Takeshi Onizuka

White Knights File no. DK-TKO-0094

Subject: T.K.

Name/Nickname: Takeshi Keiichiro Onizuka (Ace, T.K, Crimson)
Hisaku Ando Kojima (Mr. Clean)

Age: 26

Physical Appearance:
Sleek and athletic, T.K is a strikingly fit young man, even for a former MilPol Operative. The conditioning achieved through Hiryuu MukuuKen has molded T.K not necessarily into a brickhouse, but a slim, yet deceptively powerful individual. While with MilPol, his brownish, near-red locks were closely trimmed, as per military protocol. As of the present day, his hair is shoulder-length and unbound, a symbol of his newfound personal freedom as he continues to mature. His eyes, a vibrant emerald green, are always focused forward with truest determination and loyalty seeming to shine from within them. Across his face, a scar contrasting his overall youthful appearance and signifying a past rivalry resolved and overcome.

When not on duty, T.K displays an understated and practical sense of style in his chosen wardrobe. Plain t-shirts and tanktops, some loose, some snug, all for ease of movement and relaxed appearance as well as the typically loose fitting pants he prefers to wear. When the weather is cooler, he likes to cover up with his favorite leather motorcycle jacket. As far as footwear goes, the most obvious indicator of T.K's "relaxed" stats is his hi-top tennis shoes.

During combat operations as a member of Unit 13 and as the Crimson Knight of Bahamut, T.K is recognizable in his specialized uniform (see character sketch) composed of a unique leather jacket and cargo pants. Blessed by the divine? Possibly. Outfitted with sections of kevlar/silksteel for added protection? DEFINITELY! What enemies unfortunate enough to stand against T.K most remember (if they survive the encounter) is the tungsten-carbide under-plating of his leather, short-fingered combat gloves and matching combat boots.

When acting as the Chief Inspector of MilPol's Health Inspection Division (Department K), Hisaku tends to stick to the more sterile, straight-laced attire of his profession. Military dress uniforms and dress suits (tie optional) and even reading glasses to add a more professional air to his subdued good-naturedness. He even goes so far as to slick his hair back and pull it into a tight ponytail to really lay it on thick.

Original Superior- Sandra "Brown Sugar" Heidern (location unknown)
Original B.H.G. Boss- Harkonnen Kraze (deceased)
Current B.H.G. Boss- If you're reading this file, you KNOW who I am by now…
Original Teammates- Yashiro "Leon" Saika (lieutenant, protegee)
Reiji "Deuce" Matsudaira (best friend)
Chizuru "Bunny" Date (…complicated)
Saisyu "Zeke" Takagi (field mentor)
Axel "King" Cragen (rival; deceased)
Masaru "Joker" Nikaido (former 2nd in command; deceased)
Daniel "Big Time, Jack" Sanada (deceased)
Communications Officer- Undine Strata

T.K is the sort of young man that has a penchant bending antiquated protocol into a more "common sense" approach that matches the demands of a given situation. He's a loyal friend, once you've earned his trust. As a subordinate, effective. He's not quite "lawful," even for a MilPol employee. However, he is a person of honorable character and quite respectable ethics, personal and professional. If he wasn't, then he wouldn't be one of my Knights.
~Neutral Good~

Religion/Favor Points:
It isn't so much "worship" that T.K displays. It's more like we have a "extended professional partnership." I am still his superior, and he treats me as such. However, to T.K I am more than the embodiment of the basic good and decency that he strives to uphold. He also considers me a friend. To be truthful, the feeling is mutual.
Favor Points: 220

Variable Combat Specialist
Member of Unit 13
Ambassador of Bahamut the Golden
Chief Inspector; MilPol Health Inspection Division (Dept. K)

Current Classes:
Martial Artist 13/Gun Expert 5/White Knight of Bahamut 1

Favored Weapons/Abilities/Spells:
Guns of Avalon (Crimson Heroes: Tadakatsu/Masamune), various debilitating martial arts attacks, alternate forms (WarWolf, Fenrir, Fenrir: Code Ultima)

Favored Combination:
Anything that incorporates his tremendous mobility, Bite -> Rending Fang (in his alternate form)

Finishing Moves:
Lunatic Gatling. Music: Into the Battlefield (Takayuki Negishi; Bloody Roar 3 OP)
Wolfhound Legend. Music: Naked Arms (T.M. Revolution)

Background History:
A seemingly normal youth, by modern standards Takeshi Onizuka lived as normal a childhood as he could as the child of a native Japanese mother and estranged gaijin father. However, one could say that his story really begins when the decided to join MilPol.

A capable cadet and officer, T.K showed an aptitude for martial arts and high speed combat. This coupled with his versatility had enabled him to seemingly breeze through to the rank of Master Sargent. He was approached by Major Heidern when the special project TRIPLE HELIX was proposed and immediately accepted, seeing in it a chance to put himself in a position to truly make a difference. The procedures and training involved had fragmented his memories, essentially rewriting his life at least twice, but through it all he seemed to retain his rather indomitable character. Adopting the codename "Ace," T.K once more rose to a level of respect and trusted, defacto leadership. This time, though, he was a member of an elite covert operations force composed of Zoanthropes, or werebeasts.

