Afro Kamen/Yajiro Kadokawa

Yajiro Kadokawa / Afro Kamen

Half-japanese, half-black, pure balls.

Age: 35
Hair/Eye/Skin: Black Afro w/muttonchops/Red/Light Chocolate
Ht/Wt: 6'0"/280 lbs.
HP: 288
EP: 246
Money: 40 MB in bank, 5 MB on hand
Gnosis: 100/200


Champion's Belt (so long as he wears the belt, his body is considered a God-level non-sentient artifact. Improves Gnosis by 100. ~Youses)

Mask of the Conqueror (a mask that, once donned, incites Berserk within any who touches it except the wearer. Handy for wrestling freaks and melee fighters. Also provides a nice +10 AC bonus towards called shots of the head. ~Youses)

ECL 22 - Martial Artist 7, Dynamic Sorcerer 7, Spellfist 8
Experience 243,350
Element: Earth
Chosen Element: Fire
Chosen Sorcery base: Charisma
AC 17 (22 if unarmed) Flat 12 (18 if unarmed) Touch 17 (22 if unarmed) (+4 AC against AoO)(+10 AC against Called Shot: Head)
BaB 19/14/9/4 (43/43/38/33/28)
Grapple 50/55 (neutral stance)/60 (Flip/Bounce)
Trip: 42 Init: 13
Fort 17 Ref 20 Will 18
DmR 4

Favored Weapons

Unarmed Attacks 1d8+102 crit 19-20 x2 (attack roll+78)
+4d6 kick attack if even two unarmed attacks in a action string connects

STR 30 +10
DEX 20 +5
CON 20 +5
INT 15 +2
WIS 14 +2
CHA 20 +5

Favored Clothes -

1) Jeans, jean shirt, jean jacket
2) Black button-up overshirt with black slacks and the awesomest ties EVAR
3) Afro Kamen mask, black cape with huge freaking collar, Afro Kamen tights

Major Personal Gear: The Crapmobile (a motorcycle that has been cobbled together by Yajiro's father, who owns a motorcycle shop). Despite its' name, it has gotten Yajiro around town ever since he was a teenager, and damn near never breaks down.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
God: Kord (lol ACCORDIANS!)

Is a martial artist 7/dynamic sorcerer 7/spellfist 8, who is a part-time college student by day and a masked wrestler by night. Taking some time off of college for a bit, he decides to join the Bounty Hunter's Guild to make a bit of money, perhaps make a few contacts, and eventually get a house with land of his own. At one point in time he had a happy family, but his wife disliked his freewheeling, loud, rude, obnoxious alter ego (The Greatest Heel Of All Time, The Invincible Badguy, Afro Kamen - "WICKED JUSTICE!")…and it didn't help that she was a freak for wrestling to begin with. Quite literally, he married a fan before he decided the route of his character, and she only liked "babyfaces," not heels.

So it was that she left with his two kids and, thanks to a horrifying turn of events, finds himself unable to claim ANY time with his kids since his wife is also the daughter of a powerful senator. Still, he finds the time to buy them gifts and talk to them over the Infranets.

Until the day he can own land and become a real "Man Amongst Men," rather then an apartment-renting second-class citizen, Afro Ka…I mean, Yajiro finds himself working hard towards the goal. Thusly he came to the Bounty Hunter's Guild…

and thusly did he find himself accidentally placed with Unit 13!

Figuring this to be a mistake, he constantly claims thus…but will eagerly charge into the heat of battle to defend himself, his newfound friends and comrades and, above all, the chance to prove once and for all that even WITHOUT land, he is indeed a Man Amongst Men!


Unarmed Attack (to hit) 15
Unarmed Attack (damage) 6
Special Ranged Attack (to hit) 1
Melee Attack (to hit) 1
Melee Defense 1
Unarmed Defense 10

Name Ability Modifier Rank Misc Modifier Score
Concentration (Con) 5 10 15
Tumble (Dex) 5 1 10
Spot (Wis) 2 1 3
Sense Motive (Wis) 2 1 3
Search (Int) 2 1 3
Pick Pocket (Dex) 5 1 6
Perform: Vocal (Cha) 5 2 7
Diplomacy (Cha) 5 1 6
Knowledge: Arcane (Int) 2 10 13
Knowledge: Foreign Culture (Int) 2 1 3
Knowledge: Occult (Int) 2 1 3
Knowledge: Religion (Int) 2 1 3
Knowledge: Streetwise (Int) 2 1 3
Knowledge: Medical (Int) 2 1 3
Profession: Professional Wrestler (Int) 2 18 20
Research (Int) 2 1 3
Sleight of Hand (Dex) 5 1 6
Spot (Wis) 5 1 6
Balance (Dex) 5 5 10
Climb (Str) 10 1 11
Controlled Breathing (Con) 5 1 6
Craft (Int) 2 1 3
Escape Artist (Dex) 5 10 15
Jump (Str) 10 5 20 35
Move Silently (Dex) 5 1 6
Spellcraft (Cha) 5 33 38

