 to AC, Regen 2/round (stacks with all other regen sources)
Quetzachoatl Feather - +8 to AC, Refresh/Regen 2/round (stacks with all other regen/refresh sources)
Pheonix Feather - +10 to AC, Reincarnation 1 (GM-dictated Reincarnation ability that destroys the feather upon being used)

Rare/Special Treasures for Feathers include:

Feather Bola - Speed+1, Run abililty, +10 Dex modifier, +10 to AC (because of Dex Modifier increase, so remember: you DON'T get +20 to your goddamned AC because of wearing the bola, only +10)
Red Velvet Band - adds Cha Mod to AC
Mad Hatter Card - resist charm, compulsion, suggestion, psychic control or hypnosis as if Mindless
Juju Diamond - Necromancy +1 (can cast level 1 and level 0 Necromancy spells as if a Dynamic Sorcerer of the proper level)
Gold Leaf - +15% gold from ho's (total per night, mind you)
Black Diamond - Luck+1, all ability scores +2, Haterade/Baby Powder ability increase x3 (stacks, does NOT multiply, with other such effects)
Jojo's Button - can equip 2 feathers as well as Jojo's Button (so it can give you the ability to wear the Button and two other feathers)


$ Necklace - 5% gold from ho's (total per night)
Gold Chain - Charisma+1
Diamond "Roca" Necklace - Baby Powder x2
Clock Necklace - Chance (GM rolls a d20, bestows any random effect on you each time it's invoked), each invocation costs 500 energy points
Giant Clock Necklace - Chance x2 (yeap, any two random effects), each invocation drains you completely of energy
Time and Date Necklace - Perfect Navigation (allows the user to always know where true north, magnetic north, and the "mapping" of any environment they're in)
Fat Gold Chain - Charisma+5
Smokin' Chain - Changes "Junkie" into "Crazy" while the user is wearing it and hunting for ho's. Limited charges, charge varies on each necklace.
Spinning Rim Watch - Haterade x2

Rare/Special Treasures for Bling include:

Donkey Rope Chain - overload necklace+20, automatically lose ALL Dexterity while wearing this chain
Overload Necklace - allows for user to wear more chains alongside the Overload Necklace (varies) with no weight disadvantages. The only weight to take into account is the Overload Necklace itself.
Ribbon - Resistance to all elements, elemental damage, and debilitating status effects +50%
Scarface's Nose Chain - Attack Bonus +10, Damage Bonus +10
Slave Chain - can turn an "unwilling" ho into "willing." 1/chain.
The Shaft - increases the amount of rounds a target is stunned from 1 round to 1d6 rounds. It also increases the Constitution DC the target needs to check from 10 to 15.

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