Known Artifacts

Usually an artifact is a item of power that also contains a sentience and gnosis/elan of some notable level. If they're on this list, they probably have, or WILL have, a high impact on the storyline or history of Neo-Tokyo.

  • The Black Sword

Much of this game revolves around this powerful, violent artifact. It has no sentience, but can empower the wielder with incredible abilities…the least of which is slashing the world in half with but a stroke, should the wielder will it.

The Black Sword is a zweihander-style huegfuck sword created from the black depths of Jack the Ripper's soul. This weapon was created by his heinous actions before being brought to justice by the Old Guard, from his many acts of violence, of dying cries and dying rage, empowered by the very acts of mass murder he performed in the name of the Yakuza.

Even during his VERY long stint with the Old Guard, Jack O'Doyle used the Sword to destroy many vicious evils, some as bad as he USED to be…and other interdimensional troubles and threats. It was the Black Sword, combined with Harkonnen Kraze's power, that split the original Kaiju into three pieces…and supposedly it can re-instill that power into any piece of Kaiju to reincarnate him completely.

In a way, the Black Sword can, theoretically, create three whole Kaijus!

Currently the Black Sword is in the hands of Hachiko Masaharu, who has already shown tremendous strength and intuition in how it can be used. It was also revealed that the Black Sword might be capable of even more than Jack O'Doyle had ever used it for…its' power nigh limitless.

A sword to split the world, and it is currently in the hands of the Order that has been seeking it for centuries. The Resurrection of Kaiju might very well be at hand…

Note: Upon Jack O'Doyle's/Father O'Doyle's death, they combined their power to take the Black Sword with them. Currently, it's believed that the Black Sword no longer exists.

  • Black Fire

Black Fire is a non-sentient artifact of god-like power created by none other than Dorian Matsumoto himself, "The Dark Magician of Black Fire." Black Fire was created by sacrificing the demon souls of an entire plane of Hell and fusing the resulting energies into a crystal of magnificent power, power enough to turn a mortal into a God. This was not without its' consequences though…since anyone OTHER than Dorian who attempts to use the crystal to gain power will be corrupted, tainted, transforming mentally in a way that completely mirrors their original personality and goals. Also, the act of its' creation kicked off the interdimensional Blood War that spanned the various levels of Hell, Hades, Archon, and Tartarus.

Dorian created three of these crystals as a means of studying their effects on others as well as himself. One was locked away in the Staff of Ages, later to be accidentally found…and broken…by Miss Lay. Thankfully, she never got a chance to touch it in its' surprised state, since it is normally dormant, for a touch is all that's necessary.

The second was stolen by Hachiko Masaharu, back when she was freshly leaving the Old Guard to pursue her current course of actions. This one was later given to Trouble, turning him into Riff-Raff and causing his allegiances to shift from Unit 13.5 to her own.

The first was absorbed by Dorian, only to be given up later on after Kraze revealed to her closest and most beloved friends of her decision to die naturally. At the time, he was under the assumption that he could use Black Fire to become a god and live out eternity with her and the few immortal Unit 13 members at that time (Rizer, for instance). After this announcement, he gave up his crystal and hid it away for safekeeping.

During the battle against Deus: I AM/Harkonnen Kraze, he was given the crystal and assumed its' power once more, being forced into god-level power and able to pull the hostages out at the time.

  • YOU

YOU is an old artifact, the demonic steed of Harkonnen Kraze back when she was still young within the Old Guard, the Unit 13 from back in the day. YOU was originally a demonic-powered motorcycle/pegicorn/anthro creature, and as such sought greater power…and found it, within the Unit 13. Despite its' efforts, it was defeated time and time again by Unit 13 until finally Kraze beat it down so hard that she was able to dominate and pseudo-tame it.

After almost a century of glorious adventure, YOU suddenly disappeared, thought to have run away from Kraze when in fact YOU had been kidnapped and sold from bidder to bidder, its' power drained until finally it came to the hands of Chao…who, for Tordek's purposes, sought to sell it only to the person it was meant for.

Eventually it came to Northboy's hands and, a friendship quickly struck, it eventually regained its' explosive, Heavy Metal-fueled power…only to have disappeared once again.

Who knows what'll happen next with YOU though? Given its' history, it certainly does seem to make a habit of this…

Note: YOU's sired creation is almost grown…but doesn't show to have as much bio-organic of a background as YOU did. Of course, we haven't checked in as much about it as we should, eh…?

  • DEUS: I AM

One of the oldest and most vicious of the Old Guard's enemies, Deus: I AM is a crown-like object with God-level power and the ability to psychically takeover…and physically merge with…the brains of any sentient and non-sentient creature it is placed upon. During this time it begins to not only dominate and takeover that host, but also imbue it with additional powers.

When placed upon a host as strong as Harkonnen Kraze though, the symptoms may never show, let alone an actual takeover…and, if so, not all of the hosts' abilities can be made available to the artifact easily.

In the end, its' goal is always the same: find and dominate the strongest host, then begin to settle in the seeds of its' own cult, its' power growing through worship and vicious, brutal shows of power. With Kraze though, her power was so great that all it could do was stop her from saying anything at first, as if under a geas…eventually it was able to insinuate its' own plans alongside her own, but in the end was thwarted by her own tremendous will and the members of the current Unit 13.

Deus: I AM was physically destroyed with the final battle against the assembled might of the current Unit 13, but not without doing damage of its' own to the group…and also becoming the hardest goddamndest boss battle since.

  • The Satellite of Love

The Satellite of Love was a humongous retrofitted ex-war satellite used to house the brain of Undine Strata (and with it, her consciousness) and suppress her power…until her body back on Neo Tokyo would be completed, fitted with cybernetics that could also suppress her God-level power. This was part of a very complex project that would also beget and benefit Project: Gehenna, Project: Third Helix, and Project: Megacat.