Favored Attack Strings


Special Attacks

Special Attack (Wicked Justice) 5d8 + Str Modifier + 8 Dex drained + 8 Int drained + can be designated as non-lethal damage

Abilities: Muscle-Powered, Stun, Drain Body (Dex), Drain Mind
Disabilities: Melee (2), Static (2), Uses Energy (2), Limited Shots (3)

Note: Needs at least 1 action to recuperate all shots back.

Special Attack (Burning Crusader) 2d8 + Str Modifier + (4 dmg/round + anyone who touches them burns) - lasts until after the next round

Abilities: Burning, Enduring, Muscle-Powered, Contagious (4) (Fort save DC30)
Disabilities: Melee (2), Uses Energy (2), Slow (1), Limited Shots (3)

Note: Contagion is a chunk of his own courageous soul. GM determines effects upon various targets, but ultimately he is taking his soul into his own hands and pounding someone with it, thus "infecting" them with his own awesomesauce.
Further Note: Needs at least 1 action to recuperate all shots back.

Special Attack (The Facemelter) 5d8 + enemy attack roll -1 (all within aura range) up to 10 feet.

Abilities: Affects Incorporeal, Area Effect, Aura (2), Spreading, Trap (placed by a headbutt)
Disabilities: Inaccurate (1), Static (2), Short Range (1), Slow (1), Uses Energy (2), Limited Shots (3), Unique Disability (Trap can only be used if placed with a headbutt)

Note: Needs at least 1 action to recuperate all shots back.

Special Attack (Spit On Your Grave) No Damage (drains 8 Con, 8 Str, 8 Dex, 8 Cha, 8 Int, and 40 energy points to Afro himself until end of combat)

Abilities: Drain Body (Dex), Drain Body (Con), Drain Body (Str), Drain Mind, Drain Energy, Drain Soul, Vampiric (4), Unique Ability (can be used as a counter to a melee attack), Stun, Accurate, Affects Incorporeal
Disabilities: Melee (2), No Damage, Static (2), Uses Energy (2), Unique Disability (Upon Successful Grapple Only), Limited Shots (3)

Note: Needs at least 1 action to recuperate all shots back.

Spell Attacks

Duncan Hills (Get Me A Hotfuck of Coffee, Godommot Fronk! + Feeblemind)

Costs 36 energy points and it takes one action to charge, but upon charge and successful grapple you can immediately frankensteiner a target three times, forcing them to get up each time, doing a grand total of 2d20+24+Spellcraft damage to the target, stupify, paralyze, stun and blind for 1d6 rounds, as well as three chances to Feeblemind the target unless they make a will save DC30…all three times. Altogether they must make four will saves against DC30, or are simply jackfucked out of combat.

PUMP UP THE VOLUME! (Mass Hysteria + True Strike)

Costs 4 energy points to perform 1d10 unarmed attacks (use your standard unarmed attack damage, add +4+Spellcraft to the damage) against 1d10 enemies within range. Each attack is +20 to the attack roll.

Mega Spell Attacks

Da Greatest Evar ( BABE RUTH AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' ON ME! + Transformation + Clenched Fist) 150 ep

1/2 HP transferred to EP, adds +Cha mod to attack bonuses and direct damage, all until end of combat. Also, user enters into War Mode.

During War Mode - +4 to Str, Dex, and Con, +4 to AC, +5 to Fort Saves, proficency with all simple and martial weapons, BaB now equals ECL. Cannot cast magic or use magic items in this mode (passive bonuses still apply). This mode lasts for 1d4 rounds.

After War Mode - Clenched Fist lasts until end of combat. Clenched Fist stats are: attack once per round, users unarmed attack stats (and crit values), and can be dispelled via proper procedures. Those struck/grappled by the Fists must make a Fort save versus the spells DC or be stunned for one round.

God Head Guillotine (Shockwave Slasher + Delayed Blast Fireball + Explosive Runes) 70 ep

(6d10 force damage + 1d10 fire damage up to maximum caster level) can be delayed + 4d20 + Spellcraft damage in a line against all enemies in a line up to 50 feet

Note: upon exploding, the Delayed Blast Fireball and Explosive Runes count as a Doublespell, and all damage is x2 before the end damage)

Wrestling Moves List (current points: 1000)

Specials known:

Thundering Storm - enables the user to chain together locks, submission holds, and grapple-based attacks against any kind of target close enough to be hit by it, up to their base attack bonus. This affects prone, standing, or jumping targets, or targets who are already grappled.