Amongst his team Ace came face to face with his would be rival, former team commander Axel Cragen. Cragen was jealous of Ace and this jealousy became an intense rivalry which had come to blows on numerous occasion on and off-duty. In one particular incident, Cragen made an attempt on Ace's life while he slept. The battle ended with Ace gravely injured and Cragen confined to the brig to await a court martial. Ace awoke from the medical procedure that saved his life with his memories fragmented once more, but with a scar across his face reminding him of the treacherous foe that lurked within his own team, his new family.

One fateful day, Ace was called to Major Heidern's quarters and given a special mission. He was to make his way out of the Deep Six compound and report to Harkonnen Kraze of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. However, the call to action was Sandra's way of helping Ace escape from Deep Six, as a special directive was issued to apprehend Ace before he could make his way topside. Cragen was released from his cell to aid in the capture attempt. However, the result was failure as Ace made good on his escape and found his way to the BHG.

Convinced by Kraze that his safety from his potential captors could be guaranteed by joining, Ace became a member of a new roster of Hunters to join the Guild. He would eventually piece together a few of his memories and make the decision to readopt his original moniker after his first few missions alongside his new teammates. Recent events including the untimely death of Kraze had forced T.K to bolster his own resolve in order to help keep morale high amongst his allies. It was this strength of will that brought me to make the decision to assign him to a special diplomatic mission to the hidden Elven Community in Middle Tokyo.

It was there that the young pup would even surprise me as he took the initiative to become my Ambassador to the Elven people, but would also go the extra mile in earning the trust of the venerable master Gertrude Do'An as well as the entire Elven Community. It was then that it seemed T.K began his path toward becoming a real force for good. Only time would reveal the extent of this promising lad's character as he was soon to be put through a harrowing test.

The menace known as Griefers had begun to surge from the place that T.K formerly called home. Soon, he was to take a major role in the infiltration and neutralizing of Deep Six, where he would help guide his allies through his own memories (in a sense) and aid them in an all-out effort against the forces of the villainous Hachiko Masaharu. T.K would be reunited again with his old teammates Leon, Deuce, Bunny and Zeke. He would also come into conflict with Cragen and fellow traitors from his original unit including his former second-in-command. Settling his score with Cragen once and for all, T.K not only unleashed a new power from within, but he also regained his complete memory.

After destroying the last vestiges of the Griefer menace, T.K was forced to witness the death of an ally, Oni Kitsune, as Hachiko's sacrifice to summon the beast, Karma, to conquer the world. During the summoning, T.K was returned topside in time to witness Karma's arrival and without thought to his own safety stood alongside myself and countless others, raising his guns in defense of NeoTokyo and the entire world.

In recent months, T.K found protection from Karma by assuming the identity of Inspector Hisaku Kojima of MilPol's Health Division, dubbed "Department K." Of course, I needed to keep him alive until I came to the decision to offer T.K a position as one of my Knights. He accepted not only earned his survival by proving, once more, his incredible loyalty, but also traveled alongside my Platinum Knight to the depths of Muspellheim in order to chase the Winds of Valhalla and create his own unique Guns of Avalon. Thus, earning yet another mark of honor and respect amongst those he would come to call ally and friend and becoming the Crimson Knight. At present, this multi-faceted young warrior is making strides, using his cover at Dept. K to secretly thwart and derail Karma's activities while continuing to hone his skills.

Soon, the time will come to call upon Crimson and the rest of Unit 13 to protect this world again. I can now say that I have he utmost faith in his willingness to fight, and in his loyalty to his ideals and his friends.

~End File; To be updated as necessary~

Game Stats:
Str 20
Dex 20
Con 17
Int 19
Wis 18
Cha 17
Init +23

HP: 624 (1248 with Fenrir active)
EP: 200
AC: 15 (touch 10/flat footed 10)

Attack String: Base Att Bonuses +30/+25/+20/+15/+10/+5/+0 (Doubled with Fenrir active, set to lowest bonus)

Saves: Fortitude - 9
Reflex - 20
Will - 14

Basic Attacks: Fist - 1d8+5 (x3 Crit dmg)
Claw - 2d6+5 (x2 Crit dmg, 18-20)
Fang/Bite - 2d10 (x3 Crit dmg.)
Rending Fang - xd20 (start at 2, goes up for each round maintained, x2 Crit dmg, 18-20)

Special Attacks: Howitzer Shell (DERP! Kick) - 2d8, 10 EP, Drain Mind
Blast Cannon - 3d8, 10 EP, Ki projectile, Drain Body
Havok Booster - 2d8/hit, Auto-Fire, 5 EP

Special Defenses: spell resistance 20 (50; Fenrir)

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