The Satellite of Love also had a Angry Marine space station docked to it. Thankfully they also escaped the destruction of the Satellite of Love when it regrettably exploded after the transference from Tricky Teleportation to War Beam.

As such though, the Satellite of Love in and of itself was of such a power and high amount of Magitek metals and materials that it IS one of the most prized artifacts in possession of Neo Tokyo.

  • Staff of Ages/Sebastian

The Staff of Ages is a God-level artifact that has been used throughout the ages by various villains. So great was its' power that time and time again a villain will seek it out simply to have it, almost like a Badge of Villainy…or something. Anyway, its' troubled past became even worse once it got into the hands of Odin (via Dorian Matsumoto), who eventually whored it out to Miss Lay.

Now, this wouldn't be so bad (for the Staff of Ages, at least, who had the power of corruption, tainting a good-aligned soul so much that they turned evil…and thoroughly under it's power) except that Odin had suckered it into a situation that it couldn't survive: under the influence and use of it's new mistress, it found itself under constant assault from her choices. With that, eventually, came a showdown between the Staff and its' mistress…which its' mistress won, changing it into the God-item simply known as "Sebastian."

Note: the Staff exploded its' physical shell in order to help save those who were teleported to the secret location where Hachiko was performing her ritual with the Anvil of Brodia. Upon exploding, the power of the Staff tore through space and sent those who were in trouble of being sacrifices themselves out to the world above Deep 6. It was recently revealed that Sebastian, though the Staff was destroyed, might have found a way to survive after all…

  • D'Grayde/The Drachenchopper

D'Grayde is the spirit that pilots the Drachenchopper, and also serves double-duty as Choucho's mentor and trainer. As a mentor, D'Grayde is able to take on the form of an ethereal butterfly, but when combined with the Drachenchopper (an elven-made motorcycle, vaguely shaped like a dragonfly), he is able to move about on his own in the physical realm. The Drachenchopper itself, being a item that helps in the transformation of Choucho into her magical schoolgirl form, has abilities and strengths of its' own, thusly its' status as an Artifact.

  • The Quad Guns/Witchguns

There are two tiers of Witchguns one should know of. The first are the Quad Guns, which are the standard types of Witchguns to be found. Then there are the Top Brass's Witchguns, which range in power and abilities beyond those of normal Witch Gunslingers.

You'll just have to wait 'til this gets updated before you find out what they are~!

  • The Drakon Guns

The Drakon Bio-Guns are artifacts are awesome power, created by Fezzik. They tend to bend reality within their bullet chambers in order to create an infinite amount of bullets…not to mention their other features.

Pretty much ALL of Fezzik Magitek items are usually placed in the list of Artifacts, they're that good…or THAT found.

Oh, also, Fezzik used real dragons to make those guns. What, you thought I'd point-blank TELL YOU?!

  • Gate Stations

Gate Stations are special artifacts that can span interdimensional portals. Within each station is an extension of the previous dimension, allowing a person to gradually be exposed to a different dimension without any negative side effects. The process takes about a week to a month (each person is different), but is the safest way to gain exposure to a new dimension. They're moderated by the Psychic Guild and the Imperial Government, and are integral to cross-dimensional travel and shipping.

  • The Falcon Glaive

Created by Fezzik for Delila, the Falcon Glaive is an awesome artifact that allows the wielder's attacks to affect those with a higher gnosis count than the user. It also helps augment her own incredible punching force and gives it an edged attack as well as allows her to grasp and strike those with higher Elan.

  • Mini-Powersuit version 1.3 (PSXv1.3)

The PSX series of armaments were designed by Fezzik to help augment and improve a user's capabilities while employing a Powered Armor/Powersuit. The Mini-Powersuits are like unto a Powered Armor themselves, granting the user a higher benefit of AC without sacrificing speed or dexterity. The PSX series (models number 1.1-1.3) all share the same functions in that they have almost absolute immunity to fire, ice, lightning, acid, and more but also share functions of vehicular movement (tank treads on the feet), and limited resources of firepower.

The PSX version 1.3 was given to Takeshi Onizuka, Ace, in order to help facilitate his own martial arts prowess. Due to an unexpected side-effect of its' creation, the 1.3 displayed the strange ability to allow one's punches and kicks to affect targets from far away as well as up-close. Called "Twisting Tiger," the 1.3 has since proven to be effective for far more than simply "throwing punches and kicks," but also useful for the transference of ki energy.

To this day, after a year of experiments and upgrades performed by both Ace and Fezzik, the 1.3 is undergoing a definite shift to become a higher order of artifact than it started as, also providing evidence that it CAN be upgraded further to levels higher than it was originally estimated.

Note: This is, quite literally, the start of the evolution of what will become standard, modern-day gear for mecha pilots in the sequel, no matter if YOU guys go space with it or stay on this world.

  • Core Charger and Soulsander (used by GSG's "Spirits" company)

Two artifacts utilized by Gervais Saint-Germain with his "Spirits" company. Between the two, they are able to take a soul and concentrate it down to its' most vital essence…then force that essence to take on physical properties as a drinkable liquid. Thusly, Spirits!

Currently the lineup is: Blackguard Brandy, Wizard Spritzer, Sorcerer Scotch, Barbarian Mead, and Warrior Beer. (This lineup will change as soon as I find where the hell I wrote 'em…)

There is a rumor that upon her death, Gervais Saint-Germain actually acquired a portion of Harkonnen Kraze's soul. Such was the obscene power, even in death, that he was only able to gain one drop of her essence. While all Spirits grant strength and weaknesses to the imbiber, it is said that a single drop of Planeswalker Wine is enough to make one a High God.

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