Suplex - Upon successful grapple, grabs the opponent and bridges backwards to deliver an amazing blow to the head and/or back of the neck. 50 damage, ignores AC. 50 energy points.

Power Shoot - Can cover up to 15 feet as a free action, goes into an immediate grapple. Doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity (unless a co-target has the combined attack feat, any of 'em).

Minesweeper - After Shooting in, target can give up 50 points of energy and perform 1d20 rolling damage attacks to the target for 1d20 times. Must make a successful grapple check in order to perform this, and it must be higher than the target's grapple check.

Single Leg Takedown - from Power Shoot, grabs a leg and take 'em down! Puts the target into grappled, then prone status. A reflex roll of DC 30 can save the target from a serious put down.

Augment: Double Leg Takedown. Same exact stats as Single Leg, only double leg takes away their reflex save. User must pass a Dex DC30 check for it to work though.

Flip/Bounce - The incredibly strange ability for a Wrestler to simply flip and/or bounce off of ANYTHING and become airborne. Counts as a special movement, and takes up an action. Overhead attacks gain a +5 bonus to attack roll and grapple check.

Neutral Stance - Starter, natural stance. Improves grapple by +5.

Arm Bar/Legal Headlock - Upon successful grapple, can randomly get enemy into either the Arm Bar or Legal Headlock.

BURNING GUTS! - Takes up one action, and 1/5 of your current energy totals. By pumping oneself up, the user can become stronger for 1d6 rounds. The energy invested gets translated into HP (temp HP if it goes over), and the user gains 10 dmr/attack until BURNING GUTS! is done.

Flying Clothesline - leaping forwards up to 10 feet, the wrestler delivers a powerful clothesline attack for 2d6 damage plus knockdown (30%-75% chance depending on size of target). Can be canceled AFTER the damage is declared in order to switch to a grappling attack. 50 energy points, Jump DC30 check.

Cancel - Can, at any point in time, switch from one technique to another as a free action during attacks. Counts as a feint, and gives -2 to target attempting to counter or interrupt.

Supers known:

BURNING GUTS!! - must have BURNING GUTS! in order to get this. BURNING GUTS!! doubles the duration of BURNING GUTS!, and transforms it from 1d6 rounds to 1d12 rounds.

Tag Team - unlike the "combined attack" feats, Tag Team offers a whole plethora of bonuses for two or more (up to three) who acquire it. First and foremost, it allows the two to immediately "switch out" with one another on the chain of initiative. Secondly, it grants a +10 bonus to all attack rolls during ANY combined attacks or finishers. Thirdly, it allows them to immediately use "cover" as if they had the requisites for the feat while within a 20 foot radius of one another. Finally, any time damage is dealt and a call for a modifier of some sort is needed, the partner can give up an action in order to add their modifiers on TOP of their partner's. Last but certainly not least, should one partner take damage equal to 50% of their hp total, then the other partner can give up their round to absorb half of that damage (ensuring their partner never goes into system shock.) and, naturally, vice versa.

Note: Tag Team stacks with all other combined attack/combined finisher feats.

Sharpshooter - from Double Leg Takedown, hampers enemy ability to get up for 1d10 rounds. Devours their ability to jump (they, literally, lose the ability to jump and YOU absorb their jump score to your own as a temporary bonus), disables the ability to use special attacks or magic, stuns them once they DO get up for 1d6 rounds, disables the ability to guard completely (they, literally, lose the ability to use defense roll). 100 energy points (1/4 of your current energy pool if Super Cancelled)

Note: Can be Super Cancelled into from Raging Mount.

Super Cancel - allows the user to Super Cancel from one super into another. Follows the same rules as Cancel, but for Supers.

Note: If you do not have Cancel, you can still take Super Cancel…but you cannot Cancel into a Super Cancel, only from one Super to another. If you want to move from a normal move into a Super, or vice-versa, then you MUST have both Cancel and Super Cancel. Takes up one action to use.

Raging Mount - transforms both the Mount and Mount Tackle as free actions upon successful grapple.

Guillotine - from Single Leg Takedown. Hampers enemy movement, hampers their ability to jump, completely takes away their dex bonus, and can even stun them after they get up. Disables their ability to use weapons, spells, and/or special abilities for 1d6 rounds after successfully applied. Guillotine is a continuous action, costing the same amount for each action, and user must dice shoot (add grapple bonus to 1d20 roll) in order to ensure that the Guillotine remains on the target. 100 energy points (1/4 of your current energy pool if Super Cancelled)

Note: Can be Super Cancelled into from Raging Mount.

