Welcome to a brave, new world...

Welcome to Neo-Tokyo the Role Playing Game!

Are you gonna be hero or villain? Will you step up to save not just the world, but whole dimensions? Welcome to the dynamic, ever-changing world of Neo-Tokyo!

This is the place to get caught up, or simply re-read and re-live awesome moments and memorable events, in JDW's role playing game based on his pretty much unknown Neo-Tokyo setting.

Here's a small rundown of what to expect of this website:

*Basic Information available to all players and GM-wannabe's alike.
*Advanced Information.
*NPC profiles.
*Character profiles.
*Our very own forums for those who are thick-skinned and wanting to interact a bit more with the players and GM.
*And probably more, as we work on the Wiki.

Remember, this is work that IS based, originally, on JDW's unpublished and mostly unwritten Neo-Tokyo literary settings. More information will be posted on said stories as time progresses.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License