Rock Hard - while wrestling (starting a attack string while in a declared stance), the user can launch touch-based attacks while ignoring AC…nor does armor/spiked damage stop them from launching a grapple. They still take damage, but can continue with the grapple as if they were not stopped by sharp, pointy things.

Desperation Arts known:

BURNING GUTS!!!! - Upon hitting 10% of HP, the user's EP and HP totals are doubled. Must already have BURNING GUTS! before you can use this.

Ultimate Arts known:

Wrestle Anything

Crush 'Em. - 1000 energy points, and drops the user's HP to 1. Places target in immediate grapple status, and allows the user to perform one of any other grappling attack at x10 end damage. For the rest of the battle all grapples and grappling attacks are x2 end damage, and Gnosis is ignored in determining if the creature can be grappled or not.

BURNING GUTS!!! - Must have BURNING GUTS! ability activated to use this. Upon activating BURNING GUTS!, BURNING GUTS!!! also occurs. User must pass a fort save DC30 or suffer paralysis from ruptured, pissed-off veins. All damage totals are doubled for as long as Burning Guts! is active.

Secret Arts known:

BURNING GUTS!!!!! - You must have every single BURNING GUTS ability and at least one personalized BURNING GUTS ability. Upon gaining these, you can learn the ultimate BURNING GUTS ability: all BURNING GUTS abilities are doubled. Instead of 1d12, you can now determine the number of rounds by rolling 2d20. All grapple attacks are considered free actions upon achieving grapple. You can successfully grapple someone already prone and perform a grapple attack as a free action. All this is ONLY active while a BURNING GUTS ability is active.

Mahouken Moves List (current points: 100)

Specials known:

Hand of God - costs 50 energy points, allows the user to empower their arm with the "Hand of God" ability for roughly 1d4 rounds (10 minutes outside of combat). Improves their hand-to-hand ability by a +10 damage per fist, doubles the end damage of all spells and special abilities, and allows them to take a extra attack at the lowest base attack bonus if they go full physical defense.

Augment: Half your current energy points in order to instead make it last for 1d10 rounds (1 hour outside of combat), improves the h2h ability by a nice +20 damage per fist, doubles the end damage of all spells and special abilities, and doubles the users number of actions for as long as the Hand of God is invoked, the extra actions all burned at the lowest base attack bonus.

Note: Use of the Hand of God also drains your HP while it's in use, 1d10 per action, and after it's off it takes 1d4 rounds to recover. In the meantime, your character is unable to block, attack, cast spells or use abilities except to rest and recover.

Further note: If you gain the Ascension, Sore Loser super art, Incidental Stuff super art, BABE RUTH AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' ON ME! super art, or Trolls Trolling Trolls secret art in order to completely negate the HP penalty blonus and the Fatigue blonus.

Ball Buster/Cunthammer - 50 energy points. Counter, Interrupt, or "Chain Attack." Ding 'em in the dong, or punt 'em in the cunt with yer bootheel. Declare if it's a Counter, Interrupt, or a Chain Attack after announcing you're using this. 1d8 + Dex Modifier + Stun for 1d4 rounds.


Drop-D Kick - DO A BARREL ROLL! Seriously, this is the freakin' Barrel Roll Drop Kick. Takes up two actions, deals 2d20 damage, and if you pay 50 energy points before hand you can knock them back for a total of 30 feet.

Augment: 200 energy points to send them flying 100 feet away and doubling the total damage done.

Supers known:

Precision - gives the user a +5 to their attack roll, and all Called Shots are given a +10 competency check.

Kord (400 points)
1 - the usual bonuses, save that Kord won't appear but rather his avatar.
10 - Weapons Encyclopedia, the ability to use any kind of armor despite your job's description.
50 - Knowledge is Power (the ability to learn any martial art)
100 - Soldier's Feast (Take 20 upon witnessing a fighting style to understand it, the philosophies and abilities within it, and are unable to be surprised by any switching style)
200 - Murder of Crows (Giving up 1/2 of your current energy pool, you can designate one special attack/base attack and apply the attack to all targets within line of sight)
300 - Legacy (The innate ability to learn fighting styles, skills, and abilities faster. All practice rolls gain a +2, all synch rolls gain a +2, and the user gains the ability to copy once per day any special attack they witness and/or suffer as if they met the requirement for it)

Favored Spell List

Note: ALL spells gain a "+6" damage added to them.
Spells from Evocation/Transmutation or Earth-based gain a "+12" damage instead.

Level 0

Level 1

Magic Weapon
Enlarge Person
True Strike
Summon Monster 1
Mage Armor

Level 2

Summon Swarm
Summon Monster II
Touch of Idiocy
Bear's Endurance
Bull's Strength
Cat's Grace
Fox's Cunning
Eagle's Splendor
Scorching Ray
Flaming Sphere

Level 3

Summon Monster III
Lightning Bolt
Keen Edge
Magic Weapon, Greater

Level 4

Globe of Invulnerability
Evard's Black Tentacles
Summon Monster IV
Fire Shield
Ice Storm
Wall of Fire
Wall of Ice
Enlarge Person, Mass
Reduce Person, Mass
Phantasmal Killer

Level 5

Summon Monster V
Mind Fog
Wall of Force

Dynamic Sorcery level 4
Massive Damage (Unarmed) +2
Improved Initiative
Judge Opponent
Special Attack (Wicked Justice)

Spellfist 8
Blazing Fist
Spell Attack
Massive Damage (Spells)
Energy Bonus
Blazing Glory
Spell Attack
Damn Healthy! x3
Elemental Fist
Massive Damage (Spells)
Energy Bonus
Elemental Fury
Massive Damage (Spellfist)
Damn Healthy!
Kicks Too+4
Mind and Body
Massive Damage (Spells)
Energy Bonus x2
Mind, Body, and Soul


Organizational Ties 2
Unknown Superhuman Power: BURNING GUTS!
(This kicks in when he is in "combat high," or trancing. Through the sheer power of his belief, he can never drop down below 1 hp, and can perform any number of moves/attacks without paying energy for them. Additionally, he can counter any attack with a grappling maneuver of his own. He cannot be hypnotised, suggestion spells do nothing, nor psychic takeover, all as if he was mindless. He gains a bonus against spells and attacks as well, gaining a +5 to his defense rolls. Altogether, BURNING GUTS! lasts until the end of combat or until he is destroyed (outside of HP) or knocked out.) - stacks with the BURNING GUTS! abilities of the Wrestling Table.
Attack Combat Mastery 3
Defense Combat Mastery 3
Combination Attack
Personal Gear
Sixth Sense
Dynamic Sorcery 2
Damn Healthy!
Energy Bonus


Improved Unarmed Strike (human free feat) - armed even when unarmed, does not provoke AoO from armed opponents while unarmed
Ambidexterity (level 1 free feat) - strike with both fists per action
Combat Reflexes - additional attacks of opportunity
Endurance - +4 bonus to a bunch of stuff, can sleep in medium or heavy armor without fatigue
Die Hard - can still perform actions at -1 to -9 HP
Improved Grapple - You do not provoke a AoO upon starting a grapple/touch based attack, gain a +4 for all grapple checks
Brawl - attack roll +1, 1d6+Str Modifier]
Power Attack
Great Cleave
Deflect Arrows
Snatch Arrows
Stunning Fist
Combat Casting - +4 Concentration checks while on the defensive or grappling/pinned
Spring Attack
Improved Critical (unarmed)
Improved Initiative
Improved Sunder
Improved Trip
Improved Grapple
Combat Martial Arts
Advanced Combat Martial Arts
Spell Focus - Abjuration
Improved Brawl
Knockout Punch
Improved Knockout Punch
Legendary Wrestling (+10 to grapple checks)


Unique Defect (Heel-ism: he's well known for being a wrestling badguy)
Combat Restriction (must roll will save DC 30 versus weaker targets, DC 20 versus stronger targets. If he fails will save, then all damage turns to subdual and he forgets he's in a fight…and begins to use "wrestling techniques" as if he was in the ring).
Marked (afro, man, afro)
Nemesis (Action Joe, a fellow wrestler who has never beaten Afro in the ring…and hates his guts because of it with a burning passion)
Phobia (fear of losing/fear of being defeated)
Significant Other (his kids/his ex-wife)
Blind Fury (If his 'fro is ever messed with)

Blazing Fist - 1d10 damage+Spellcraft, burns all up to (Amount of Spellcraft) feet, harms instead of heals Fire-based creatures (or creatures who would otherwise profit or grow stronger from suffering Fire damage), and completely ignores AC.

Blazing Glory - does one of two things (upgrade of Blazing Fist):

Line: 2d10 to all within the line, up to 50 feet.

Explosion: Stuns all who hear the "Ki Shout" unless they pass a Will save of 15. Does 1d20 damage to all within an area of 50 feet around the user.

Elemental Fist - Blazing Fist can now be used for any element. No current dilution or issues with Afro.

Elemental Glory - Blazing Glory can now be used for any element. No current dilution or issues with Afro.

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